Nasty C serves fans hot with ‘There They Go’ (Video)

South African rapper David Junior Ngcobo, better known as Nasty C, has released a new track and it’s getting a lot of love from his fans, even his fiercest critics are feeling it.

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The song titled There They Go is Nasty C’s first release after he signed an exclusive deal with Def Jam Recordings via a joint venture with Universal Music Africa.

Nasty C

There They Go is a masterpiece. It epitomizes Nasty C’s growth since he made his debut in the South African music scene with a mixtape titled One Kid And A Thousand Coffins.

His flow on this jam is really dope. If you are a huge fan of the 23-year-old rapper, like myself, I am sure your finger will be stuck on the replay button.

The other thing that I really love about Nasty C is his unique ability to play around with words. Unlike many rappers, his rhymes are not too predictable and that is a good thing, isn’t it? Notably, he also has some dope punchlines.

Nasty C

I absolutely love the beat on There They Go. Other than the fact that it’s very catchy, I am sure that after listening to this jam you will agree with me that it blends well with the rapper’s vibe, flow and style.

The video is also on point, especially it’s quality. The locations, lighting, choreography and scene transitioning are so good.

Watch There They Go below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Octopizzo Vs Khaligraph: Who has more international appeal?

If you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that both Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones  have really upped their games in the last few years.

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From their music videos down to language that they use, their content is definitely packaged batter than it was 5 (or so) years ago.

Octopizzo Zikishika

After winning the hearts of Kenyans, they both decided to shift their focuses to the international audiences i.e. potential fans outside the country.

This journey has seen them go out of their ways to work with some of the best audio producers and videographers because let’s be honest, how can you compete against the likes of AKA, Sarkodie, and Nasty C if you don’t invest in good quality?

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Of late, the music videos that are being released by Khaligraph and Octopizzo are of high quality and  you could easily say that they meet international standards.

In as much as we appreciate the efforts that are being made by the two rappers, we’d still like to find out who between them has more international appeal.

To help you decide, we’ll ask you to compare two of their most recent releases that’s Kanye by Octopizzo and Leave Me Alone by Khaligraph Jones.



Who is killing it when it comes to international appeal? Leave a comment below!

Khaligraph Jones has no competitor in Kenya

As I was watching Khaligraph Jones’ new banger Leave Me Alone, I kept thinking how he’s way ahead of his peers and how long it will take them to catch up.

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In my opinion, the rapper whose real name is Brian Ouko Omollo is playing in the big leagues. His rivals are continental stars, the likes of AKA, Nasty C, M.I Abaga, Sarkodie, Ice Prince, Phyno etc.

Khaligraph has reached a point where his music is consumed by people across Africa and not just Kenya, a quick peek at the comments section of his music videos on YouTube will confirm this.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

I find this interesting is because apart from Sauti Sol, the Superman hit maker is the only other Kenyan act who’s getting a lot of continental attention. The keyword is a lot.

In a way, this is a win for the country as a whole since it makes outsiders curious about the kind of music that is coming from Kenya.

Chances are, they’ll find other great musicians after listening to Khaligraph and perhaps they will enjoy their music even more.

Despite the fact that Khaligraph is doing well and making music that is consumable across Africa, I still feel that he needs a strong competitor in Kenya.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

You see, as it is now Khaligraph is the pacesetter for the local rap scene, people are always curious to find out what he’s up to so that they can ‘copy’.

Because he’s ahead of the pack, this means that he doesn’t have someone to keep him on his toes. He can decide to slack because at the end of the day, he’s still the best of the best.

However, if he had someone to keep him in check i.e. a strong competitor, he would push himself harder and maybe, just maybe he’ll finally bring the BET Award for Best International Act: Africa home.

Watch his latest release dubbed Leave Me Alone below.

Khaligraph’s performance fee has shot to 1 million bob per show and it’s totally okay

Gone are the days when Khaligraph had to perform at several local clubs in Eastlands before he could hold a million bob in his hands. These days, he makes that amount in one show, easily if I might add.


You see, 2018 was a good year for Papa Jones. First, he dropped an album dubbed Testimony 1990 that was received well by fans. He also had some good hits including Ngori.

Secondly, he won the Best Rap Act at Annual African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) beating the likes of Phyno, Olamide, Sakordie, and Nasty C.

He was also nominated for the Best Hip Hop award at the Soundcity MVP awards but he lost to South Africa’s AKA and in the Best Male African Artist (Non Nigerian) category at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA). He lost to Sarkodie.

He was also featured on yet another season of Coke Studio.

After getting international recognition for his work, Khaligraph felt it was time to adjust his rate card. An event organizer tells me that the Omollo hitmaker asks for one million bob for a show.

“If you’ve worked together before, he can revise the fee downwards. If major brands are sponsors of the event, he will definitely ask for more money,” the event organizer told me.

Perhaps this would explain why Khaligraph is doing less shows these days. It only makes sense that he should do one show and be compensated handsomely rather than doing so many shows and getting exhausted for no apparent reason.

Khaligraph has been putting in a lot of work and it’s okay for him to ask for such an amount. It’s about time he got paid for what he is worth.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.