Singer Marya opens up about her weight gain

Singer Marya who recently gave her life to Christ has joined the likes of Amani and Wahu; and expected she has new projects to be released soon.

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Anyway away from that, the lady welcomed her first born last year marking a new journey into womanhood.

However, unlike most mums Marya went into postpartum depression that saw her let go of herself. She gained a few pounds thanks to baby fat which always affects 90% of new mums.

Marya talks about her weight

In a question and answer session with her fans, Marya opened up about her weight saying that she is not proud of it. Now that her son is 1 year old she plans to shed it off as soon as possible.

Fisi alert! Mustapha to help ex-lover Marya after her ugly break up with husband 

Immediately after word circulated that singer Marya has broken up with her husband, former lover Colonel Mustapha, who she dated almost five years ago, took to social media to celebrate. Sort of.

Now, he has announced that he’s willing to help Marya in this tough period.

“I know that she is going through a lot at the moment and I think we should let her be. As a friend, I am ready to support her and then we shall see after that what happens,” he told People Daily.

Marya with baby daddy

The history behind the two is an ugly one. Marya accused Mustapha of beating her while Mustapha claimed Marya had been cheating. Either way, the promised the public they’ll never be together again.

“He knows the truth and I want to remind him why I left. I can never be with an abusive man. We sat down and agreed it would never work. For him to claim that I cheated is just a publicity stunt to get mileage for his new song,” Marya said then. 

Singer Marya weight gain after welcoming first child, she has really changed (Photos)

The joy of being a mother can never be compared to anything. I hear it is a special feeling that any mother would be willing to testify about however – motherhood brings a lot of changes in a woman especially when it comes to gaining weight from the baby fat.

Well, singer Marya popularly known for her hit song chokoza featuring Avril seems to have put on some weight after welcoming her first child a few months ago. From the photo I managed to get, the lass look totally different but still beautiful despite the sudden weight gain.

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Also, one can’t help but notice her absence from her social media pages but I bet this is because she has been busy talking care of her son who she is yet to introduce to her social media fans.

Anyway…I have also learnt that she turned a year older this past Sunday and to celebrate the special day, her baby daddy/hubby shared a stunning photo of Marya as he appreciated her for being the best thing in his life.

Below are just a few photos showing Marya’s new look.

Marya with baby daddy
Marya with baby daddy