Lilian Muli explains why she still respects her ex-husband even after Ugly divorce 

TV news anchor Lilian has been in blogs for several days now majorly because of her intimate relationships. Muli first started out by opening about her recent viral comments regarding her current lover Jared Neveton that left many tongues waggling.

The Citizen TV employee called her man a community husband after he cheated on her in December. She clarified that the post was reactive and has been haunting her ever since.

In another confession, Muli has opened up about her ex-husband Moses Kanene whom she was married to for four years but walked away after he became abusive and started cheating.


Muli confessed that the two are still in good terms despite their ugly breakup.

“We weren’t happy anymore, we just got to a place where we weren’t friends and I felt strangulated and I felt that the Lillian I knew was getting suffocated in this environment. And we mutually opted that it wasn’t working we agree to go our separate ways and it’s easier that way without unnecessary drama. You know once you have a child with someone that person is with you forever,” she revealed on Talk Central.

She then went ahead to drop nothing but praises for him

“He is an extremely intelligent man so he guided me a lot along that process. It is what it is. Things didn’t work out but he is a person I respect to date,” she said.


Lilian Muli opens up on her first job: This is the only person who believed in me

It has been a long and tough journey for Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli. The popular anchor started her journey at KTN as a 24-year-old lady straight from campus and not many believed in her.

In a long post on Instagram, Muli shared that Lands CS Farida Karoney was the only person who believed in her and kept pushing her to work harder and shine while everyone else doubted her.  Karoney  was the managing editor then at KTN.

Age is just a number

In the post, Muli went on to add that people should neither let their age nor gender limit them in becoming great in their respective fields.

Lilian Muli during her KTN days

“Wide eyed…24 years old and I was given an opportunity to stand with media giants and report and anchor the news with them at KTN my first employer,” she captioned the photo that also had the late Ahmed Darwesh,Beatrice Marshall, Louis Otieno and others.

“The one person who believed in me Lands CS Farida Karoney who was then the Managing Editor at KTN everyone else said I was too young or too this and that. Don’t let your age, gender or social status stand between you and your dreams keep pursuing them someone somewhere will believe in you.” 

Lilian Muli steps out looking hotter than ever in timberland boots and tights!

Citizen Tv’s news anchor Lilian Muli this past weekend decided to slay on her fans. The lady stepped out in camouflage tights which she accessorized with high heeled timberland boots and a leather Jacket for an interview at One Love show.

This being one of the very rare times we see her in pants, Lillian Muli fans thought she looked hotter than ever.

Through her instagram page, Lillian Muli revealed that the show presented her with an opportunity to talk to the youth and just like any media personality she grabbed it!

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However, what caught many people’s attention is her stunning figure that could not be canceled with her choice of outfit.  For those who missed out on the interview – the lady shared photos from the interview looking pretty different.

Lilian Muli’s style

Fans often  see the lady in tinny dresses however for the first time she gave them something new to ogle at. Below are a few photos courtesy of the Citizen TV’s news anchor.

Slay queen, Lilian Muli
Slay queen, Lilian Muli
Citizen TV's news anchor Lilian Muli looking hot
Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilian Muli looking hot
Lilian Muli