Chipukeezy’s special message to his girlfriend as she turns a year older!

Things between Chipukeezy and Kibanja seem to have improved since the last time we learnt about their break up.

From the comments made by fans back then, seems like Kibanja was a bit too caught up with night life and this did not seem to work out for Chipukeezy.

However with time, the two have learnt to embrace each other’s differences and are currently working on making their lives better together – as seen on Kibanja’s birthday message to her self.

Chipukeezy message to Kibanja

Chipukeezy on the other hand also went on to celebrate his woman in a loving message that left most of his fans excited.

Through his Instagram page Chipukeezy wrote saying;

The Queen , Her Excellence @kibanja_ is celebrating her birthday today. Thank you for all the good moments that you brought into my life You are my joy, my treasure, my greatest gift of life! Happy birthday love❤️ and I wish you all the best today and every day.I love you so much madam CEO❤️

All is not well! Chipukeezy’s girlfriend now openly lusts over Ethics, Rekles

So far it is evident that Chipukeezy and Kibanja have a lot going on in their relationship and if anything; fans are now waiting for them to confirm their break up.

Well, could be that Chipukeezy couldn’t keep up with Kibanja’s lifestyle or the couple disagreed over something; but all in all their Instagram posts suggest that the two might be on a ‘break.’

Kibanja unfollows Chipukeezy

After announcing that the two unfollowed each other on social media; Kibanja has now gone ahead to share a post lusting over Rekless from Ethics!

Ready to get pregnant?

Judging from the emoji’s she used on a video where Rekless is seen….one can only assume that Kibanja is probably hinting that she like to have his kids in future if not now.

Kibanja’s post

Not quite sure what Kibanja and Chipukeezy are fighting over…but chances are that the two will definitely keep entertaining us on social media.

Trouble in paradise! Chipukeezy and girlfriend unfollow each other on social media, are they calling off their relationship?

The rumors circulating around about Kibanja and Chipukeezy could be true. Many claim that the two cannot be compatible since one Kibanja is life of the party while Chipukeezy could now be looking for a wife material to settle down with.

Chipukeezy's fiance, Kerry
Chipukeezy’s fiance, Kerry

However after dumping his ex, Empress Kerry for the stunning Kibanja…the fella now seems to be facing quite a challenging time that saw him take a break from social media for about a week.

Kibanja deletes posts with Chipukeezy

Well, Chipukeezy’s relationship has been on and off for a while now due to unknown reasons but all we can confirm is that both Kibanja and Chipukeezy no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Kibanja unfollows Chipukeezy

Kibanja deletes posts

Chipukeezy unfollows kibanja

Unlike before, Kibanja has now deleted her photos with the comedian on her Instagram page while Chipukeezy continues to hold on hoping things will get back to normal.

However, from his Instagram stories Chipukeezy goes on to talk about ‘lack of communication destroying something special’ confirming that indeed their is trouble in paradise!

Chipukeezy and girlfriend finally prove their relationship is still afloat!

A while back, Chipukeezy and mostly Kibanja went on to share hints that they were having issues with their relationship thanks to motivational quotes shared on their Instagram stories.

Well, not that this is new to relationships – but never did we assume that Chipukeezy and Kibanja would face the ups and downs faced by many out here; but since they appeared so perfect together.

It was even revealed that Kibanja allegedly fought with one of her close friends (Mwanaidyshishi) over Chipukeezy – a rumor that is yet to be addressed.

Make up to break up

Anyway thanks to one of Kibanja’s latest posts we now understand that the couple is back together like never before.

The lady went on to shower her man with praises in one post where she wrote;

Chipukeezy and Kibanja

Kibanja also went on to remind busy bodies that…

Kibanja’s post