YY’s piece of advice to struggling comedians during this pandemic

Comedian YY is not doing so bad on his own especially now that there are no paying gigs due to the pandemic. Just like most comedians, YY is investing in online comedy and just like Jalang’o, Njugush; and the rest, he has managed to win more fans through his YouTube skits and interviews.

Speaking to People Daily recently, the young man not only opened up about his life; but shared important information that will come in handy to upcoming comedians.

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According to the comedian, life for him was not so easy and for this reason he felt the need to change it. Knowing very well that he had come poor back ground, YY says he made sure to study hard to ensure his future generations has something to be proud of.

For those who did not know, YY is actually a graduate who studied Health Management and Information at the Kenyatta University.

Comedian YY

  I was enrolled in the School of Health Sciences department of Health Management and Information at the Kenyatta University to pursue a course in Health Records and Information Management. It basically deals with medical data.

Advice to fellow comedians

Seeing how most people have been affected by the pandemic; YY went on to open up advising the youths and fellow comedians on the importance of staying positive.

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He went on to urge them to avoid turning to drugs for quick solutions; as they often end up drowning in depression without realizing it.

Everyone may go through depression as we don’t choose it, but how we handle it is our choice. Drugs and substance abuse isn’t one of the ways to manage it. Instead, it sinks and drowns you even deeper. Remember, choices have consequences.

Well, there you have it!