Details of KRG’s tense connection with Takataka hitmaker Alvindo are revealed

Dancehall artist KRG the Don recently discussed his strained relationship with the “Takataka” hitmaker, Alvindo.

During an interview on Mseto East Africa, the musician disclosed that Alvindo, known for the hit song “Takataka,” became distant and even attempted to stab him.

When asked about Alvindo’s current whereabouts, KRG revealed that he had no idea, as several years had passed since their last encounter.

The father of four further explained that Alvindo began carrying knives, attempting to stab him, accusing the musician of making money from his songs without sharing the proceeds.

“Alinichangia nilimtolea ile ngoma ‘Takataka,’ akaona yeye niostaa knishinda mimi, akanza kubeba na visu anasema atanindunga ati mi nimetengeneza pesa na mziki wake,” stated KRG.

KRG also disclosed that their separation occurred after Alvindo accused him of being an Illuminati member and attempted to assault him at his studio, with DJ Lyta and DJ Vans as witnesses.

“Akaanza kusema ati mtaani kule ametoka hao watu wanamuambia nimetengeneza hela nyingi sana ati hizo magari mi huendesha ni pesa yake oooh, ati nmeingia illuminati, sijui nimeuza song yake vitu mingi tu, Yaani DJ Lyta ni shahidi wangu, DJ Vans na DJ Lyta tukiwa huko studio kijana alikuja anataka kunipiga… Lyta ndio akaniambia KRG usimpige mwache hajui anafanya nini mwache tu nikamfukuza kijana nikamwambia asijaribu kurudi en hapo,” narrated KRG.

KRG the Don Finds Peace and Plenty on His New Ranch

Musician KRG the Don, already known for his impressive collection of assets, has added a sprawling ranch to his portfolio. Sharing clips of his new property on Instagram, KRG revealed his plans to spend his retirement on this expansive farm.

While acknowledging his contentment with the new lifestyle, he also shared his son’s discontent with leaving the city behind. KRG humorously remarked, “These days, if someone hates you, it means you did something right. I’m living life on the ranch now.”

His Instagram stories provided fans with a glimpse into the vastness of the ranch. He announced his intention to farm potatoes and, alongside his sons, stopped by to purchase seedlings for fruit trees. “No farm is complete without fruit trees,” he declared, emphasizing his dedication to building a thriving agricultural operation.

Gazing at the breathtaking landscape, KRG expressed his excitement for his future on the farm. “This is where you’ll find me when I retire from making music,” he stated. The ranch’s size even sparked an idea for a zip line, which KRG discussed with a friend.

KRG’s new venture marks a significant shift from his previous lifestyle, and his enthusiasm for farming and enjoying the natural beauty of his new home is evident in his social media posts.


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KRG sparks in anger after being told he slept with Diana Marua

KRG the Don has now replied to the viral assault that Bahati and Diana Marua endured when someone altered their family image to include a number of male celebrities.

KRG, a father of four, called out the trolls who inserted his image over the family portrait of the Bahati, saying,

“When will people learn to respect children in this country? You can troll me and other adults all you can but watoto wa mtu is a No Go Zone.”

He continued by urging Kenyans to show some consideration for other people’s children, stressing that kids ought to be protected from such things.

Many people might be surprised to learn that KRG has known Diana and Bahati for a long time. Even Heaven, their first child, has him as a godfather.

“We are good friends, we were having fun we were dancing, you know, she is like my sister When I am with my sister I can hold you, I can hug you, the only thing I cannot do ni mambo ya ile sasa ya mzee kabisa kabisa , lakini kushikana ku kufurahia hata tuimbe pampoja that one you can do with your sister,” he previously said to Mungai Eve.

A few hours prior to KRG’s response, another male celebrity who had been altered to look like his family had made a similar statement.

Victor Wanyama, a former Harambee Stars icon, expressed his disgust over the image in a tweet urging that Kenyans stop their slurs.

“This Foolishness Needs To Stop Now.”

Kenyans warn Bahati KRG wants his wife Diana B

A video of Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua dancing and drinking with rapper KRG the Don at a nightclub has gone viral. The video, which was shared by Diana Marua on her Instagram stories, has sparked mixed reactions from the couple’s followers.

Some fans have expressed disappointment and concern over Bahati and Diana’s behavior, considering Bahati’s past as a gospel singer. Others have argued that the couple has the right to enjoy themselves and that their personal choices should not be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny.

The video has also added fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Bahati’s musical journey, particularly his transition from gospel music to love songs. The singer had previously announced that he would continue to serve God despite venturing into secular music.

Some fans have raised concerns about the fact that Diana Marua is still breastfeeding her less than a year old daughter, while others have questioned the boundaries between singer KRG The Don and Bahati’s wife, Diana.

In the past, Diana has openly admitted to struggling with alcohol addiction. The mother of three acknowledged having sought companionship from various men to fulfill different needs, including clothing, hairstyling, alcohol, and rent. Diana also revealed that her drinking habits were persistent, extending from Monday to Monday.

The video has sparked a discussion about the public’s expectations of celebrities, as well as the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the spotlight. It remains to be seen how Bahati and Diana will respond to the criticism, but the video has certainly put their relationship under the microscope.

KRG the Don breaks silence on paternity claims

Entrepreneur and renowned recording artiste KRG the Don has finally broken his silence about recent claims that he fathered a daughter out of wedlock and neglected the child for several years.

In a recent interview with a popular YouTube content creator, KRG shed light on the matter.

The Mambo Imechemka hitmaker expressed his commitment to finding out the truth, emphasizing that if the teenage girl was indeed his daughter, he would wholeheartedly welcome her into his family.

“If the child is truly mine, I will apologize to everyone and take full responsibility as the father,” said KRG.

Should the DNA test confirm his paternity, KRG vowed to celebrate the young girl and make up for the years she had endured without him.

“If she is truly mine, we will hold a grand celebration to honor her and acknowledge the suffering she has experienced. We will have to throw a big party to welcome her into the family,” he said.

KRG’s comments come after a woman named Maureen Muthoni claimed that he was the father of her 16-year-old daughter. Muthoni said that she had a brief relationship with KRG in 2006 and that he was aware of her pregnancy. However, she said that he refused to take responsibility for the child and that she had been raising her daughter on her own ever since.

KRG has denied Muthoni’s claims, but he has agreed to take a DNA test to determine whether he is the father of her daughter. The results of the test are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, KRG has said that he is focused on finding out the truth and that he is committed to providing for his daughter if she is indeed his.

“I want to know the truth,” he said. “If she is my daughter, I will take care of her. I will make sure that she has everything she needs.”

KRG sues clout chaser claiming he owes him

KRG is often the victim of clout-chasing celebrities. And this time around it was some riff-raff upstart who claimed he owed him money for work done and when you’re at the level of exposure and business that Bwana Karuga claims to be on then this can truly be damaging to your brand.

KRG Sends Advice To Thee Pluto After He Claimed He’s Depressed

And so after the tick tock that was created by the attention seeker went viral, KRG decided to involve his lawyers who have threatened to Sue the young man if he does not adhere to a cease-and-desist order.

KRG Throws Shade At Anerlisa Muigai For Not Having Kids (Screenshot)

It’s clear KRG is suffering from the Pains of success.

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