The OG was not respected! Khaligraph Jones loses chain worth 60K to crowd 

Rapper Khaligraph Jones was recently in Kisumu for a major performance and in turn, lost one of his valuables.

The OG was performing during the much-hyped Guinness Smooth launch party on Saturday, October 26, in Kisumu and in the process lost his chain worth Ksh 60,000 to the rowdy crowd.

No hate

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph lost his chain when he went off stage to mingle with fans amidst his performance and a fan snatched the chain off his neck.

“The chain they took is worth KSh 60,0000, but those are small things, I came to kill the show,” Khaligraph said. 

He also added that he doesn’t hate his fans for that and still loves them despite what they did to him.

“I’m still getting threats” Cashy claims after exposing Kayole’s Khaligraph Jones 

Rapper Cashy recently came out to share what transpired between her and ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones that led to their ugly break. In her confession, she said that Jones was violent and even threatened her.

Cashy has come out to state that even after her coming out to share what happened, she’s still getting the threats.

“Some people from a certain Camp, still throwing threats my way. Bothered by the fact that i’m speaking the truth. I’m not scared/ I don’t have room in me for fear and I have no apologies for that” wrote Miss Cashy.


The popular rapper has being doing numerous interviews of late speaking about her past relationship with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones whom she claims physically abused her.

”Like last year, you would see had moved on with my life, and I was quiet but someone puts up pictures of women nak*d on his bed. I was with this person for five years, he was not doing that. Even you people seeing him on Instagram should wonder why he is doing it, it is spite,” Cashy revealed at an interview. 


Kula pesa yako peke yako boss! Khaligraph angers fans for flaunting money on social media 

It’s January and money is one of the rarest commodities in Kenya right now, unless, you are rapper Khaligraph Jones.

The popular rapper, who has started the year with a bang, ended up angering his fans on social media for always flaunting money.

Respect money

Fans on social media it seems have grown tired of him always flaunting money and asked him to be humble now that he’s become a successful artist.

The harsh comments come just a day after he started the Gwala challenge in which he encouraged fans to floss their money on social media.

Later after being trolled, Jones took to social media to say that all he’s trying to do is enjoy his money. He also promised to stop showing his money and flaunt other things that might not get attention as much.

“Yenyewe Hii Kenya Mtu haezi kula pesa yake na Amani, Kuanzia Kesho basi ntakua nawaonyesha Ma karatasi za Nylon paper na mayai za Quail Tujenge nchi na uchumi sababu naambiwa nastress wale watu January imewakalia ngumu nikiwaonyesha GWALA???.” he said.


Talented singer Sagini is dead

Musician Eliud Sagini, better known as Sagini, has passed own after a short illness. Sagini was pronounced dead on arrival in hospital after he suddenly fell ill.

Khaligraph Jones, who featured him in his song “Testimony”, took to social media to mourn him saying that the music industry has lost a champion.

“It is with deep sorrow that we announce the sudden passing away of one of Kenya’s greatest and promising talent Eliud Sagini better known to many as Sagini. Sagini left us this evening of Monday the 17th of Dec. 2018 after suffering a short illness. He was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital. Your prayers and support will be highly appreciated in this moment of grief,” Khaligraph said.


Sagini’s solo works include “KI2 Ingine” and his latest hit “Moyo” and has been featured in other songs such as Mash up de Paper” featuring Timmy T Dat and Achicho, “Shots” featuring Khaligraph and Young Killer X and “Betrayal in the City” featuring Hadas X.

Ma OGs!! Khaligraph Jones finally releases Khali Cartel 2 featuring Steph Kapela, Xtatic, Timmy Blanco 

If you enjoyed the first version of Khali Cartel 1 which was released several months ago, rapper Khaligraph Jones now has the second version for you.

The Kayole rapper has now teamed up with Steph Kapela, kid Timmy Blanco, Xtatic, and upcoming rap stars Twenny Eights and Katapilla for the Khali Cartel 2.


The Khali Cartel 2 beat was created by Motif on the Beat while production was handled by Aress66. Xtatic’s fiance, Mushking, did the video.

The song, as expected, is laced with hard bars from the rappers and is definitely worth the listen.

Nakuja kukupiga miti kwa Kiti!! ‘Horny’ Khaligraph Jones sends girlfriend erotic message while in Dallas 

Khaligraph Jones is currently on his way back from Dallas Texas where he just bagged the best Rap Act Award at the 2018 African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA).

But as much as the rapper might be excited, it seems he misses his girlfriend a lot since it has been over a week with them being apart. Just a week.


He recently took to social media to share a very dirty freestyle rapping how he’s going to make lover to his girlfriend once he touches down in Kenya. And it will all start with a quickie at JKIA as soon as they meet.

We all know Khali has new girlfriend now after Cashy broke his heart and got pregnant with another man. Khali’s new bae, who goes by the name Georgina, will definitely enjoy the verbal porn from her man as she awaits him.

List to the freestyle below;

Cashy and the rest, pay attention! Khaligraph sends ruthless message to all the girls that rejected him 

It’s rare for you to see an OG opening up about mellow stuff that bring emotions. But, whenever an OG heads on this path, just know it’s as real as it gets.

Khaligraph Jones was recently on social media to crucify all the ladies who gave him a NO, or gave him a YES but later, changed it to a NO. The rapper, who has a new album out called “Testimony 1990”, said that a lot of ladies rejected him as a struggling rapper but are now begging him now that he has made it.

Missed school, lost his girl

He gave a story about a girl from high school he liked. She was really pretty and she liked him too. But then some guy joined their school and when he missed school for two weeks because of school fees, the lady was taken by another man.

Here are the video clips:

Wakenya aki! Khaligraph shares how Kenyans rejected him hard before they started loving his song 

It has been a tough road for rapper Khaligraph Jones who is now sitting at the top of the rap game with his new album “TESTIMONY 1990”.

The rapper has faced all kinds of attacks while trying to make a name in the music industry but in the process, grew a tough skin and crawled on instead of letting up.


In his new song “Testimony”, which is the album’s intro, Jones shares how Kenyans rejected him and how many kept advising him not to mention that he’s from Kayole in his songs but he decided to follow his heart and rep the place he has been raised at.

Watch the video below: