Kenyans warn Bahati KRG wants his wife Diana B

A video of Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua dancing and drinking with rapper KRG the Don at a nightclub has gone viral. The video, which was shared by Diana Marua on her Instagram stories, has sparked mixed reactions from the couple’s followers.

Some fans have expressed disappointment and concern over Bahati and Diana’s behavior, considering Bahati’s past as a gospel singer. Others have argued that the couple has the right to enjoy themselves and that their personal choices should not be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny.

The video has also added fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding Bahati’s musical journey, particularly his transition from gospel music to love songs. The singer had previously announced that he would continue to serve God despite venturing into secular music.

Some fans have raised concerns about the fact that Diana Marua is still breastfeeding her less than a year old daughter, while others have questioned the boundaries between singer KRG The Don and Bahati’s wife, Diana.

In the past, Diana has openly admitted to struggling with alcohol addiction. The mother of three acknowledged having sought companionship from various men to fulfill different needs, including clothing, hairstyling, alcohol, and rent. Diana also revealed that her drinking habits were persistent, extending from Monday to Monday.

The video has sparked a discussion about the public’s expectations of celebrities, as well as the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the spotlight. It remains to be seen how Bahati and Diana will respond to the criticism, but the video has certainly put their relationship under the microscope.

Top 5 gender reveals ever done in Kenya

LOL, yes, gender reveals have become so much of a thing that we now have to make a list of the top 5 ones that have happened. Here we go:


Vera and Brown Mauzo

Beachside party with a limousine entrance and a chopper doing the reveal itself

Amber Ray and Ken Rapudo

Entry with a chopper, elaborate settings, but Ken’s other children were looking neglected while Amber was thriving. That was shameful

Wajesus Family

Giant poolside party with fireworks and all

Bahati and Diana B

Nicholas Kioko and Wambo

Pretty basic but all the influencers showed up which made it a big deal

Diana B is proof that prostitutes can make good wives

Alot has been said following Diana B’s video where she confessed to having different men cover her bills; and knowing how these men in the streets operate – it means for every bill paid, she gave herself away….something many term as prostitution.

Diana Marua past catching up with her

Okay, if I am wrong correct me – but what do you call a person that exchanges sex with favors? Yes…a prostitute and unfortunately what Diana B thought was a testimony has now left her looking like a professional sex worker using her body and looks to get what she wants.

But then again….i am not here to look down on her or any other person (male or female) in the same line of business. Prostitution has been there from time immemorial…. and maybe just maybe – they should finally legalize it as a legit business…yes?

I mean, if it pays your bills then why not, right? People will talk whether good or bad but bottom line is…opinions don’t come in currencies.

No doubt that Diana B is fully committed to Bahati

Anyway while at it, I have realized through Diana B Marua that the said prostitutes actually tend to make good wives when they find a responsible man to settle down with.

And I am thinking this is because unlike most of you who have had it easy, the likes of Diana Marua have had to struggle through life, dealing with different partners just to makes ends meet; sometimes having to deal with empty promises and getting used by older men – which might also explain why she opted to settle down the moment she saw potential in Bahati.

Diana Marua with the boys club

I known there are those who say Diana B could have done better (considering that she was linked to Wanyama and other big names) chances are that by the time she ran into Bahati…she must have seen it all and having seen the ugly side of life and rich men – what she can now do is remain a good wife, a good mother and partner to Bahati who in-return pampers her and doesn’t have to force her into weird sexual acts just so she can make some money.

Tbt: Young Bahati after meeting Diana Marua

Now tell me what woman wouldn’t want that kind of life after years of dealing with different men – who I also hear tend to pass you to their friends just because they can.