82-year-old Pastor Deya on why he had to get another younger wife: Even if you are born again, your eyes are not 

It all started with a statement form ex-Kamiti inmate Pastor Gilbert Deya, who claimed that while abroad, he had to cheat on his wife to avoid prostrate cancer.

The pastor, who has been released from prison after an year, has been doing a lot of interviews here and there about his life and career.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, he shocked many by saying that he has a new woman who is 55 years younger than him. The guy is 82 years.

“I am engaged. Men struggle with the eyes, and even if you are born again, your eyes can never be born again.” said the pastor. 

“I decided to get another woman here in Kenya. It is important to get a woman and avoid lust of the flesh. Here in Kenya, women are like nuts, they are so many that the government has decided even having 50 of them is okay.” 

Never Single

The pastor, whose career has been nothing but full of controversies, went on to add that he likes younger women and needed one after his two wives left.

“I can never be single. I want to marry her because she is so young and the age gap is 50 years. She’s 27 and so beautiful. We met at a church in Nairobi. That is in the line of my liking. My ex-wife was the one that decided to divorce me, and I accepted her decision.” he said. 


“I went to the UK and left my wife here in Kenya, and I stayed there for 15 years. The first five years, I tried to bear with the situation, but because of the lust of the body, I took another woman. I told elders of the church, and even my ex-wife knew about it.

“After a while, the woman asked me not to come back to Kenya unless I married her. Later on, she accused me of rape.I came to Kenyan and was charged with child trafficking. While at Kamiti, the woman ran away.”

P-Square member slams Kenyan lady begging him on instagram to pay for her a holiday to the US 

Paul Okoye, the former P Square member, has slammed one of her fans who slid on his DM begging for some eyebrow-raising favors.

Okoye took to social media to slam the lady, who happens to be Kenyan, for asking him to fund a holiday trip to the US, and, pay for her school fees.


The shocking post had many thinking it was all a mistake and maybe the post was originally meant for her dad. But no, Okoye’s name was there. It was meant for him.

”Hi Paul Okoye. I am Morah, I am turning 22-years old in July. I am a Kenyan but currently in Tanzania with my parents. This is my mum’s account I am using. Can you kindly please help me financially, by sponsoring me to study in the university in USA? And can you please help me to go to US this June, to have fun? Please reply to me today without fail,” she wrote. 

Okoye, who is married and has two kids, didn’t shy away from blasting the lady by sharing it on his status and captioning:

“Some humans though….. see ehh!! your own hell fire will be V.V.I.P ???????????? popping sniper and ota pia pai ???????????????????? second chance Kee you there ,” he said. 



William Ruto’s wife begs young ladies to stop dating sponsors: These old men who lure you with money will only take you for granted

Kenyan ladies going for older men has become a crisis now and it seems older women from all sides are coming out to plead with ladies to focus on younger men.

Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto recently warned young ladies to keep off these men because such relationships don’t amount to anything.

According to Rachel, young women are lured by these men who come carrying money and gifts and end up forgetting their value as women.

“Dignified women would not give themselves to any man. You should remember girls are a priceless gift to the world. Dealing with sponsors as sugar daddies are currently called should never be part of your agenda,” she said while addressing students of Kenyatta University on Thursday, October 11, during the marking of the International Day of the Girl Child. 


She went on to add that women can also be independent and shouldn’t feel like they need a man to survive.

“There’s no principle which states that women can only survive through facilitation from men. These older men who lure you with money and gifts will only take you for granted. I pray that all girls in higher learning institutions will be firm enough to say no to sponsors,” she added. 

Slay Queen who dissed boy-child for living in 5k bedsitter annoys many(video)

Kenyans have been angered by a lady who put down a young man for living in a bedsitter and having ‘low standards’.

The two, who were on a date organised by Ebru TV, were having a light meal trying to establish some connection.

Boy child couldn’t what the slay queen was asking.

Fake standards

In the video, which has been shared hundreds of times on social media, the lady embarrasses the young man after he came out clean about his lifestyle.

Kenyans have come out guns blazing saying that the lady has fake standards and should respect the man for starting from scratch.

Watch the clip below:


Here is what Kenyans said:

I’mari Debrah What typpa questions are those on a first date?
Elavian Judith This boy remains my hero, amidst all that insult he was composed and answered their questions with pride,
1. He is happy of his 20k and even goes ahead to acknowledge how he spends it.
2. You don’t need to club daily or go to kiza to prove your rich, actually the rich club in their mansions ” private party”
3. Materialistic things will be the end of many, “so you can’t buy clothes and you have earned”
4.humbleness goes a long way, 40k is pocket money to someone somewhere bitch be humble?
5. You always begin somewhere even if it’s from sleeping at the carton in one room one day you shall live to tell, talk of I like to tour but not in buses or matatus , do you drive?” Na alikuja na Uber smh
Dear God bless for me that young man, so that one day this girls will see his vision being portrayed in their neighbours Television.
Classic Man Who else has noticed the blond questions. How much have you gone to that Club? Ans. Thrice. OK do you go clubbing like daily, monthly? Wtf!!!

Muchiri Jane The blunt question;can you maintain me? Can you afford me? Sweetheart work hard and get your life together,you can’t claim your independence yet you far from it..

Christopher N Karanja Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one’s view’s and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.
Delian Kenya One thing with girls now is that some of them wamekua over materialistic to an extent wanatharau just everything they are offered from the heart not keeping in that the little he earns and the little I earn can go a long way
Such a pitty for young girl

Gold diggers to bite the dust after court declares no 50-50 wealth share after divorce 

Lazy Kenyan women who have always used marriages as away to enrich themselves are now in trouble after The High Court of Kenya on Monday, May 14, threw out a petition seeking to have spouses share matrimonial property on a 50/50 basis in the event of a divorce.

Only what a spouse has contributed to the marriage – be it the wife or the husband – will walk away with upon divorce after the High Court ruling.

Gold diggers nightmare

Women have been accused of using men for personal gains whereby they marry them and later divorce them, walking away with half their property.

“The beneficial share of each spouse as the law on the division of matrimonial property stands in Kenya ultimately depends on the parties’ proven respective proportions of the financial contributions either direct or indirect towards the acquisition of the property,” said judge Justice John Mativo. 

The Federation of Women lawyer (Fida) is not happy with the ruling and has promised to challenge it calling it unfair discrimination against women.

“Many times a spouse who is not contributing financially is normally the spouse who is contributing indirectly in form of taking care of children, estates, properties and love.” said John Chigiti.