Jalang’o ready to send Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich home in 2022 as he declares interest in politics

Comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o has always been looking for the right time to join politics after his illustrious career in entertainment.

Jalango recently told his fans that in 2022 he’ll vie for the Langata parliamentary seat. The comedian said that ousting current Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir is his current dream.

The Milele FM presenter shared this during Instagram’s question and answer session with his fans which saw him tackle different questions about his life.

The comedian also shared that he doesn’t have a degree but he’s currently taking Community Development at Daystar University.


He added that he plans to start a charity soon and that he’s new show with Otoyo will begin next month. In the chart, Jalango also revealed that he’s dating but didn’t share much about his new partner.

Here are some of the questions he answered:



This is why comedian cum radio host Jalango peed on his neighbors clothes

Jalango is not new in the entertainment industry since he has been here for quite some years. After his comedy career picked up, other doors started opening up for the fella who has now become one of the best radio presenter’s in Kenya.

He however revealed something shocking recently when speaking to Pulse. Apparently he was once caught pants down taking a pee over his balcony but what he didn’t know is that he was wetting his neighbors clothes.


Well this happened after he invited a few friends to come celebrate with him after landing a big contract which was one of the biggest investment bids he had ever received. Anyway his celebrations turned into an embarrassing moment when he decided to release himself at his balcony since his bathroom had another user and having been extremely pressed…he opted for the easy way out.

Thinking that he would get away with the it, he realized that his neighbor had been there all a long and had witnessed the comedian pee on his clothes. Well, their relationship obviously changed and this remains as the biggest embarrassing moment in his life.