Chimano of Sauti Sol subtly hints at retirement

Willis Chimano, a member of the acclaimed music ensemble Sauti Sol, has resurfaced to offer an update on his current ventures.

In a playful video shared on his Instagram account, Chimano amusingly addressed his fans, giving them a glimpse into his life since Sauti Sol announced their hiatus.

The video featured Chimano operating a lawnmower, tending to his newly established garden.

“Welcome to my home garden, I’m Chimano, and this is my first day on this job and on this show. This is the garden I’m working on today, my garden. I just bought this lawnmower as a retired pop star from Kenya. I’m in a different land seeking new opportunities,” Chimano humorously remarked in the video.

Chimano’s absence from the public eye in recent months had left fans curious about his whereabouts.

In November 2023, Chimano had announced his intention to take a well-deserved break to recharge before considering his next career move, whether as a solo artist or as part of Sauti Sol.

During this hiatus, Chimano had mentioned his plans for relaxation and contemplation, expressing a desire to explore new paths and experiences.

“Chimano is going to take a little bit of a break. Maybe I have a lot to say, but for now, Chimano is going to take a break for a bit, just relaxing, being in thoughts and prayers. Honestly, there isn’t much I will be doing, just that, relaxation, maybe take a holiday,” he had shared.

His bandmate, Bien Aime, had disclosed in a separate interview that Chimano would be embarking on a holiday to Switzerland, further sparking speculation about the group’s future endeavors.

Reflecting on Sauti Sol’s hiatus and their final performance together during the Last Dance event on November 4, 2023, Chimano expressed gratitude for the band’s remarkable 17-year journey while hinting at individual pursuits for the future.

“Sauti Sol is on pause for now. We are all in a phase where we are figuring out and working towards our individual paths. I guess everybody will just have to wait and see,” Chimano remarked.

H_Art the Band’s Mordecai speaks about the Sol Generation deal

Speculation surrounding Mordecai ‘Dex’ Mwini’s recent signing with Sauti Sol’s record label, Sol Generation, prompted the founding member of H_Art The Band to clarify the status of the band’s unity.

Rumors emerged after Sol Generation announced Mordecai’s signing to their publishing label on a three-year deal, leading fans to question the fate of H_Art The Band and speculate about Mordecai’s departure.

In response, Mordecai took to social media to address the speculation directly, reassuring fans that H_Art The Band remains intact and active.

In a heartfelt video shared online, he expressed gratitude for the support and clarified his ongoing commitment to the band.

“First of all, thank you for all the congratulatory messages you guys have been sending me. I appreciate it, and in the same light, I have realized that there have been rumors going around that Mordecai Dex has left H_Art The Band,” Mordecai stated.

“I thought it very necessary to come here and clarify that, so I have not left H_Art The Band. H_Art The Band is very much alive, and we are working on new music that you guys need to watch out for,” he affirmed.

Mordecai went on to explain the nature of his partnership with Sol Generation, emphasizing that it is primarily a distribution agreement for his solo work as a songwriter and producer.

“What I signed was a publishing contract, and what some of you guys don’t know is that I am a songwriter and producer for other artists. There is music that I do outside of H_Art The Band, and that is the catalogue that Sol Generation is going to be handling for me,” he clarified.

Mordecai’s influence extends beyond performances, as he frequently collaborates with established artists and contributes his songwriting prowess to their work.

He also mentors aspiring musicians, nurturing talent and fostering growth within the music industry.

Recently, he served as a performance coach for the Press Play Artist Development Program organized by Sol Generation, aiming to provide emerging artists with the necessary skills and guidance to thrive in the music industry.

“Through his soulful melodies and deep-rooted appreciation for cultural expression, Dex endeavors to inspire and cultivate meaningful connections using the universal language of music and art,” stated Sol Generation Publishing.

Sauti Sol Sign New Artist

Kenyan music fans are buzzing with excitement after beloved boy band Sauti Sol announced the expansion of their label, Sol Generation, with the signing of talented singer-songwriter Le’Laika.

The news, shared across social media platforms, saw each member of the band personally introduce and welcome the up-and-coming artist. A statement from Sol Generation further amplified the enthusiasm, calling Le’Laika “a force to be reckoned with” and promising her upcoming debut album, “PIECES OF ME,” will “blow everyone away.”

Individual band members also showered Le’Laika with praise. Bien, known for his songwriting prowess, lauded her skills, stating, “The first time I heard her music, I knew Kenyan music was in good hands.” Chimano echoed the sentiment, expressing his anticipation for the world to experience her “unique talent.”

Fancy Fingers, the group’s instrumentalist, offered specific appreciation for Le’Laika’s diverse offerings, highlighting her “powerful vocals, innovative lyrics, and genre-bending sound.” He confidently declared, “She’s definitely someone to watch.”

This signing marks an exciting new chapter for both Le’Laika and Sol Generation. With the support of established veterans and her own undeniable talent, Le’Laika’s debut promises to be a significant moment in Kenyan music. Fans eagerly await the release of “PIECES OF ME” in March, ready to be captivated by this rising star.

Headline: Sauti Sol & Azimio: Copyright Clash Resolved Through Dialogue, Respect for Artist Control

In a case that initially threatened legal action, popular Kenyan band Sauti Sol and the Azimio La Umoja coalition have reached an amicable resolution regarding the unauthorized use of the band’s song “Extravaganza” during the unveiling of their presidential running mate in 2022.

The dispute arose from Azimio’s usage of the song without obtaining permission from the band. This sparked concerns about copyright infringement and a potential legal battle. However, prioritizing understanding and education, both parties opted for out-of-court discussions.

Moriasi Omambia, lead counsel for Sauti Sol, emphasized the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and the personal nature of artistic creations. He clarified that the band’s stance is politically neutral and expressed concerns about the unauthorized association with a specific political entity.

While details regarding potential compensation remain undisclosed, Omambia confirmed that the resolution focused on educating Azimio about copyright regulations and artistic control. The discussions also highlighted the need for entities like the Music Society of Kenya to uphold artists’ rights and ensure proper licensing procedures.

This outcome signifies the importance of open communication and awareness when dealing with intellectual property. By prioritizing dialogue and understanding, both Sauti Sol and Azimio La Umoja set a positive precedent for respectful interactions within the creative and political spheres.

Seeking New Horizons: Sauti Sol Embarks on a Creative Exploration

After 18 years of captivating audiences with their soulful melodies and vibrant energy, iconic Kenyan band Sauti Sol has taken a well-deserved break. But fear not, fans, this isn’t a farewell, but rather a new chapter in their creative journey.

In a recent interview on the IMO Podcast, Bien-Aimé Baraza, one-fourth of the beloved quartet, shed light on the thoughtful process behind their hiatus. He revealed that therapy sessions played a crucial role in their decision, helping them navigate the complexities of personal growth and artistic ambition within the band.

“Being in a band is like a marriage,” Bien shared. “Sometimes, you need to explore who you are individually to strengthen the bond even further.” This proactive approach to maintaining their dynamic is a refreshing perspective on group longevity and highlights the importance of fostering healthy communication and prioritizing individual creative needs.

Their separation comes not from conflict, but from a mutual desire to delve into uncharted territories. “We reached a point where we all craved fresh experiences, new challenges,” Bien explained. This hunger for artistic exploration promises exciting avenues for each member, and ultimately, a richer soundscape for the band when they reunite.

While fans might miss the immediate magic of Sauti Sol’s collective synergy, Bien assured them that this is merely a temporary separation. He encouraged support for each member’s solo endeavors, knowing that their individual journeys will fuel their collective fire down the line.

“We will be back,” he confidently declared. “This is just a season of growth, a chance to refine ourselves and return even stronger as a band.” In the meantime, Bien’s latest album, “Alusa, Why Are You Topless,” offers a glimpse into his evolving artistry, showcasing a deeper introspective layer to his musical expression.

Sauti Sol’s temporary break isn’t a cause for mourning, but rather a reason to celebrate. It demonstrates their maturity, their commitment to creative evolution, and their unwavering dedication to returning to the stage more empowered and inspired than ever before. So, let’s embrace this period of individual exploration, knowing that it paves the way for an even more vibrant and dynamic Sauti Sol in the future.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Shares Extraordinary Birth Story

Sauti Sol’s lead singer, Bien-Aimé Baraza, has revealed a remarkable anecdote about his birth, departing from the traditional hospital setting most people experience. In an interview with Willis Raburu, Bien disclosed that he was born along Uhuru Highway/Mombasa Road at Nyayo Stadium roundabout, an unexpected turn of events during his mother’s journey to the hospital.

As Bien’s mother made her way to Nairobi Hospital for his delivery, she unexpectedly went into labor at the roundabout. With no other option, Bien made his grand entrance right there in the car.

“Do you know where I was born, Willis? I was born at Nyayo Stadium roundabout, in the car, because my mother was in labor. She was going to Nairobi Hospital, but I was born right there at Nyayo Stadium roundabout,” Bien explained.

Bien’s unique birth story often comes to mind when he finds himself stuck in traffic along the same stretch of road. “That’s where my umbilical cord was cut, at Nyayo. Sometimes I’m stuck in traffic there and I wonder why life brought me back to this very place,” Bien remarked.

In addition to sharing his birth experience, Bien also revealed that his upcoming album, “Alusa,” was inspired by real-life events. He further disclosed that his name, ‘Alusa,‘ was given to him in honor of his grandfather

Former Sol Generation signee Crystal Asige dishes the dirt on her relationship with Sauti Sol

Crystal Asige, a former musician on the Sol Generation label, has stated unequivocally that she no longer harbors animosity toward Sauti Sol, her former employers. However, the singer disclosed that she hasn’t spoken to all four Sauti Sol group members in a while during an interview with Japanese station Massawe on Radio Jambo.

She claimed that even though she had a falling out with the four-piece band in the past, she is not fighting right now. “I’m fine with those guys, I don’t have a problem with them,” Crystal stated.
The senator who was selected pointed out that when she sued his previous employers, she was merely defending her legal rights.

“I have not spoken to them for a long time. But I know there is no such thing. It’s that I just wanted my right,”

The stunningly voiced singer spoke candidly about her initial disagreement with Sauti Sol, saying, “They asked me to leave the label, they didn’t see our collaboration continuing, I said it’s fine.” Last year, the band Sauti Sol was sued by Crystal Asige, who was appointed to the Senate to represent individuals with disabilities following the August 2022 general election.

She asked the court to disclose the amount of money the band had received from the songs Asige contributed, which included Lenga, Extravaganza, Ukiwa Mbali, Intro, and Favorite Song since 2019.
As per the court documents, she requested that Sauti Sol provide her with compensation and request that they give all the license details of the songs for which she lodged a complaint.

“While under the studio of the first defendant (Sol Generation), the plaintiff composed and performed on the popular songs ‘Extravangaza’ and ‘Ukiwa Mbali’ together with the second and fifth defendant, and his colleagues at that time known as Bensoul, Nviiri The Story Teller and the North group in 2019 and his contribution was confirmed as such,”

The reserved singer claimed that in November 2019, only a few months after he was signed, label management effectively sacked her.

Sauti Sol’s Bien: Sol Fest Will Live On Despite Band’s Hiatus

Sauti Sol band member Bien has assured fans that Sol Fest will continue to happen even though the group is taking a break.

In a joint media interview, Bien said that Sauti Sol had been preparing for the upcoming Sol Fest for two months and that it would be a huge success. He also revealed that the group had linked up with other artists and had been rehearsing on a sample stage to ensure that the event was perfect.

Bien also addressed concerns about Sauti Sol’s businesses, saying that they had a good structure in place and that everything would continue to run smoothly. He confirmed that Sol Fest would happen again next year with a new lineup of artists.

When asked why the band was taking a break, Bien said that they needed to “go through this next stage so that we can be a better Sauti Sol.” He assured fans that the break was not due to any conflict between the band members.

Bien’s statements are reassuring for Sauti Sol fans, who have been worried about the future of the group after the announcement of their hiatus. It is clear that Sauti Sol is committed to their fans and to Sol Fest, and that the group will continue to make music together in the future.

Sauti Sol credit their success to “corporate babes”

Savara Mudigi, producer and vocalist of Sauti Sol, is expressing his gratitude to the “corporate babes” who helped the band become international stars.

He reminisces how, after the release of their hit song “Nishike,” the lady bosses in the Kenyan corporate world played a crucial role in their success. While “Sura Yako” made Sauti Sol a household name, “Nishike” propelled them to greater heights, especially in the corporate world.

Mudigi reveals that the band was bombarded with corporate gigs after the release of “Nishike.” He says that decision-makers would instruct those who handled the band to make sure they took off their shirts when performing “Nishike.” Taking off their shirts became a “deliverable” for the band to get a show.

Mudigi confesses that Sauti Sol made millions of shillings from these deals, which he says wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the lady bosses. He says that they “built” the band.


Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi is thanking the powerful women in the Kenyan corporate world for helping the band become international stars. He says that they gave the band many gigs, even though one of their songs was banned by the Kenya Film Classification Board. He says that the band made millions of shillings from these gigs, and that they wouldn’t have been possible without the support of these women.

Savara reveals the song that made Sauti Sol mutli-millionaires!

Sauti Sol’s music producer and singer, Savara Mudigi, believes that the song “Sura Yako” was the turning point in their careers. The unlikely hit transformed the Kenyan boy band into millionaires and paved the way for their enduring success.

The idea for the song came from an unexpected source, and at the time, none of the band members thought it would amount to anything. Savara emphasizes the importance of valuing ideas, no matter where they come from, in the creative process. He jokingly compares the concept to the preference for street food over gourmet dishes served at high-end hotels.

“Sura Yako” was produced in Savara’s bedroom, where the four band members used to live together. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a game changer in their careers and lives, opening doors to opportunities they had never imagined.

“We honestly didn’t know it was the song that was going to transform our lives. We were just having fun when the song came about,” Savara revealed.

Breaking down the song’s creation process, Savara explained that it took some time to put together as it was never initially intended to be a hit.

“When I created the beat, Aaron Rimbui added the bass, Cedo contributed the keys, and then I called Benjamin Kabaseke to my bedroom to add the guitar chords. Then came the mixing, and Musyoka, our producer, gave us a hard time, questioning the vocals that he felt were not of high quality,” Savara said.

Despite the challenges, the song was eventually released, and its reception exceeded their expectations.

“The reaction caught us by surprise. It was crazy. We had released a couple of songs that had done well before, but ‘Sura Yako’ made us a household name, and gigs started coming our way thick and fast,” Savara recalled.

Sauti Sol had previously released songs such as “Lazizi,” “Blue Uniform,” “Soma Kijana,” and “Coming Home,” which had gained them some recognition, but it was “Sura Yako” that turned them into national stars and set them on the path to becoming millionaires.


Savara’s story is a reminder that success is often unexpected and can come from the most unlikely places. It is also a reminder of the importance of perseverance and collaboration. Despite the challenges they faced in producing “Sura Yako,” the band members never gave up on their vision, and their dedication paid off in the end.

The song’s success is also a testament to the power of music to connect with people on a deep level. “Sura Yako” is a celebration of love and beauty, and its positive message resonated with listeners across Kenya and beyond.

Sauti Sol’s story is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians. It shows that anything is possible if you have the talent, passion, and drive to succeed.

Sauti Sol’s Sol Fest to Continue as Annual Event

Sauti Sol’s Sol Fest will continue to be an annual event, according to the group’s singer Bien Aime Barasa.

Barasa told Nairobinews that the event is no longer just about Sauti Sol, but about the Kenyan music industry as a whole. He said that the goal is to make Sol Fest a platform for many artists, including international ones, to come and perform.

“We don’t have our version of Afro Nation or Afro Coachella in Kenya, and this is the direction we intend to take with Sol Fest,” Barasa said. “Our dream is to bring a variety of different acts to that stage.”

Barasa’s vision for Sol Fest is certainly ambitious, but it is not unrealistic. The event has already drawn some big names in the African music scene, including Tanzanian superstar Harmonize and the late South African rapper Costa Titch. With Sauti Sol’s connections and reputation, it is likely that they will be able to attract even more top talent in the years to come.

Whether or not Sol Fest will ever become Kenya’s version of Coachella remains to be seen. However, there is no doubt that it has the potential to be a major event on the African music calendar.

Bien explains why Sauti Sol is charging Kenyans 20K for tickets

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien Aime Baraza has explained why the band is charging Sh20,000 for tickets to their upcoming farewell show, SolFest VIP Show.

The concert, which will take place next month at Uhuru Gardens, will be the band’s last performance before they go on an indefinite hiatus. VIP ticket holders will get an immersive 5-star experience, including a memorable performance, a glimpse into the band’s journey, and an opportunity to interact with the members.

Bien said that the high price tag is justified by the value of the experience.

Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza

“The reason people are paying Sh20,000 is because Sauti Sol will be giving fans 20 years of experience. We have been together with our fans for 20 years since we started this journey,” he said.

Bensoul, a former Sol Generation signee, echoed Bien’s sentiments, saying that the VIP tickets are not for everyone.

“If Ksh20,000 to get by November is hard for you, then you have a long way to go. Wacha wenye pesa waende (Let those who have the money attend). One thing I know for sure is we are going to sell out,” he tweeted.

The announcement of the high ticket price has sparked discussions on social media, with some fans expressing reservations about the cost. However, the band has defended the decision, saying that it is a fair reflection of the value of the experience.

Only time will tell whether the VIP tickets will sell out, but it is clear that Sauti Sol’s farewell show is a highly anticipated event.

Sauti Sol Explain Why Their Ticket For Final Concert Costs Ksh 20,000

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol has defended the ticket prices for their upcoming final concert, Sol Fest.

The concert, which will take place on November 4th at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi, will mark the end of the band’s indefinite hiatus.

Some fans have expressed concern about the ticket prices, particularly for the VIP show, which is priced at Ksh20,000.

However, Sauti Sol members Bien Aime Baraza and Savara Mudigi have said that the ticket prices are justified.

“We are giving you 20 years of lives; we have been together for 20 years. That ticket price is worth the 20 years we have been together,” Bien said.

Savara added that the ticket prices also reflect the rising cost of living and the high production costs of the concert.

“The cost of doing the concert is really expensive as well. We are not trying to take advantage of people,” Savara said.

The band also said that they want to give their fans a memorable experience at the concert.

“We want our fans to sing Nazizi Blue Uniform, I mean original Sauti Sol fans. For us, the most important thing is the connection with fans,” Savara said.

Sauti Sol is one of the most popular bands in Kenya, and their final concert is expected to be a sell-out.

The band has promised to give their fans a night to remember, and they are confident that the ticket prices are fair.

Sauti Sol to have VIP show and the ordinary show for “watus”

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol has announced that they will be taking an indefinite hiatus from the music scene after their world tour and releasing their last album at the end of this year.

The news has left many of their fans in Kenya dismayed, as the group is one of the most popular and successful in the country.

Sauti Sol has been on a farewell tour in the US, Europe, and Canada, and they will be performing two final shows in Nairobi in November.

The first show, on November 2, is a VIP show, while the second show, on November 4, is a fan show. The group has not yet revealed what the differences between the two shows will be.

The announcement of Sauti Sol’s hiatus has sparked mixed reactions from fans. Some fans have expressed sadness and disappointment, while others have wished the group well in their future endeavors.

Some fans have also expressed concern about the disparities between the two shows, and have questioned why there is a VIP show at all.

Sauti Sol is one of the most successful Kenyan music groups of all time. They have won numerous awards, including the Best African Act at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards.

The group’s music is popular in Kenya and across Africa, and they have a large and dedicated fan base.

The announcement of their hiatus is a major disappointment for fans, but it is also an opportunity for the group to focus on their individual projects.

It is unclear when or if Sauti Sol will reunite, but their fans will be eagerly awaiting their return.

50 Cent finally gets to meet Sauti Sol and pose for a photo

Internationally renowned Kenyan band Sauti Sol recently posted a photo of themselves hanging out with 50 Cent, a Grammy-winning rapper, actor, and music/movie producer.

The photo was posted to Instagram by Chiki Kuruka, the manager and wife of band member Bien Aime. In the photo, 50 Cent is seen standing between three of the Sauti Sol members: Bien, Polycarp, and Willis.

However, some fans were quick to notice that the fourth member of Sauti Sol, Chimano, was not in the photo. This led to speculation about why Chimano was absent from the photo.

Some fans suggested that Chimano may have been busy with other commitments, such as performing at Afro Nation, a music festival in Portugal. Others wondered if there was some sort of rift between Chimano and the other members of the band.

Whatever the reason for Chimano’s absence, it is clear that his fans were disappointed not to see him in the photo. In the comments section of the post, many fans expressed their love for Chimano and asked why he was not included.

It is also worth noting that this is not the first time that Chimano has been absent from iconic photos of the band meeting famous people. In the past, he has been absent from photos with the likes of Rihanna and Chris Martin.

This has led some fans to speculate that Chimano may be shy or uncomfortable in front of the camera. However, it is also possible that there is another reason for his absence.

Ultimately, only Chimano knows why he was not in the photo with 50 Cent. However, his absence has certainly sparked some interesting speculation among his fans.

Sauti Sol join presigious American Association

Sauti Sol is still writing history. The Kenyan ensemble has been invited to become a voting member of the Recording Academy.

American artists, producers, recording engineers, and other music industry professionals make up The Recording Academy. It is renowned for its Grammy Awards, which honor achievements in the music business of globally recognized songs and music.

Sauti Sol posted a caption on social media that read:

“Welcome to the Recording Academy Class of 2023. ????????????Congratulations to @bienaimesol @iamchimano @itsmefancyfingers and @savarafrica on their invitation to join the @recordingacademy as Voting Members.The newly invited members epitomize the Recording Academy’s mission to reflect the vibrant global music community we proudly serve. #IAMTheAcademy.”

One has to wonder of what use this induction is given they’ve announced that they are disbanding. Remember that Sauti Sol is going on an indefinite hiatus at the conclusion of their world tour.

Sauti Sol Joins ‘Recording Academy’ as Voting Members

Kenyan afro-pop group Sauti Sol has been invited to join the Recording Academy as voting members. The Recording Academy is an American organization of musicians, producers, recording engineers, and other musical professionals. It is famous for its Grammy Awards, which recognize achievements in the music industry.

Sauti Sol’s invitation to join the Recording Academy is a significant achievement for the group. It is a recognition of their talent and their contributions to the music industry. The group’s invitation also reflects the growing global recognition of African music.

Sauti Sol is a four-member group consisting of Bien-Aimé Baraza, Chimano, Polycarp Otieno, and Savara Mudigi. The group has been together for over 10 years and has released four studio albums. Sauti Sol is known for their unique blend of afro-pop, R&B, and soul music.

The group’s invitation to join the Recording Academy is a major milestone in their career. It is a testament to their hard work and their dedication to their music. Sauti Sol is an inspiration to many young musicians in Africa, and their invitation to join the Recording Academy is a sign that African music is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Sauti Sol’s invitation to join the Recording Academy is a significant achievement for the group and for African music as a whole. It is a recognition of their talent and their contributions to the music industry, and it reflects the growing global recognition of African music.

Savara Sends Message To Sauti Sol Fans After Exquisite Performance

The all-boy band will be taking a brief hiatus after their performance at the Stanbic Yetu Festival on Saturday, June 10.

In a recent interview, band member Savara said that the band was ready to perform because they had been playing all over the country and the stars had just been aligning.

“We were ready because we have been playing all over, the stars have just been aligning,” Savara said. “We are just taking a brief hiatus to rest and recharge before we come back stronger.”

The band has not yet announced when they will be returning, but they have promised to keep their fans updated on their social media pages.

The band’s hiatus comes at a time when they are enjoying a lot of success. They recently released their new album, which has been well-received by fans. They have also been nominated for several awards, including the BET Awards and the MTV Africa Music Awards.

The band’s hiatus is a chance for them to take a break from the spotlight and to focus on their personal lives. It is also a chance for them to come up with new material and to prepare for their next tour.

The band’s fans are disappointed that they will be taking a break, but they are also supportive of the band’s decision. They are looking forward to seeing the band back on stage soon.

Kibe releases “I told you so” video about Sauti Sol’s breakup

The news of Sauti Sol’s breakup, which first surfaced a few days ago, has now prompted a response from social critic Andrew Kibe. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Kibe said that the boy band’s dissolution was due to the influence of women in their lives.

The YouTuber continued by stating that the band had become so weak as a result of the ladies in their lives that they were no longer able to support themselves. On Saturday, Sauti Sol made the announcement that after their US tour is over, they will part ways. The news was received by their fans with a great deal of disappointment.

Since people adored them as a band and once they embarked on single careers, Kibe contends that they would become obsolete.

However, in a video the vlogger had released a few months ago on his Youtube channel Kibe felt that Sauti Sol as a band was pulling Bien behind and was of the opinion that if Bien wanted to rise and have a name in the continent he had to ditch the band.

Kibe continued by asserting that Bien is the musical glue that keeps Sauti Sol together and that the group would not exist without Bien.

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Homophobia: The shadow cast on Sauti Sol’s breakup

Africa’s sensational musical powerhouse, Sauti Sol, recently announced their upcoming tour and subsequent indefinite hiatus. The news has set social media abuzz, with one particular group member, Chimano, trending across various platforms.

The reasons for their incoming split at the moment are not clear, however, speculations about the group’s breakup and Chimano’s sexual orientation have ignited conversations, shedding light on the deep-rooted issue of homophobia in Kenyan culture.

As the band that skyrocketed Kenyan music to global fame, the potential separation of Sauti Sol carries dire implications for the vibrant music scene of Kenya.

The press statement released by Sauti Sol revealed their plans for an exhilarating tour, spanning the United States, Europe, and Canada. This tour serves as a celebration of their remarkable journey, filled with excitement for the future, and a testament to the enduring bond of friendship and partnership cultivated over their 20-year tenure in the industry.

However, the news of their indefinite hiatus has raised questions and sparked rumours. Chimano, a beloved member of Sauti Sol, has become the centre of attention, with many connecting the sudden break up of the group to his sexual orientation.

Kenya’s culture still grapples with deep-rooted homophobia, and even the law reflects discriminatory attitudes. The speculation surrounding Chimano’s influence within the group, particularly when it comes to their unique sense of style and fashion choices, has amplified the discussions around his personal life and its impact on the group dynamics.

The implications of Sauti Sol’s potential separation are far-reaching, especially for the Kenyan music scene. The band played an instrumental role in putting Kenyan music on the global map, showcasing the rich talent and diversity the country has to offer. Their infectious Afro-pop sound and electrifying performances have captivated audiences worldwide. If the band were to disband, it would undoubtedly leave a void in the industry and disrupt the momentum they have built over the years.

The rumours surrounding Chimano’s sexuality are a reminder of the challenges that LGBTQ+ people face in Kenya. Homophobia is widespread in the country, and there is a lack of legal protections for LGBTQ+ people. This can lead to discrimination, violence, and even death.

The news of Sauti Sol’s hiatus is a blow to the Kenyan music scene, but it is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of homophobia in Kenya. We must continue to fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ people and create a more inclusive society.

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Maina Kageni speaks about Sauti Sol breakup

Kenya’s most successful boy band, Sauti Sol, announced on May 20, 2023 that they will be taking an indefinite hiatus. The group, which consists of Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and Polycarp Otieno, has been together for over 20 years and has released six studio albums.

In a statement, Sauti Sol said that they are taking the hiatus to pursue personal projects. “We are not sure how long the break will be, but we know that it is important for us to step away from the band for a while to focus on our individual growth,” the statement said.

The group thanked their fans for their support over the years and said that they are grateful for the opportunity to have shared their music with the world. “We will miss performing for you, but we know that this is the best thing for us right now,” the statement said.

Radio King Maina Kageni, who is a big fan of Sauti Sol, wished the group well on their hiatus. “Go well and enjoy your hiatus and may you do your personal projects successfully,” Kageni said on his morning show on Classic 105.

Kageni also said that he is already loving the new artists that have emerged from Sauti Sol, such as Fathermoh and Ssaru. Fathermoh is a singer and songwriter who has released several hit singles, including “Kaskie Vibaya.” Ssaru is a singer and dancer who has also released several hit singles, including “Sip Sip.”

Sauti Sol’s hiatus will begin after their upcoming tour across the US, Europe, and Canada. The tour will start on May 21, 2023, and will end on December 16, 2023. The group’s encore performance will take place at the third annual Sol Fest in Nairobi on December 16th.

Sauti Sol is one of the most successful and popular music groups in Africa. They have won numerous awards, including the BET Award for Best International Act: Africa in 2016. The group has also collaborated with international artists such as Damian Marley, Yemi Alade, and Tiwa Savage.

Sauti Sol’s hiatus is a sad day for their fans, but it is also an opportunity for the group to grow and explore new things. The group has said that they plan to return to music in the future, and their fans can only wait and see what they will create next.

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Radio King Maina Kageni Wishes Sauti Sol Well On Hiatus

Kenyan radio personality Maina Kageni has wished Sauti Sol well as they take an indefinite hiatus to pursue their personal careers.

Speaking during his morning show on Classic 105, Kageni said, “Go well and enjoy your hiatus and may you do your personal projects successfully.”

Kageni also expressed his love for the band’s individual projects, particularly Fathermoh and Ssaru’s hit song “Kaskie Vibaya.”

Sauti Sol announced their hiatus on May 20, 2023. In a statement, the band said, “The upcoming tour across the US, Europe and Canada, is a chance for fans to immerse themselves in the magic of Sauti Sol one last time before the band takes a break from group projects for a while.”

The band also expressed their gratitude to their fans for their support over the years.

Sauti Sol is a Kenyan afro-pop band formed in 2005. The band consists of four members: Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, and Polycarp Otieno. Sauti Sol has released six studio albums, and they have won numerous awards, including the BET Award for Best International Group in 2015.

The band’s hiatus is a sad day for their fans, but it is also an opportunity for the members to pursue their individual dreams. Sauti Sol has made a significant impact on the Kenyan music scene, and their music will continue to be enjoyed by fans for years to come.

Sauti Sol’s LGBTQ member Chimano absent from Riggy G photos

Kenya’s Deputy President, colloquially known as Riggy G, was recently in Gaborone Botswana for the Forbes 30 under 30 function and while there he got to hobnob with African stars such as Davido and Sauti Sol.

Riggy G’s Wife Supporting Ban On LGBTQ Is Absurd

He was obviously proud of this fact and took to his social media to share it along with photographs of himself with various stars but Kenyans have noticed that one particular member of Sauti Sol was absent and that is the LGBTQ number, Chimano.

One such eagle-eyed Kenyan was quick to point out the fact to Edgar Obare and that was when we two took notice and realise that in every photo that featured Sauti Sol, Chimano was nowhere to be found. Was this a coincidence? Did Riggy G’s press team create this situation or did the LGBTQ member opt out in protest?

Perhaps Chimano opted out as a way to make a statement against what many especially in the west would consider his personal and indeed the national homophobic stance against the LGBTQ given some of his statements and the government position on the matter.

Is Chimano falling off? Here’s why we think so

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Eric Omondi mocks Sauti Sol’s MCSK boycott call

Eric Omondi has been proven right! Remember back when he was championing a movement pushing to have more local content play in Kenyan clubs and on radio? And who were his biggest detractors? It was Bien Aime and his Sauti Sol boy band.

Eric Omondi to the rescue! Pays outstanding maternity bill for 5 mothers

He who laughs last, laughs best and this time it is Sauti Sol pushing for Kenyan artists to boycott MCSK and fans were quick to point out the irony of the situation given hope they had treated Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi Released On 5000 Cash Bail After Being Arraigned In Court

And the comedian found the time in between his charitable works to be petty. He shared a screenshot of a fan and was quick to play the “I told you so card”.

Should Sauti Sol lead Kenyan artists in exiting MCSK?

Sauti Sol are an angry boy band and they have every right to be miffed. One of their members, Bien Aime recently revealed that he was paid a whopping 14,000 Kenya shillings by the government body meant to collect and pay them their royalties: MCSK.

Should Bensoul leave Sauti Sol’s label?

For anyone who knows anything, Bien has been one of the most played artists in Kenya ergo he should have earned more money. Lots more. But he has been paid a meagre amount because most of the artists money goes to maintaining MCSK. That is insane.

Taking to Twitter, Sauti Sol released a statement that read:
Why does MCSK always act like they are doing Kenyan musicians a favour? Let’s get a few things clear! 1. The royalties collected are NOT their direct income but the yours. They are working for you! 2. They are supposed to distribute nothing less than 70% of all royalties collected to the members and provide credible statements of account to that effect. 3. They can NOT operate without a license. So the question is, do they have a license from KECOBO or not? 4. We are going to withdraw our membership from the society as it does not serve our best interests entirely. All disgruntled members who wish to do the same, the time is now! Please reach out. Take back your power!

Ted Josiah says Sauti Sol will not have a legacy

But I am left wondering 2 things: the first being whether or not Sauti Sol will manage to convince any Kenyan artists who are often a cowardly, self serving bunch and the second being whether this is a step in the right direction. What do you think? Should Sauti Sol rescind their membership to MCSK?

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

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Ted Josiah says Sauti Sol will not have a legacy

Ted Josiah was surprisingly not being malicious or being a hater when he said that 20 years from today, Sauti Sol will have been forgotten. On the contrary, he was saying this to place blame on the Kenyan government.

Ted Josiah’s revelation on marriage reveals his hypocrisy in attacking Jalang’o

According to him, he said that it is all down to the fact that the GoK doesn’t try to celebrate our culture whether traditional or contemporary and Ted Josiah is probably borrowing from his own rich history and experiences as a super producer.

Joka Jok CEO, Tedd Josiah

“The boys are doing good right now, but I can assure you in 20 years no one will be talking about them. They will have been completely forgotten.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

You know why, because, as a country, we don’t do enough to preserve our own music culture and legacy. In other countries, you will encounter culture centers that tell stories of their music legacies. We no longer speak of Fundi Konde, and Daudi Kabaka, all these were great artists, but there is nothing to show off their journey. Nobody talks of us now. The same will happen to Sauti Sol in future”.

Tedd Josiah

Ted Josiah went on to add:

Ted Josiah pens emotional letter to his late wife 

“I have never earned any royalty from the music I produced. We have failed systems that only benefit a few individuals. The collective Management organizations (CMO) supposed to be acting on artists and producers’ behalf are nothing but a scam. They collect our money as royalties and award themselves the biggest share. Ezekiel Mutua, who is in charge of MCSK, and all his processors have all failed. So I thought to myself, why continue hitting the studio to make another hit just to benefit someone else. It’s of no point. That’s the reason I quit producing music,”

Businessman, Tedd Josiah

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