Fisi alert! Mustapha to help ex-lover Marya after her ugly break up with husband 

Immediately after word circulated that singer Marya has broken up with her husband, former lover Colonel Mustapha, who she dated almost five years ago, took to social media to celebrate. Sort of.

Now, he has announced that he’s willing to help Marya in this tough period.

“I know that she is going through a lot at the moment and I think we should let her be. As a friend, I am ready to support her and then we shall see after that what happens,” he told People Daily.

Marya with baby daddy

The history behind the two is an ugly one. Marya accused Mustapha of beating her while Mustapha claimed Marya had been cheating. Either way, the promised the public they’ll never be together again.

“He knows the truth and I want to remind him why I left. I can never be with an abusive man. We sat down and agreed it would never work. For him to claim that I cheated is just a publicity stunt to get mileage for his new song,” Marya said then. 

“God defeated Prezzo’s evil plans” Colonel Mustafa speaks after surviving road accident

The beef between Prezzo and Mustapha seems to be growing each passing day. After uncle Muss was involved in a road accident a few days ago, his archenemy Prezzo is reportedly said to have been heard saying that ‘he wishes Mustafa could have been the one hurt instead of Luwi who is currently in a coma.

These statements sparked a debate on social
Media as fans came out to ask Prezzo to apologize – but as you can see he has not reached out to Mustafa to say anything.

Anyway, now Mustafa has come out to thank his fans for the support and prayers and goes on to say that ‘Prezzo’s evil plans against him failed thanks to the God he serves!’ He wrote saying;

An accident is always unpleasant experience. I pray that have overcome this trial in my life. God has always blessed me, Thank you my fans and friends for me praying and wishing me well. Special Thanks to Royal media for the coverage on my health. Once again God plans have defeated evil (Prezzo).

Well looks like the war between these two has just fired up!