Cashy Karimi celebrates great milestone for Khaligraph Jones’ son

Cashy Karimi who was recently involved in a custody battle with her ex, Khaligraph Jones has come out to celebrate the latest milestone in their son, Xolani’s life and we are here for it!

Cashy Karimi a toxic mum? Leaves many feeling sorry for her son with Khaligraph Jones(Video)

small celebration

Xolani went to school a bit later than the
rest this term.

Still, he carned top position in his mid-term
exams and cleared 500/500!

I’m so proud of our baby boy!
He has no idea how this feeling has healed so
many battle scars @§

I¢s just the stare, but as a parent who’s had a
difficult time… This has renewed my spirit
100% and no one can say it wasn’t worth it

Its taken a lot of us to get here,
I remain extremely grateful and I keep the
hope for his bright future v-


We are glad to see Cashy Karimi basking in this win because hitherto, she was fighting tooth and nail for the upkeep of their son whom she claims the rapper, Khaligraph had chosen to ignore.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

The pair were recently in court which determined the case in favour of Xolani’s mother. She had been very vocal and bashful in her messages about Khaligraph whom she said was always celebrating his children by his wife at the expense of Xolani.

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Cashy Karimi a toxic mum? Leaves many feeling sorry for her son with Khaligraph Jones(Video)

Okay, I don’t even know where to begin because – wow – Cashy you just let yourself down with the latest video posted on your Instagram stories.

I mean, was it necessary? Did it make you feel like the better parent having dragged your son to see his – who by the way walked out on him? These are some of the questions fans are asking the lady following her latest post.

Baby Xolani breaks down as dad, Khaligraph Jones walks away

Judging from the comments left on the video, both mums and dads bashed the lady for creating a toxic environment around her son. Thanks to the short video clip, she literally made this possible through a video she shot during one of her many argument with Khali making both her son and fans witness the kind of relatinonahip she has with the other parent and its just TOXIC.

Time heals everything

Well – this comes after months of attacking Khaligraph Jones on social media – always ready to drag him for not supporting just son. Howeber with the video allow me to say that this may explain why Khaligraph Jones isn’t interested in helping his son.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

I mean how can they reason together – when she’s always set on recording for social media nobody? Hunny…. it’s like setting him up for failure and expecting him to come through. Or wait – could Cashy still be interested in him? No?

But what’s with the clingy bitter ex traits? Is she fighting him for the baby or for herself?

Don’t get me wrong – no one is judging Cashy that is if she’s still stuck on her ex man….but the problem comes in when she drags their son to witness their childish drama as seen on her post – all in the name of child support.

Okay…assuming maybe she’s not interested him as we believe…. what explains her intentions for recording the clip? To paint baby daddy like the devil she claims he is? But look…. even God himself couldnt agree with her actions this time around and those who once cared about her stories now feel she should get a job and stand on her own two feet.

Again…like Nana Owiti once said, a parent shouldn’t bring agony into their kids life. Cashy needs to first heal from the untimely breakup, focus on both herself and son and move on….then maybe coparenting will work. If not….she’ll keep running in and out of family court because without Khaligraph Jones child support….her son will never know peace.

Again…next time she wants to argue or disagree with baby daddy in public – DON’T CARRY THE BABY ALONG!

Khaligraph Jones dragged to court by baby mama for neglecting son

Rapper Cashy Karimi earlier this morning shared a photo posing in front of a Nairobi Court and from her caption – we knew the lady was upto something and that is suing Khaligraph Jones for child support.

Well yea, we weren’t wrong and thanks to the post we now know that Khaligraph will soon get served for neglecting his firstborn son, Xolani. Not quite sure whether this move will help (yall know how the system works) but again – that’s for them to figure out.

This new development however comes months after Cashy Karimi branded her ex as a deadbeat dad neglecting their son yet he takes care of his other kids; adding that he keeps claiming he is broke yet he is building a mansion for his family.

Khaligraph Jones son, Xolani

Baby number 4

Cashy has also moved to court just a few hours after Khaligraph’s new wife Georgina announced the arrival of their 3rd baby; a well kept secret we knew nothing about.

If you think about it…could the new information on Khaligraph Jones growing family be the reason Cashy Karimi decided to move to court? Mmmh maybe. Maybe not. No?


Khaligraph Jones baby mama finally unveils mzungu boyfriend’s face (Photo)

Cashy Karimi has finally moved on from Khaligraph Jones who dumped her while pregnant about 4 years ago. The former couple who had just taken over the entertainment industry with their Micasa sucasa hit left many surprised following their ugly split.

Of course since then, all we have seen is drama concerning child support; and the fact that Khaligraph denies Xolani as a son – makes the beef even more uglier.

Anyway with Khali neglecting his son; Cashy Karimi’s new mzungu boyfriend seems to have stepped up his game and is now playing the role of a dad in the young man’s life.

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Xolani hanging out with mummy (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Well, I believe this is what Cashy has been trying to put out with her latest posts; where her mzungu bae is seen enjoying the company of both mum and son; and truth is, she is really desperate to find a father figure for her son.

Meet Cashy’s boyfriend

Anyway despite parading him everywhere on social media, the Micasa Sucasa hit maker never unveiled the Mzungu’s face until this past weekend.

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Cashy shared a new photo showing off her extremely tall Caucasian man and looking at the photo – let’s just say he is probably in his mid thirsties. From how he also dresses we can also say hana mambo mingi.

Anyway meet the handsome man warming Karimi’s bed below.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

Khaligraph Jone’s ex girlfriend throws shade at rappers ‘mzungu’ wife and fans are loving it

Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend cum baby mama, Cashy Karimi has seemingly thrown some serious shade at his new girlfriend/wife Georgina Muteti by claiming that she is not the only woman in the rappers life.

The Omollo’s

The shade comes hours after Karimi exposed Khaligraph Jones for neglecting their 3 year old son, Xolani; yet he supports and even throws lavish birthdays for his other kids – but his other son gets nothing.

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Baby mama drama

Okay, okay…matters to do with kids is quite sensitive and sinve we don’t want to take sides…how about we focus on the cat fight..right?

Anyway, Georgina having seen Cashy’s post on Instagram, the mixed breed lass felt it was her place to defend her man; and boy was she wrong or rather petty for a woman in her caliber. Hitting back at Karimi for the exposè, Muteti shared a post that read;

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Like I said, we ain’t taking sides – but come on – isn’t it abit too obvious to see that Georgina was aiming at ex co wife, Cashy with the post shared above. Right?

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Karimi drops the bomb

Well, of course Cashy Karimi definitely  has a few of her friends watching Georgina (it happens, these are ladies) so clearly Mama Xolani got the message sent to her and in response – Karimi didn’t hold back.

According to Khaligraph Jones ex, the guy has so many wives/girlfriends out here that she(Karimi) doesn’t know; which of the ladies is married to him.

Well, not that we can confirm or deny, truth is – this sounds a bit bitter;?which makes it hard for us to tell whether it’s true or was said with emotions.

However with people calling out Georgina for the classless post,

a certain lady identified as Luccian Christine threatened to expose Khaligraph just to humble his wife; and fans seem quite interested especially now that they know the last time Khaligraph saw his son was during a paternity test.

Well the baby mama/ baby daddy position has never really been pleasant; nor has it ever had a fairytale story behind it, so trust me – Khaligraph; and Cashy will always have the pull and push relationship for years. So maybe the best thing position Georgina should assume is that of stepping aside.

Again, didn’t she learn anything from her bestie Tanasha Donna?

“I’m still getting threats” Cashy claims after exposing Kayole’s Khaligraph Jones 

Rapper Cashy recently came out to share what transpired between her and ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones that led to their ugly break. In her confession, she said that Jones was violent and even threatened her.

Cashy has come out to state that even after her coming out to share what happened, she’s still getting the threats.

“Some people from a certain Camp, still throwing threats my way. Bothered by the fact that i’m speaking the truth. I’m not scared/ I don’t have room in me for fear and I have no apologies for that” wrote Miss Cashy.


The popular rapper has being doing numerous interviews of late speaking about her past relationship with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones whom she claims physically abused her.

”Like last year, you would see had moved on with my life, and I was quiet but someone puts up pictures of women nak*d on his bed. I was with this person for five years, he was not doing that. Even you people seeing him on Instagram should wonder why he is doing it, it is spite,” Cashy revealed at an interview. 


Video: Khaligraph makes scandalous revelations about Cashy in latest single

Khaligraph Jones is the talk of the town once again after releasing the official video of Beat It – one of the songs in his Testimony 1990 album.

I was busy minding my business when I came across the song on my YouTube timeline. Since I’m a huge Khaligraph fan, I could not resist the urge to hit play. I mean, what would you have done?

A few seconds in, I realized that it was not an ordinary song, it sounded more like wuod (son of) Omollo was spilling the beans.

And what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to reveal how your ex lover did you dirty?

You see, the Kayole-bred rapper and his former girlfriend Cash Karimi have been at it for the last few days.

The lass, who shot to fame after featuring in Khaligraph’s Mi Casa Su Casa, has been doing interviews accusing the former of physical assault and a barrage of other things.

Many of us thought she was just out to popularize her new self-titled single which, interestingly, was released on Tuesday this week.

Although her intention was really to announce her comeback, it looks like there were deep-rooted issues between her and Khaligraph which forced them to go separate ways.

In the song, Khaligraph revealed that he had done so much for Cashy and he was really disappointed that she went ahead to cheat on him.

He also called her unprintable names and went on to say that he should have listened when people told him that she is a gold digger.

The video was perfectly done with various scenes depicting the confrontation that ensued when Khaligraph busted another man with his girlfriend.

Interestingly, the audio for Beat It, which is like saying tembeza kiatu, was released in June 2018 but most people didn’t pay much attention to the song until today when the video was dropped.

Here’s the video: