Boutross brings Sho Madjozi on board for ‘Juiceman Remix’ alongside Jovie Jovv and Kay Green (Video)

Buzzing Kenyan shrappers Boutross Munene, Kay Green (who are both members of the Alliance Domini Family) and Jovie Jovv have featured South Africa’s Sho Madjozi on the remix of their Juiceman mega hit and it’s really dope.

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The joint has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest, we can n0t get enough of it either and understandably so.

Boutross Munene
Boutross Munene

As you listen to Juiceman Remix, you get to appreciate the evolution of Kenyan Hip Hip but also the sheer creativity of these youngins. They have a unique ability to play around with words and make it look like child’s play.

Jovie Jovv did a good job on the first verse of this track. He has a good flow and you will find yourself trying to make sense of what he is rapping about.

I’m a huge fan of Boutross and as you would expect, he also aced it. Other than his dope rhymes, the other thing that I love about this guy are his adlibs.

Jovie Jovv
Jovie Jovv

Kay Green also came through. However, I have to admit that the first time I listened to his verse, I kind of felt like he had some basic rhymes but I loved it eventually.

Sho Madjozi did not disappoint either. This lass has a natural flow and I am pretty sure that it took her less than five minutes to pen down her verse.

The beat remained pretty much the same and I love how it’s a bit subtle. The video concept was also on point and as you watch it, it gives off and authentic Hip Hip vibe. We have to give it to Mike Lolly P.

Watch Juiceman Remix below and tell us what you think.

Otile Brown in inspires confidence in ladies in fresh single ‘The Way You Are’ (Video)

Kenyan R&B singer Jacob Otieno Obunga, popularly known as Otile Brown and famed for tracks such as; Baby Love, Hi, Crush and Chaguo La Moyo, has released a new jam and it’s getting a lot of love from his fans.

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The song titled The Way You Are has been topping local charts since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it. Like, really!

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Basically, this jam is meant to inspire confidence in ladies and to get them to appreciate themselves as they are since God created them in his own image.

Notably, many ladies have self esteem issues because of their skin tones, body shapes, backgrounds and whatnot and Otile says that they should not undergo procedures or bleach so as to be loved and/or accepted.

He goes on to say that someone who doesn’t appreciate you the way you are will not change his or her mind because you bleached your skin or got some implants.

Although some people are saying that this is a direct jab at his ex girlfriend Vera Sidika, I love the fact that Otile took it upon himself to boost ladies’ self esteem and let them know that they are more than perfect.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

As expected, the Alivyonipenda hitmaker brought his A-game on this jam. The way he sings, you can tell that what he is saying comes from his heart.

The beat on and instrumentation on this track are very catchy and perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that it has a hint of Taraab. The producer, Ihaji, did an impeccable job.

I also loved the video. One of the things that I loved was the diversity of the models. There was a lady with vitiligo, an albino, dark as well as light skinned ladies and it really drove the point home.

Watch The Way You Are below and tell us what you think.

Fena Gitu’s new jam dubbed ‘Zing Zong’ is absolutely amazing (Video)

Rapper-cum-singer Fena Gitu is back with a new song almost three months after she released Kaende and it’s totally out of this world.

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The song titled Zing Zong, which is off her upcoming debut album Unleashed, will make you hit the replay button a couple of times because it’s too lit ladies and gentlemen.

If you have ever doubted Fena Gitu’s musical prowess, you should definitely check out this jam because it affirms her versatility.

Perhaps, she’s one of the most flexible female artists of our time judging by how she can easily switch from singing to rapping and vice versa.

Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

I really love this jam. Apart from the fact that Fena Gitu’s vocals are great, the Afro reggae vibe will leave you asking for more.

Although the video, which was directed by Mike Lolly P, was very simple. I think it still came out well since you don’t expect Fena Gitu to have some vixens twerking in her video, or do you? Put simply, the concept is subtle but dope.

To add to that, I really loved the styling in this video. Millennial like yours truly would say, “Too much drip.” Props to the one and only Brian Babu. He really did a good job.

The beat, which was produced by Ilogos Music, was also on point. As you listen to the song, you won’t resist the urge to nod your head, bust a move or both. Trust me.

Watch Zing Zong below and tell us what you think.

Ricky Bekko Vs Deska Torres Vs X Antonio: Who is the baddest video director?

If you watch Kenyan music videos and don’t bother to find out who shot them then I’m sure you are wondering who these people are. However, if you give a hoot, like yours truly, then you are definitely familiar with the three names.

The three; Ricky Bekko, Deska Torres and X Antonio are the brains behind the most viral music videos in Kenya today. Chances are your favorite artist has already worked with any of them or is planning to because, let’s be honest, they are the best in the business.

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The truth is that Kenya has no shortage of talented video directors. If you ask anyone who they want to shoot their music videos, you’ll hear names like; J.Blessing, Sammy Dee, Moses Osidiana, Johnson Kyallo, Kevin Bosco Jr. etc. However, this is changing fast because of the new kids on the block.

Other newcomers whose work really stands out include; Mike Lolly P, Nezzoh Montana, Dambiz, VJ One, Trey Juelz, X Benjoes, Joweezy, Ivan Odie etc. However, today we’ll only focus on Ricky Bekko, Deska Torres and X Antonio because we’ve been seeing more videos by them compared to the others.

All the three videographers are talented, no one is denying that. However, we’d like to know who you would pick if you had to settle on one. If you don’t know them, we’ll mention some of their works so that you can compare and contrast every aspect, from the shooting to the editing.

Ricky Bekko

Ricky Bekko
Ricky Bekko

He is the founder of Big Dreams Studios. Some of the videos he has directed include; Ethic’s Position, The Kansoul’s Accelerator, Rawbeena’s Romantic, Femi One’s Hiyo One, Nadia Mukami’s Radio Love, King Kaka’s Kula Vako, most of Kush Tracey’s songs, among others.

Deska Torres

Deka Torres
Deska Torres

He is the co-founder of Platnumz Pictures and arguably one of the best video directors in East and Central Africa. His works include; Ngeta by Arrow Bwoy, Otile Brown’s Dala Dala, Nadia Mukami’s Lola, Alvindo’s Taka Taka & Boychild, Eddie Butita’s Kidesign, Magix Enga’s Some Love, Dom’s Chupa among others.

X Antonio

X Antonio

He is the lad behind International Textures. Some of the videos he has directed include; The Band BeCa’s 1234, Janet Otieno’s Nifunze, The Kansoul’s No Woman No Party, Papa Dennis’ Olalo, Vivian’s Charm, Bahati’s Mapenzi, Elani’s Sirudi, Size 8’s Ni Yesu, Otile Brown’s Baby Love, Chaguo La Moyo, Mapenzi Hisia, Aje Anione among others.

That said, who among the three is the baddest video director according to you? Leave a comment below.

Le Band’s Charisma has teamed up with Njerae on this beautiful tune dubbed ‘Tuthi Nawe’ (Video)

Captain Charisma, formerly of Le Band, has dropped a new song with mellow-voiced singer Njerae dubbed Tuthi Nawe and we are really feeling it.

Tuthi Nawe
Tuthi Nawe

Tuthi Nawe is a Kikuyu word which means ‘let’s go with you’. As you can already tell, this is feel good song. However, it’s also a love ballad at the same time. I don’t know how they pulled it off.

Both Charisma and Njerae came through with well-thought out lyrics on this song but perhaps the highlight of it is listening to the former rap like he’s ready to give Khaligraph ones a run for his money.

He also threw in words like nipeleke na rieng which I must admit that I was not really expecting but it came out well though and didn’t seem misplaced. Props to Charisma.


The other thing that struck me about Tuthi Nawe is the lovely voices of both Charisma and Njerae. You will hit the replay button a couple of times and no one will even blame you.

The song was produced by Lolly P and as expected he too did a good job by providing the singers with a funky and uptown yet mellow beat.

The video for Tuthi Nawe was directed by the one and only Mike Lolly P. The thing that I loved most about it was the use of colour and how it was well co-ordinated i.e. through their outfits and the car that was used as a prop.

Interestingly, they didn’t really plan for the video shoot. They had gone for a road trip and decided to invite the videographer on the second day of their get away and voila Tuthi Nawe was born.

Watch Tuthi Nawe below and tell us what you think.