Sondeka part three had its antics in the making with the gospel boys

When Naiboi first released Sondeka the original version, well we did not know that he was clearly creating an anthem.

Well, three songs down we can say he achieved the goal. Then days later seems the making of Sondeka part three(Gospel version) is said to have had some bits of drama.

One of the Sondeka Part 3 gospel artist Tony Maluda claims there were some moments that they almost threw punches at each other.

For one Maluda shared on his facebook what it took to make the Song what it is today.

“One of my favorite moments 2019 was being featured on the Sondeka joint (blows were almost exchanged on set ???????????? story for another day) wrote this verse while heading to the studio I wasn’t supposed to be on the song… Was given like 30 minutes to write and submit it but 30 minutes was more than what I needed…. I spazzed on it…” the post read.


For curiosity sake, Ghafla got a gist of what happened.

According to Maluda, he(Solo) was planning to do a gospel refix of the original and tried to reach out to Naiboi only to be told that the gospel version is almost ready.

Hastily he was asked by Naiboi to do a verse that he did very fast of which he says he was forced to edit out some parts of with people’s names and churches he mentioned in his verse.

He says Naiboi was okay with verse but “Mum and Daddy’s children” could not take that. I mean that was their home being bashed by Maluda. Talk of drama!!!

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Naiboi created a new Kenyan anthem! Sondeka Part 3 out featuring gospel artists

When he first release the Part 1 version of Sondeka, we did not know that it would be such a big hit. Well, I am talking about Naiboi who in my opinion has become a master of class in music.

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Weeks after he realeased Sondeka part 2 that he featured most of Kenyan music stars it is obvious that Naiboi  created a new  Kenyan anthem. How?

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This time Naiboi brings us Sondeka part 3- Gospel version. In it he has featured various gospel artists including Jabidi, Didiman, Ben Cyco, Maluda and  David Wonder.

didman, Jabidii and Ben Cyco

Sondeka part 3

For what it’s worth they all did a good job. In song that is calling out on societal miss fits this should be  the ideal “gospel”. Now let’s do some breakdown.

Sondeka is slung for fixing. Naiboi and gospel artists in this song are highlighting the misfits of the real gospel.




Jabidii starts of with the the social ills of  how gospel artists  are unappreciated.

He says, “Unagive it all your all alafu unalipwa na  God Bless you, you are going far Tunasondeka, learn ku appreciate  Alafu hukua number tutakeep in touch.”

In other words, promoters should realize that gospel artists are also in business despite the preaching.

Further on , he goes out to call on pretenders in the name of the gospel.

” Unapatana na mshirika ameshika kishash Pastor kwa bash na peddy kwa church”. Smh!!It hits right at home.

Then after, Didi man comes in with his verse that he calls out on pretenders in the name of friends. He says”….. Ati uko na kigonyi utadharau mafan Na mamorio hawakuoni toka Dec hadi Jan…”

The say they are tired of such and tunasondeka-nobody needs such.

In addition,  Ben Cyco joins in with a verse that criticizes celebrities that are in music for show off. Well, I won’t go mentioning names but thus this time tunasondeka.

Maluda in my opinion played a major role here, his rap skill was beautifully embraced, he calls out on the antics that are put out by Pastor Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism.


Not forgetting to mention how the gospel artists are criticized but keen to mention that they won’t relent. And of course Willy Paul’s name had to be mentioned. Well Willy the gospel industry is still welcoming.

David Wonder in his part pointed out the fixing of infidelities and infatuations. Instead he asks people to stay away from sin.


This was a RIXX production under  Pacho Entertainment  of  Naiboi Worldwide . The Video was done by  Dolls.

For one we appreciate the tune and to Naiboi good job. For rating I will go with 7/10.What do you think ? Watch and give us your opinion.