Another bun in the oven? Maryaprude finally responds to pregnancy rumors

Maryaprude was having fun just the other day after her divorce to Willis Raburu but after Ivy Namu came to the picture and then came baby Mali….it all changed everything.

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

For starters we believe she was forced to take a short social media break to help with the healing and maybe even try dating now that her ex husband Willis Raburu had found happiness elsewhere and even had, had a son with his new lady.

Well, having lost her first and only child with Willis Raburu at birth, of course the memory remains fresh in her mind; and having her ex move on so fast didnt make it any less helpful.

However life has to move on and this is why many kept encouraging her to move on and let go. Others even suggested she should consider having a rainbow baby since it helps with the healing process….but again, do you know how expensive those Little humans are?

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Maryaprude on pregnancy rumors

Anyway with her back on social media, her followers have noticed something new about her and yea….Maryaprude physical appearance has definitely changed over the past few months.

Well apart from the obvious glow on her face, the lass has also put on some extra weight which leaves many convinced she is pregnant. Also, with how her ex man is having back to back babies…im pretty sure the pressure isn’t helping either.

Maryaprude weightloss after divorce

However turns out that Maryaprude isn’t expecting a baby anytime soon. Actually she blames her beer belly on food and nothing else. Responding to whether she is pregnant or not, Prude through her tiktok responded saying;

Heh I’m not pregnant. I just love my food.

Maryaprude on pregnancy rumors