Police destroy Jalang’o’s brand new Mercedes worth millions(photos)

Comedian Jalang’o’s brand new convertible Mercedes Benz has been wrecked after an accident involving a police car.

The comedian took to social media to share the photos sating that his Mercedes Benz SL450 2014 model was involved in the accident on Ngong Road while on his way to school.

Brand new

The vehicle had to be towed away after the accident because it had been completely ruined after colliding with the police cruiser.

???????????????? Not the best way I wanted my day to End…Headed to school down on Ngong rd this police cruiser has ripped off my ka baby!! ????????????????,” he posted.

The accident comes just a month after the radio presenter bought the car and has been flaunting it on social media.

The Mercedes-Benz SL450 has 429-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V8 engine that generates vigorous highway passing power and near-instant off-the-line acceleration. The engine is mated to a smooth-shifting seven-speed automatic transmission.

In Kenya, the car costs almost Ksh 8 Million.

Here are the photos of the accident.

Photos: Size 8 among 185 other Christians who graduated from Bible School

Gospel singer Size 8 on Sunday joined 184 other Christians who graduated  from the Harvesters Global Church bible training school in Ridgeways off Kiambu Road.

Her elder sister Ann was also among those who graduated.

On social media, Size 8 penned a lovely message after completing her studies saying:

“The joy in my heart is beyond words. God thank you for the grace you have given me so far…………. I graduated today from Harvesters Global Church bible training school. Most of us run after material wealth first forgetting what the Bible says “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose[sic] his soul. ” And another verse says “seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and all this things (food, clothing etc) shall be added to you.” she posted. 

Changed mind

Size 8 also shared that the study has helped her build her relationship with God. She started the classes late 2016 and added that they changed her mind when it comes to conceiving her second born.

“I had fears of getting pregnant again but I thank God after I joined Bible school, I was taught a lot of things that helped me fight the fear. That is why for a long time people were even wondering kwani Size 8 hazai tena?” she said.

The real reason why DJ Mo and Size 8 ‘killed’ their Vlog and no longer post on YouTube

Last year, Size 8 and DJ Mo announced that they have launched a Vlog dubbed the The Muraya aimed at documenting their life.

The Vlog, which was on YouTube, went on to impress Kenyans as many got to see the life of the two and their daughter.

But after just several months, they stopped posting and never bothered to communicate to fans why.

Changed platform

A curious fan took to social media to ask DJ Mo why they are no longer posting on YouTube.

According to Mo, they moved from YouTube after landing a deal with streaming service Viusasa which has been buying locally produced visual content.

It’s not clear though why Mo and Size 8 haven’t been promoting the show on their social media pages.

Here’s the exchange:

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu disagree live on air and end up switching off each other’s Mics 

Radio hosts Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu are very good friends but when it’s working time, the two Milele FM breakfast show presenters switch to something close to enemies.

The two recently ended up having a very heated argument live on radio that almost turned ugly and even saw the two switch off each other mics.

Jalas and Mwakideu were discussing ‘The Michuki rules’ which are now making a comeback.

Mwakideu claimed that he had an issue with the return of the law because it would make innocent Kenyans suffer for the mistakes of the enforcers.

“Kenyans walked during Michuki’s time for two weeks and I was one of them and we walked because we wanted this change and they changed. After the law was implemented it was upon the police to ensure it was enforced until today. Kenyans should not suffer again on Monday,” Alex said. 


Jalango on the hand, wanted matatus to be controlled by the rules because they have been out of line lately.

You have a lot of lies on radio and you are not even supposed to be a radio presenter here because you have travelled and lived abroad and you know how things happen there,” said Jalang’o.

The two argued to a point they were burning with anger leaving the studio melting with tension.

“You have a lot of lies on radio and you are not even supposed to be a radio presenter here because you have traveled and lived abroad and you know how things happen there,” Jalas said.

Jalang’o ready to send Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich home in 2022 as he declares interest in politics

Comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o has always been looking for the right time to join politics after his illustrious career in entertainment.

Jalango recently told his fans that in 2022 he’ll vie for the Langata parliamentary seat. The comedian said that ousting current Langata MP Nixon Kiprotich Korir is his current dream.

The Milele FM presenter shared this during Instagram’s question and answer session with his fans which saw him tackle different questions about his life.

The comedian also shared that he doesn’t have a degree but he’s currently taking Community Development at Daystar University.


He added that he plans to start a charity soon and that he’s new show with Otoyo will begin next month. In the chart, Jalango also revealed that he’s dating but didn’t share much about his new partner.

Here are some of the questions he answered:



Comedian Otoyo fired from Radio Maisha weeks after joining for reporting to work late

Weeks after switching from MediaMax’s Milele FM, comedian Otoyo has been allegedly fired from Radio Maisha.

Otoyo took to his Instagram account then to inform his listeners that April 4 was his last day at Milele FM and it seems he might be making another similar announcement soon after he was fired for misconduct, TUKO reports.

He was fired on Friday. He could report to work late. The human resource manager had warned him more than once. Sometimes Otoyo could not just show up or pick calls even when Head of Programmes Lynda Oriaso reached him. He had it coming,” said a source to TUKO.


Asked for a comment, the comedian denied that he had been fired saying:”I am on duty as has been. Programming changes ongoing.”

The Funny man made the decision of ditching Mediamax after landing a new Job at the Standard Group owned radio station.

Did Size 8 and DJ Mo finally listened to Jalang’o? Size 8’s new song might make you think so 

Singer Size 8 and comedian Jalang’o recently locked horns as each tried to prove how a “proper” gospel song should sound. While Jalang’o was very much against the new funny funny titled songs we are are seeing of late, “Mateke” singer Size 8 believed the songs were just fine and Jalang’o was just hating.


Judging from her new music, maybe she finally agreed with Jalas and decided to record a song that doesn’t fall in the Jigi Jigi and KDF categories that many have been bashing lately.

The singer has released a worship song called “Arise” which fans are totally loving. The song has been produced by DJ Mo and video done by TrueD Pictures.

Watch the song below: