Kibanja spotted with handsome man weeks after Chipukeezy allegedly dumped her!

Word making rounds on social media is that Mlolongo’s finest Chipukeezy and Kibanja are finally over and done with each other.


The rumor was first sparked by blogger Edgar Obare who whose sources confirmed the former couple was no longer together.

This however comes barely 5 months after the two had another ‘time off’ to work on themselves; but it now appears that they cannot be compatible together.

New man?

Anyway rumor has it that Kibanja has a new man in her life.

Kibanja’s alleged boyfriend

She introduced him through her Instagram page where she shared a photo hanging out with him; accompanying the photo with love heart emojis.

If the rumors are true then this confirms that Kibanja and Chipukeezy are over after a year of being an item.

Chipukeezy dumps Kibanja?

It is not known who dumped the other but word has it that Chipukeezy had already started ignoring the lady even before the break up went public.

Back in 2018, Chipukeezy was rumored to have dumped his fiancé Empress Kerry because of Kibanja who he had been seeing on the side.

Empress Kerry on the other hand seems to have moved on 1 year after her break up; and from the look of things she now appears to be happier than ever!

Empress Kerry’s new man

She however keeps her boyfriend on the low unlike her previous relationship with Chipukeezy; where they both publicized their relationship for the sake of their fans!

“I have purposed in my heart to celebrate God’s wonderful deeds” Chipukeezy’s girlfriend makes new changes with her life

Kibanja who is popularly known as Chipukeezy’s girlfriend seems to have changed her life for the better.

The lady announced this through her Instagram page where she narrated about her mission to live her life differently.

Well if you had been following up with her in the past then I bet it’s easy to understand the kind of life she is willing to leave behind. As she turned a year older, Kibanja went on to write;


Instagram literally unblocked me five seconds ago , so here goes my birthday post ????

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds….. He’s been working on me too and He’s re-directing me to being better. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about effort and when you bring that effort every single day……. That’s where transformation happens… That’s how change occurs. I’m loving the new me and the woman,sister, daughter and friend that I am. I have purposed in my heart to celebrate God’s wonderful deeds in my life as I turn a year older…….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ❤️ #notagingjustupgrading ✨

Kibanja and Chipukeezy’s relationship

Just like most relationships Chipukeezy and Kibanja have had their ups and down throughout their 1 year relationship.

However, the two seem to have made choices that will affect their union in a positive way both in public and in private.

“You look like a 40 year old!” Chipukeezy girlfriend trolled after posting this photo

Chipukeezy’s girlfriend Kibanja recently shared new photos from her photo shoot and unlike other times, her fans this time around couldn’t help but criticize her.

Apparently her make up artist left her looking much older than she looks.

Well, judging from the photo uploaded on her Instagram page it’s evident that this particular photo looks nothing like her other pictures.


One of her fans by the name of Frissbees went on to comment telling Kibanja that her face looks aged – like a 40 year olds.

Well, unlike other times Kibanja also decided hit back telling the fan that his face was no different.


Others went on to discourage her from putting on too much make up since she is a natural beauty.


Trouble in paradise! Chipukeezy and girlfriend unfollow each other on social media, are they calling off their relationship?

The rumors circulating around about Kibanja and Chipukeezy could be true. Many claim that the two cannot be compatible since one Kibanja is life of the party while Chipukeezy could now be looking for a wife material to settle down with.

Chipukeezy's fiance, Kerry
Chipukeezy’s fiance, Kerry

However after dumping his ex, Empress Kerry for the stunning Kibanja…the fella now seems to be facing quite a challenging time that saw him take a break from social media for about a week.

Kibanja deletes posts with Chipukeezy

Well, Chipukeezy’s relationship has been on and off for a while now due to unknown reasons but all we can confirm is that both Kibanja and Chipukeezy no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Kibanja unfollows Chipukeezy

Kibanja deletes posts

Chipukeezy unfollows kibanja

Unlike before, Kibanja has now deleted her photos with the comedian on her Instagram page while Chipukeezy continues to hold on hoping things will get back to normal.

However, from his Instagram stories Chipukeezy goes on to talk about ‘lack of communication destroying something special’ confirming that indeed their is trouble in paradise!

Chipukeezy and girlfriend finally prove their relationship is still afloat!

A while back, Chipukeezy and mostly Kibanja went on to share hints that they were having issues with their relationship thanks to motivational quotes shared on their Instagram stories.

Well, not that this is new to relationships – but never did we assume that Chipukeezy and Kibanja would face the ups and downs faced by many out here; but since they appeared so perfect together.

It was even revealed that Kibanja allegedly fought with one of her close friends (Mwanaidyshishi) over Chipukeezy – a rumor that is yet to be addressed.

Make up to break up

Anyway thanks to one of Kibanja’s latest posts we now understand that the couple is back together like never before.

The lady went on to shower her man with praises in one post where she wrote;

Chipukeezy and Kibanja

Kibanja also went on to remind busy bodies that…

Kibanja’s post

Kibanja and close friend fight over Chipukeezy?

Lately Chipukeezy and his girlfriend seem to be maintaining a low profiled life as they no longer post lovey doves posts on Instagram like they used to before.

Not quite sure why – but they could both be caught up with work or prefer to lay low now that their relationship is getting more serious.

Anyway, just recently a post was shared on Kilimani mums where Kibanja and her friend, Mwanaidyshishi were ‘exposed’ for fighting at Java restaurant over Chipukeezy. The post read saying;


Kibanja’s friend responds

With the rumor making rounds on social media, the friend accused of fighting with Kibanja came out denying the stories saying they were all lies.

She went on to post saying;

Enough with the screenshots and unnecessary calls Meanwhile @Kibanja_nimeboeka si twende pale Java tu fight please

Kibanja has however continued to maintain her silence.

New girl, New look: Chipukeezy debuts fresh new hair and dressing style leaving ladies thirsty

Chipukeezy who is well knownComedian and the latest Director in the board of the National Authority for the Campaign Against alcohol Drug Abuse is indeed a fine young man judging from his latest photos shared on social media.

Unlike the Chipukeezy we are used to; it now seems that he has decided to switch it up this time by debuting a new look for his fans via Instagram.


The comedian hopped online to show off his new haircut and fresh dressing style that has left many ladies on his gram ogling over the new handsome man they hardly noticed in the past

Kibanja at work

Well, with a girl like Kibanja it was somehow obvious that Chipukeezy would change his style.

Judging from his new look, we can agree that Kibanja’s fine touch is working miraculously on Chipukeezy. Anyway check out one of the clips receiving much love on Instagram.

After fame or money? Kibanja opens up about her true intentions with Chipukeezy

Socialite Kibanja has indeed been giving many a reason to talk after confirming her relationship with comedian Chipukeezy.

Well, many at first doubted this relationship stating that Kibanja is still a young lady looking for hype and fun.

Thanks to a gossip page on Facebook we also went on to learn that Kibanja just turned 18 years just recently – and is yet to join campus.

Chipukeezy dumps fiancé

Word has it that Kibanja could be the reason why Chipukeezy decided to leave his fiancé. Well, this is because the new couple hooked up just a few weeks after the comedian walked out on his ex fiancé.

How serious is Kibanja?

Anyway if you thought that Kibanja was after Chipukeezy’s money or fame then you thought wrong!

Thanks to a question and answer session on the lady’s Instagram page, we have learnt that she is truly in love with her new man.

She wrote saying;


Chipukeezy’s girlfriend accused of seeing other people on the side

Word making rounds on social media is that a Chipukeezy’s new bae is not as innocent as she looks.

Well, this was revealed by a few women on Facebook came out to expose a few unknown details about the power couple.


Apparently the women claim that Chipukeezy started dating Kibanja before she even turned 18 years. This was at the time he dropped his fiancé and started focusing on the young lady who has left many dying of jealousy.

Kibanja and Pascal Tokodi?


As alleged by others, Kibanja and actor cum singer Pascal Tokodi have been involved with each other for quite sometime now and if anything they continue to do this under Chipukeezy’s nose.

We however cannot confirm whether these accusations are true but as far as Kibanja and Chipukeezy are concerned, they seem to be just fine.

From the screenshots circulating on social media, word also has it that Chipukeezy is ‘broke’ and apparently doesn’t spoil his young lady since she also comes from a very wealthy family.

Anyway check out the screenshots below.



Images: Chipukeezy and wife now flaunt new lavish home

Chipukeezy and Kibanja became officially one just days ago and they are already moving into their new mystery lavish home.

On social media, the comedian captioned:

New home❤

The two are already underway, moving into a new apartment in an undisclosed location and they sure love the flow of things.

However, all are welcome judging from the couple snaps the two shared of their new hideout.

The two love birds, sure seem to enjoy each other´s company.