Ivy Namu reveals unique qualities that attracted her to Willis Raburu & why she’s never leaving!

Ivy Namu has been hearing things about herself on social media  making her wonder where the rumors are coming from. However I guess her protruding belly is what has fans saying she is prego!

Well despite knowing this is the rumor making rounds online about her, Ms Namu still hasn’t confirmed whether she’s pregnant on not. Responding to a fan asking the same question, she said;

Baby number 2 for the Raburus?

This question is very funny& not in a haha way. With all the factors surrounding pregnancy, surely it should be up to the peeps involved to share the news at their own time? Idk I find it impolite to ask such a personal question.


And just like that she made her fans more curious about the rumors – while others felt like she may have just confirmed this indirectly.

Man like Willis Raburu

Well, if indeed she’s expecting a second child with Raburu means that she may have found the man she’d always dreamt of.

So far she’s made it known that he is not only her partner but also her best friend. Describing some of the qualities that attracted her to him, Ivy Namu said;

He’s kind, compassionate, honest & a man of his word. I feel safe & secure around him & never had to ask about what his feelings or plans with me coz he’s always been so open about it.


Also I never had to change, hide or fake anything about myself (good&bad) around him; I can always be ???? Me and that makes me feel free. I love it here.


Willis Raburu and girlfriend Ivy Namu expecting baby number 2? (Photos)

Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu could be expecting their second child together that is judging from the latest photos we’ve seen from the lady. Okay, I know most of y’all will be like how do you know, you womb watcher… but calm down we have photos to explain our theory.

Well, looks like either Ivy Namu quit working out and has been enjoying some carbs which would explain her protruding belly – but again – chances are that she could also be with child. This is because, lately she has been trying to conceal her stomach on most photos, like…

Ivy Namu expecting baby number 2?

Like I said, we really can’t confirm until the couple officially announces this but as of now – the photos will do just fine.

So far we’ve seen about 5 people photos where she appears pregnant and thing is… her fans have also noticed this too. One of her fans wrote;

The Raburus

Having seen how Willis Raburu’s grown over the past few months after bagging himself a wife like Namu, their fans feel this couple is a match made in heaven.

Baby number 2 for the Raburus?

Looking at their online videos, these two always appear to compliment each other’s energy and their chemistry is full of sparks.

Ivy Namu rocking low key baby bump?

Anyway pregnant or not – clearly the Raburus are one happy family!