Lilian Muli’s new show to be called the ‘Hot Threesome’

Citizen TV presenter Lilian Muli is about to add a new category in her resume.

Muli has just announced that she will be hosting a new radio show dubbed ‘The Hot 3some’ alongside Prof Hamo every Monday from 6 am – 10 am. It will be the first time the popular screen Siren is hosting a radio show.

Taking to social media, Muli launched the show saying it’s one of the reasons why she had taken a social media break.

“The early bird catches the worm! Get your week started early and it will be a successful one.@hot96fmkenya I take my coffee black with one teaspoon of sugar what about you? Tea or coffee? Let’s talk at 6 a.m. tomorrow. It’s a date!” she posted. 

Breakfast Show

Fellow Citizen TV host Jeff Koinange was and Prof Hamo initially hosted the show. Now that Jeff is no longer in the show, many were quick to speculate that Jeff has left Royal media services.

Lilian Muli also leaves social media

Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has announced that she’s taking a break from social media.

On Instagram, the mother of two shared that she’ll be away from the gram for a while but didn’t bother telling her fans why.

“Just taking a Break to reboot. Love you all. See you soon,” she wrote.

She joins other celebs such as Anerlisa Muigai, Janet Mbugua, Tanasha Donna who have promised they’ll also take social media breaks.


Muli has also put her account on private and it’s no longer for public viewing. Only those 780K following her will be able to see her posts when she makes a comeback.



Lilian Muli happy after ex-hubby (not the ‘community husband’) gets new lover: ‘I found happiness too’ 

After seven years since their ugly divorce, Moses Kanene, the man who had married Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli, has found a new flame.

On social media, Kanene posted a string of photos flaunting his new lover Grace Nungari looking all happy and cute leaving many awed.

Muli and Kanene divorced in 2016 after Muli claimed that her husband is adulterous, having cheated on her with several women before deserting her. The two were married in September 2009 and have an 11-year-old-boy.


Asked about Kanene moving on with new lover, Muli was more than happy for him.

“I really don’t have anything more to say we’ve been separated seven years dear. Plus why should I deny him happiness and I found happiness too. It’s all good.” she said after being approached by Mpasho.

Muli, who is now with Jared Ombongi, said that they still co-parent.

“Moses loves his son and we are co-parenting,” she added.

Back together? Lilian Muli and her ´community husband´ spotted in public together as the first since crude breakup

Lilian Muli´s ¨community husbandry¨ has been the talk of the past year but seems the two are back together after being spotted hanging out together.


Over the 2018 Christmas festivities, Lilian Muli and her community husband parted ways with the TV queen declaring herself ´single´.

She wanted nothing to do with the mogul before public talks saw her keep her cool on the matter.

The mother of 2 however now regrets the crude posts shared with the public as the two reconcile if their photos are anything to go by.

Speaking to a past interview with ´Malkia Africa´ the Citizen TV journalist regrets:

My recent outburst was my lowest moment, and I am not so proud of it because I had Kenyans speaking about it…

I can’t say it did not happen but I have made peace that it happened.

If I could take it back I would, but I cannot act like it didn’t happen ’cause, of course, something that I am not proud of happened that made me react that way.

I have made peace with myself and with the affected persons because some of these things affect even the family.

I am a weak person but I am learning.

I hope the affected will also make peace with me as well and even forget about it.


Better known to the public as Jared Nevaton, he has been spotted with the TV beauty, not holding hands or up-close but side by side.

The two attended a football match between Nairobi Stima and Shabana FC at the Old Trafford Karuturi Stadium in Naivasha.

This comes roughly 3 months since the TV siren reunited with the Shabana FC Boss-cum-baby daddy captioning:

How bae says sorry…apology accepted.

Well, whatever signal the two are trying to send, we hope it is for the better of the duo and that of their son.