“All my known and unknown friends let me down” Jowie opens up about the betrayal he faced while in Kamiti prison

In life there are no friends! Family will always come first and this is a lesson Joseph Irungu popularly known as Jowie learnt the hard way.

As we all know, Jowie was linked to the murder of Monica Kimani believed to be his lover. However since the case is still ongoing, the fella prefers talking about his life in prison.

As soon as he was released on KSh.2 million cash bail, Jowie says he decided to lay low; as he evaluated himself and some of the mistakes he made unknowingly – all thanks to the bad company he had been keeping.

Speaking to Jalang’o for the first time, Jowie confessed that he is now a changed man – who needed the wake up call to realize his life was heading the wrong direction.

Jowie in Kamiti prison

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Friends let me down

To prove this, the young who was the life of the party before his arrest realized he was on his own after those he counted on failed him. Jowie went on to reveal how friends let him down especially where money was involved!

Having been asked to raise Ksh 2 million, Jowie’s close friends and those who owed him favors apparently disappeared into thin air. This is after Jalang’o asked

Let me ask you Jowie, talking about family and friends. Do you think there is a time when you thought people who were friends let you down? And people that are family stood with you?

Jowie Irungu’s fresh start

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Responding to this, the young man says that if not for his family, he would have remained in prison till date.

All my friends let me down. All. known, unknown. Close not close. All of them let me down only family stood by me with their prayers

With such a tough lesson to learn during his hardest moment in life; Jowie has since learnt to focus on the important things and that is family and only family!