8 Kenyan celebs you wouldn’t believe are geniuses

Let’s face it, when most of us think of Kenyan celebrities, if you’ve been through the previous 8-4-4 system or you’re one of the unfortunate “alumni” of the CBC curriculum, then you automatically assume them dense.

The reason for this is the fact that for the most part, our education system puts an emphasis on academic excellence to the absolute dereliction of any other forms of intelligences or even talents. So you’re a footballer? Big whoop. Your teachers will drum it into the rest of the class or worse still, into you’re head that you’re nothing. The same can be said for actors and entertainers. Wait, I think there is a special bottom rung made entirely of comedians.

But what if I told you that while there are different cadres of intelligence, there are some -a precious few- who excelled in both the conventional way aswell as at the pursuit of their talent and craft? Some entertainers and celebs who were actually not just talented but also academically intelligent enough to juggle high level performance in all that was required of them?

And we all know what that mean. In both 8-4-4 and CBC, it takes a whole lot of cramming. Beyond simply being familiar with the material, you have to actually cram for the exams and often it involves some outdated and useless procedures (for most career paths) such as the Bosch Process (Chemistry anyone?) because let’s face it, I have never used that knowledge anywhere outside of my KCSE exam hall.

Even before we start, I need to actually clarify some metrics for you to fully appreciate the genius of these celebs. KCSE is graded on a scale with a maximum grade of A plain equivalent to an 80% score and above (to 100%) through to the minimum grade of E, equivalent to or lower than a 25% score.

Let’s take a quick look at the celebs who scored highly on their national O-Level exams (what we here in Kenya call KCSE). And I assure you that some of the characters who are certified geniuses will blow your mind.

Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

This would surprise many but the Femcee cum LGBTQ advocate (though she does this on the sly) is a Precious Blood Riruta alumni who managed to score an A- (A minus) in her KCSE exam.

Fancy Fingers

Fancy Fingers
Fancy Fingers

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp who is an alumnus of Strathmore actually managed to score an A before he went on to pursue a degree in actuarial science.

JB Masanduku

Tina Kaggia’s ex-husband and comedian was actually a student at two “Ivy League” Kenyan schools; Starehe Boy’s Centre as well as Alliance High. And as if that isn’t impressive enough, he managed to score an A in the national exams.

Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga

One-half of the two ladies that make up the trio that is Elani (do they still make music anymore?) is an alumnus of Kianda School where she managed to score an A in the national exams. And as if that weren’t impressive enough, drum roll, please…

Wambui Ngugi

Elani’s Wambui Ngugi

The second half of the two ladies that make up the trio that is Elani (which at this point I have to state also includes Brian Chweya) also scored an A in KCSE.

King Kaka

Kenyan rapper, King Kaka

The rapper formerly known as Rabbit (isn’t that one of if not the worst name you’ve ever heard a rapper gave himself?!) made it against all odds. He was at Eastleigh High which if you know anything about Nairobi, isn’t exactly a bastion of education. And yet he managed to score an A- (A minus).

DJ Creme

The disc jockey too wasn’t in what we would consider a Kenyan “ivy league school” given he studied in some backwater secondary school before going on to score an A- (A Minus) in his KCSE exam.


Come on, you already know this girl is smart. I mean, she went on to study mathematics in university. What more can I say? She too is an alumnus of Precious Blood and got an A.

I’ve purposely left out Babu Owino from the list. Google his grade yourself.

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JB Masanduku is testimony that marriage is an important decision

JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia got married back in 2013 and while both parties were happy with their decision to wed, they were unfortunately not destined for a happy marriage. And what’s worse is the fact that both of them contributed to making their relationship toxic.

JB Masanduku now pleads with ex-wife Tina Kaggia in regard to co-parenting

Both Tina and JB Masanduku had their personal demons that were never addressed and their marriage to each other only served to exacerbate the situation for both parties concerned as well as their young and extended families.

jb masanduku

And the writing was on the wall from the beginning for the couple as when they got hitched in the AG Chambers, not a single relative of JB Masanduku’s was in sight, instead choosing to give the wedding a wide berth.

JB Masanduku now pleads with ex-wife Tina Kaggia in regard to co-parenting

From the outside looking in, the couple seemed happy and a report run in Ghafla that exclusively revealed the depth of the demons plaguing the marriage, the two closed ranks and fought to preserve the public image of their union:

Classic FM Presenter Tina Kaggia Beats Up Her Husband J.B Masanduku In Public

But this actually serves as a lesson to young men on just how important the decision to wed is in the life of a man aswell as showing just how that same decision can serve to ruin a man when the wrong parties get hitched.

jb masanduku and tina kaggia

You see, like JB Masanduku, many young men feel the burden of making the decision to wed their longterm girlfriends and partners because either the girl in question is done waiting, or the lady’s family is applying pressure, or his own family is pressuring him to wed or because of societies’expectations.
I kid you not. Many a Kenyan man, not unlike JB Masanduku has an age at which he feels he should be married and if that doesn’t come to pass, he feels like a failure.

jb masanduku and his new bae

Problem is, many young men, just like JB Masanduku, do not first deal with their own personal issues and demons and they also do not seek to establish themselves first before walking down the aisle. Afterall, men are said to be the real romantics so they assume everything will work itself out.

Comedian JB Masanduku reveals how ex wife Tina Kaggia tricked him into divorcing her

What many men forget is that while conventional wisdom is for you to marry a woman you can build with, the current Kenyan situation also has necessitated modern wisdom that teaches us to marry the woman that they can divorce without too much damage to themselves. Why? Because when you see how JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia’s divorce went, you kinda understand what I mean.

JB Masanduku was recently begging his ex-wife to be allowed to see his children. Besides that, he was also crying about the fact that she tricked him into signing divorce papers.

“She just popped a couple of pills” JB Masanduku narrates how Tina Kaggia tried to commit suicide in front of him

If anything, my advice to men would be for them to first focus on building themselves up. Be the best possible version of yourself that can exist because the unfortunate truth is that women are opportunistic lovers: they wait at the finish line and marry the winner. Do not get married thinking you will have time to build yourself up. You are not of your father’s generation.

And take your time to vet your partner. This nonsense of getting serious after knowing a lady for all of six months is laughable.


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