“I regret calling my man a community husband. I need to learn to stay calm before reacting” Lilian Muli ashamed by her post 

Citizen TV Lilian Muli is still regretting her viral post she sent on Christmas day last year demeaning her husband who had cheated on her.

In a recent interview, Muli once again opened up about her Viral December post that saw her call her hubby a community husband. She said it was her lowest moment.

 “My recent outburst was my lowest moment, and I am not proud of it because it got Kenya talking about me and even the Diaspora. It was those oops moments you are like ‘Oh my God, really Lillian? I hope the affected persons can make peace with it as well and peace with me eventually.” she said in an in an interview with Malkia Africa.

Lesson learned

Muli said that she’s learning how to stay calm nowadays before rushing to social media to post anything.

“People will just take what you give them and run with it. I think sometimes I underestimate my brand, even with the knowledge about social media power, especially now. As a word of caution to any upcoming brand, anytime you are emotional, take your time before posting anything on social media,” she said.

“I can’t say it did not happen but I have made peace that it happened. If I could take it back I would, but I cannot act like it didn’t happen ’cause, of course, something that I am not proud of happened that made me react that way,” she said.


“I have learnt to count to 100 by the time I get to 25, you will have calmed down. Some of the things you put out there you can’t take back.”

She concluded, “I have made peace with myself and with the affected persons because some of these things affect even the family. I am a weak person but I am learning. I hope the affected will also make peace with me as well and even forget about it.”

Lilian Muli explains why she still respects her ex-husband even after Ugly divorce 

TV news anchor Lilian has been in blogs for several days now majorly because of her intimate relationships. Muli first started out by opening about her recent viral comments regarding her current lover Jared Neveton that left many tongues waggling.

The Citizen TV employee called her man a community husband after he cheated on her in December. She clarified that the post was reactive and has been haunting her ever since.

In another confession, Muli has opened up about her ex-husband Moses Kanene whom she was married to for four years but walked away after he became abusive and started cheating.


Muli confessed that the two are still in good terms despite their ugly breakup.

“We weren’t happy anymore, we just got to a place where we weren’t friends and I felt strangulated and I felt that the Lillian I knew was getting suffocated in this environment. And we mutually opted that it wasn’t working we agree to go our separate ways and it’s easier that way without unnecessary drama. You know once you have a child with someone that person is with you forever,” she revealed on Talk Central.

She then went ahead to drop nothing but praises for him

“He is an extremely intelligent man so he guided me a lot along that process. It is what it is. Things didn’t work out but he is a person I respect to date,” she said.


Hii ni TBT ama current? Lilian Muli’s flaunts her post-baby body weeks after giving birth (Photo)

Mother of two Lilian Muli is slowly getting her way back to Instagram days after delivering her second child. Muli, who delivered a boy on July 22 called Liam, has also gotten her sexy back just a few weeks after delivering.

Still hot

The 36-year-old news anchor took to Instagram to share her banging body, leaving social media in awe. She told her fans breast feeding helped lose much of the weight.

“Baby is taking a nap…nanny watching him…mama taking a polite walk…2 weeks postpartum…Breastfeeding works…Thankful and Blessed. I need a better photographer…I insist IPhones take the worst pics,” she captioned the photo.

Here’s how fans reacted:


Anerlisa: I’ll start posting whatever I want Kenyans are just haters, Lilian Muli: You go girl 

In the last few weeks, rich kid Anerlisa Muigia has found herself explaining a lot to Kenyans on social media. From why she was dumped to never lending money to a few people, Anerlisa has been trying to show Kenyans she’s not the bad guy but Kenyans always end up persecuting her.

Time to ignore them

Anerlisa was recently on social media to share that she’s tired of explaining and Kenyans can bully her all they want. She doesn’t care any more.

Lilian Muli, who has also experienced cyber bullying several times, supported her decision to ignore what guys are saying.

“I have decided to be posting whatever i feel like, my page is not only a business platform. Most people follow me because of different reasons, some follow me because of my weightloss journey,my business, my lifestyle, because maybe i am tabitha’s daughter,my hair, my dressing style and some maybe just follow to see views and comments from others. 
So that said, today i want to discuss about hate on social media. Somebody asked me how am i able to always smile with so much hate around me?

“And i answered them ” why shouldn’t i smile?” I realised that no matter how good you are, someone is always going to be against you, you have to be who you want to be and not care about what others think. Some people have so little going on in their lives, they would rather discuss yours. Funny thing is none of your haters would face you, infact when they see you they bow down or act like fans.


“You should know that haters are cowards and insecure people who put others down to raise themselves up. Sometimes they might not even hate you, they hate themselves and take it out on you….. so the only thing i decided to do is be great at what i do, focus on what’s important and always keep God first. I have so many things i want to achieve before the end of this year.so paying attention to certain issues will only drag me behind. Anything i feel is not making me progress, i eliminate immediately . We are role models, we are expected to set good examples and that’s exactly what i want to be. Wishing you a good day. #PositiveVibesOnly

Lilian Muli commented:

“Go girl! Don’t even stop being you. Live life to the fullest and post post post, why should you hide your blessings?” 

Here’s how a pregrant Lilian Muli celebrated her birthday(Photos)

Lilian Muli is now officially 36 years old. The pregnant news anchor took to Instagram to share a few photos of her birthday and thanking guys for making her day.

“Thanking my fam my birthday is tomorrow but they made it so special by helping me celebrate a day early ❤❤❤Happy and Blessed.” 

Here are a few photos she made:



Lilian Muli’s message to people who take advantage of others will leave you thinking about your life

Lilian Muli has started a new show on Viusasa called “Pregnant with Lilian” to detail some of the difficulties women face when pregnant and some tricks they can pull to make things easier.

It seems some are not happy with her new venture and have been posting harsh comments on her social media with them claiming that she’s using her pregnancy to stay relevant.

Forced to fire back

In her career, Muli has been attacked uncountable times by Kenyans and in most cases she has opted to ignore them all. This time however, she took to social media to collectively answer people who have been hating on her new show.

Lilian Muli

“Some people out here desperately trying to get hits or gain relevance by maligning others names. Build your own Brand don’t use others sweat to get to the top you will never get there that way! Actually think of it this way it’s the person you are writing about that people are interested in not you! How about you get a life then write about yours. But then again I wonder if anyone would even be interested in reading about a person as toxic as you…yawn it would be piriton overdose.” she said.


Lilian Muli on being pregnant for a second time: It feels like a new experience 

With baby number having taken so long to come, Lilian Muli can’t remember how it feels to be pregnant. She feels like it’s the first time.

The Citizen news anchor who is expecting her second child with city millionaire Jared Nevaton said that her second experience feels like it’s her first probably because it has been seven years since she she carried a baby in her belly.

“One day at a time. It’s been Seven years since I was last Preggers this feels like a totally new experience,” said Muli on IG. 

Look at her baby bump

Here’s what her fans said:

Lilian Muli opens up on her first job: This is the only person who believed in me

It has been a long and tough journey for Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli. The popular anchor started her journey at KTN as a 24-year-old lady straight from campus and not many believed in her.

In a long post on Instagram, Muli shared that Lands CS Farida Karoney was the only person who believed in her and kept pushing her to work harder and shine while everyone else doubted her.  Karoney  was the managing editor then at KTN.

Age is just a number

In the post, Muli went on to add that people should neither let their age nor gender limit them in becoming great in their respective fields.

Lilian Muli during her KTN days

“Wide eyed…24 years old and I was given an opportunity to stand with media giants and report and anchor the news with them at KTN my first employer,” she captioned the photo that also had the late Ahmed Darwesh,Beatrice Marshall, Louis Otieno and others.

“The one person who believed in me Lands CS Farida Karoney who was then the Managing Editor at KTN everyone else said I was too young or too this and that. Don’t let your age, gender or social status stand between you and your dreams keep pursuing them someone somewhere will believe in you.” 

Lilian Muli parades her baby bump for the first time! (Photo)

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli is heavy with child! She has however managed to keep the secret for the first trimester; but her baby bump is now showing as her continues to grow.

This past weekend she graced one of her close friend’s baby shower where she was seen rocking her bulging baby bump.

Lilian Muli’s growing baby bump

Dressed in a white maxi dress, Lilian Muli could not hide her bump and as soon as fans saw it, they all streamed in comments congratulating the lady.

Baby daddy confirms baby onboard

Her baby daddy Jared Nevaton confirmed that they were pregnant while speaking on phone with the Nairobian. He however did not reveal more details about his relationship as he told off the journalists that his private life is not for everyone.

The two are said to have dated for 2 years now and are now waiting for their first child together.

Baby onboard: Lilian Muli expecting baby number 2 with her new found love!

Word making rounds on social media is that Lilian Muli is very pregnant with her second child. Judging from the baggy clothes she has been spotted wearing of late, this could mean that the bump has started showing.

If indeed the rumors are true then she and her current Shabana FC Boss, Jared Nevaton must really be excited.

Also read: Bahati’s wife welcomes bouncing baby girl

After splitting with her ex husband a few years ago, Lilian Muli took her time to meet someone new and it happens to be Jared Nevaton. In a couple of posts shared on her Instagram, it was clear to see that the two were together hence Lilian Muli’s lovey dovy captions.

Jared responds to the pregnancy rumors

Speaking to the Nairobian who reached out to Jared Nevaton, the fella was not happy with how the media was getting involved with his personal life. When asked about the pregnancy he said;

What sort of nonsense is that don’t ask me stupid questions. Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together. This is very personal information.

He went on to add;

Yes, when your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? We are very much together. I don’t think my personal life should be in the public domain.