Lilian Muli happy after ex-hubby (not the ‘community husband’) gets new lover: ‘I found happiness too’ 

After seven years since their ugly divorce, Moses Kanene, the man who had married Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli, has found a new flame.

On social media, Kanene posted a string of photos flaunting his new lover Grace Nungari looking all happy and cute leaving many awed.

Muli and Kanene divorced in 2016 after Muli claimed that her husband is adulterous, having cheated on her with several women before deserting her. The two were married in September 2009 and have an 11-year-old-boy.


Asked about Kanene moving on with new lover, Muli was more than happy for him.

“I really don’t have anything more to say we’ve been separated seven years dear. Plus why should I deny him happiness and I found happiness too. It’s all good.” she said after being approached by Mpasho.

Muli, who is now with Jared Ombongi, said that they still co-parent.

“Moses loves his son and we are co-parenting,” she added.

Photos: Lilian Muli goes all out, shows deep cleavage and thunder thighs in racy pics

News anchor Lilian Muli recently celebrated her birthday in style. The mother of two has just turned 35 years old and still looking hot as ever.

The news anchor shared a number of photos on her social media pages flaunting how her party went down. Judging from the pictures seems that this was a girls affair as no men are seen anywhere on the photos.

Since Lilian Muli is a private person, seems that this was an invites only party; as she decided to fly her close friends to Mombasa to celebrate her 35th year on earth.


The Citizen TV news anchor also flaunted her body, showing Kenyans she has really snapped back after giving birth last year.

The sexy screen’s dress was an off shoulder with thigh-high slit designed to fit her curves and the photos have left Mafisi drooling for sure.

Here are the photos:


¨It was hard for me,¨ Lilian Muli´s post-natal ordeal

When I was poached by Citizen TV in 2010, I had lost so much weight.

I weighed 56 kilos at the time after having my baby.

This, the Citizen TV journalist explained, was after the birth of her first born son, Josh.

I didn´t look nice by the way, but everyone was like how did you lose after having a baby?

What a lot of people didn´t know was that the birth of my first child took a toll on me emotionally and mentally.

Media personality, Lilian Muli

Many might have been impressed by how fast she lost her baby weight which to ladies, is a major concern especially for good looks.

TV Queen, Lilian Muli

However, it wasn´t a result of something good that had happened.

So I went through an episode of post-natal depression so I couldn´t eat, I couldn´t function.

It was hard for me.

TV Queen, Lilian Muli actually hardly ate well and it took a toll on her.

The produce

However, all these had its good side.

Mother of two, Lilian Muli

¨Slim Possible¨ was born soon after.

When I finally got over that I got into that serious healthy eating program and I really watched how I ate and worked out religiously.

So when I walked into Citizen TV my boss was like ´Hold up, how old is your baby?´

And he asked ´How are you this tiny?´

So I told him about my depression and my deliberate decision to put on weight.

And then he said ´Okay fine, you are the person we have been looking for.´

And so…Slim possible was born.

´Slim Possible´ is a show on weight loss.