Blaqbonez claps back at Khaligraph Jones in new diss track ‘Green Blaq Green’ (Video)

If you are an avid internet user like myself then I am sure you are aware that local rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, better known as Khaligraph Jones, has been beefing with Nigeria’s Emeka Akumefule, alias Blaqbonez.

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It all started when the Micasa Sucasa hitmaker was crowned Africa’s Best Hip hop act at Soundcity MVP awards. He beat the likes of Falz, Kwesta, Sarkodie, Medikal, Reminisce, Ricky Rick, Zakwe and, wait for it, Blaqbonez.


A day after the awards’ ceremony, this lad who if you ask me stood the least chance to bag the coveted award, took to social media to blast Soundcity and Khaligraph.

Blaqbonez explained that he should have been awarded instead because apparently he’s the best rapper in Africa. He also vowed to release a diss to Papa Jones the following day.

His sentiments provoked Khaligraph Jones so much so that the Kayole-bred rapper and released a diss track dubbed Best Rapper In Nigeria.

In the song, Papa Jones makes fun of Blaqbonez while lambasting him for rapping to Afrobeat and claiming that it is Hip Hop.

Khaligraph told the Nigerian artiste that he is the best rapper in Africa while describing himself as the G.O.A.T which stands for Greatest Of All Time.

To add insult to the wound, Khaligraph bragged how he beat Blaqbonez in front of his people, adding that he should wait for the next season if he is dissatisfied.

Hours later, Blaqbonez fired back at Khaligraph with Green Blaq Green which is a deviation from his usual Afrobeat style. Maybe, just maybe, he listened to Khaligraph afterall.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

In the track, he claims that Khaligraph looks like he’s 52 based on his face and tells him to stop clout-chasing because he is never going to blow up in Nigeria. Therefore he should stop trying.

Blaqbonez also stated that he’s not afraid of Khaligraph, adding that if at all there’s any Kenyan that he holds in high esteem then it’s Eliud Kipchoge.

While I must admit that both diss tracks are really dope because of the tight punchlines and cheeky rhymes, both you and I know that Khaligraph carried the day.

Watch Green Blaq Green below and tell us what you think.

Put some respect on Khaligraph’s name!

Kenyan rapper Brian Ouko Omollo, better known as Khaligraph Jones, has managed to achieve feats that most of his counterparts can only dream of. I therefore feel that it’s about time he gets the respect that he deserves.

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A few days ago, the Songea hitmaker was crowned Africa’s Best Hip hop act at Soundcity MVP awards beating music heavyweights such as Falz, Kwesta, Sarkodie, Medikal, Reminisce, Ricky Rick and Zakwe.

Falz The Bahd Guy

While a number of Kenyans, especially his die hard fans like yours truly, celebrated this milestone, which is no mean feat, some people weren’t too pleased since they are not used to Kenyan artists bagging such prestigious award.

Case in point is a 23-year-old rapper known as Blaqbonez who was also nominated alongside Khaligraph. I am not so sure why he thought he would win but that’s a story for another day.

A day after the ceremony, this chap who if you ask me stood the least chance to bag the prestigious award home, took to social media to blast Soundcity and Khaligraph.


Blaqbonez explained that he should have been awarded instead because apparently he’s the best rapper in Africa. He also vowed to release a diss to Papa Jones the following day.

However, Khaligraph outsmarted him and dropped his diss track dubbed Best Rapper In Nigeria so much so that no one even cares about Blaqbonez’ diss which was released a day later.

While I’m happy about the publicity that Khaligraph is getting over the so-called ‘beef’, I’m also perplexed because a 23-year-old who’s not even known in his home country thought he stood a chance against Papa Jones. How?

If you have been a fan of Khaligraph for as long as I have been then I’m sure you know how much work he has put to get where he is at the moment and that means that he deserves every right to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

Khaligraph Jones

Blaqbonez has also made some great strides in his career but he should know that for a Kenyan to bag such an award then he must have put in a lot of work because let’s be honest, very people give a hoot about music from our country.

The Nigerian music industry is far much ahead of ours the same way Kenya leads the pack in churning out athletes in the continent.

This means it is probably ten times harder for a Kenyan musician to get noticed than it is for a Nigerian. As such, we need to put some respect on Khaligraph’s name because it didn’t come easy.

Listen to Best Rapper In Nigeria below and tell us what you think.

Victoria Kimani Vs Stella Mwangi: Who is making Kenyans proud in the diaspora?

There are many musicians who are flying the country’s flag high in the diaspora. They are showing the world that Kenya has a lot more to offer other than athletes.  They are getting people who are outside the country to appreciate Kenyan music.

Of the many musicians in the diaspora, two really stand out because of the great feats that they have achieved and they are; Victoria Kimani and Stella Mwangi. These sultry lasses are not only representing the country well but also making us proud.

In as much as both songstresses are gifted, we still want to find out who between them has done more for the country by selling our music and sound to foreign audiences i.e. who is making Kenyans extremely proud in the diaspora between Victoria Kimani and Stella Mwangi?

Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani

She is based in Nigeria. Victoria, who was previously signed to Chocolate City, became a household name after releasing the remix of Ice Prince’s mega hit Oleku in 2010.

She has worked with leading continental acts such as Diamond Platnumz, M.I, Emma Nyra, Sarkodie, Ommy Dimpoz, Phyno, Khuli Chana, Jesse Jagz, Cynthia Morgan etc.

Stella Mwangi

Stella Mwangi
Stella Mwangi

She is based in Norway. Stella became a household name when she released Taking It Back in 2007. Her songs have been played on HBO’s Insecure and BET’s Being Mary Jane. Her work has also been used in films such as American Pie and Save The Last Dance 2.

In 2018, she received a shout of from Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, after she mentioned his name in a song. Stella has also won several accolades such as Kisima Awards, Clops Awards, Jeermaan Award and Melodi Grand Prix 2011.

According to you, who between Victoria Kimani and Stella Mwangi is making Kenyans proud in the diaspora?

Listen to their collabo dubbed Number One below.

Octopizzo Vs Khaligraph: Who has more international appeal?

If you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that both Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones  have really upped their games in the last few years.

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From their music videos down to language that they use, their content is definitely packaged batter than it was 5 (or so) years ago.

Octopizzo Zikishika

After winning the hearts of Kenyans, they both decided to shift their focuses to the international audiences i.e. potential fans outside the country.

This journey has seen them go out of their ways to work with some of the best audio producers and videographers because let’s be honest, how can you compete against the likes of AKA, Sarkodie, and Nasty C if you don’t invest in good quality?

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Of late, the music videos that are being released by Khaligraph and Octopizzo are of high quality and  you could easily say that they meet international standards.

In as much as we appreciate the efforts that are being made by the two rappers, we’d still like to find out who between them has more international appeal.

To help you decide, we’ll ask you to compare two of their most recent releases that’s Kanye by Octopizzo and Leave Me Alone by Khaligraph Jones.



Who is killing it when it comes to international appeal? Leave a comment below!

Khaligraph Jones has no competitor in Kenya

As I was watching Khaligraph Jones’ new banger Leave Me Alone, I kept thinking how he’s way ahead of his peers and how long it will take them to catch up.

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In my opinion, the rapper whose real name is Brian Ouko Omollo is playing in the big leagues. His rivals are continental stars, the likes of AKA, Nasty C, M.I Abaga, Sarkodie, Ice Prince, Phyno etc.

Khaligraph has reached a point where his music is consumed by people across Africa and not just Kenya, a quick peek at the comments section of his music videos on YouTube will confirm this.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

I find this interesting is because apart from Sauti Sol, the Superman hit maker is the only other Kenyan act who’s getting a lot of continental attention. The keyword is a lot.

In a way, this is a win for the country as a whole since it makes outsiders curious about the kind of music that is coming from Kenya.

Chances are, they’ll find other great musicians after listening to Khaligraph and perhaps they will enjoy their music even more.

Despite the fact that Khaligraph is doing well and making music that is consumable across Africa, I still feel that he needs a strong competitor in Kenya.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

You see, as it is now Khaligraph is the pacesetter for the local rap scene, people are always curious to find out what he’s up to so that they can ‘copy’.

Because he’s ahead of the pack, this means that he doesn’t have someone to keep him on his toes. He can decide to slack because at the end of the day, he’s still the best of the best.

However, if he had someone to keep him in check i.e. a strong competitor, he would push himself harder and maybe, just maybe he’ll finally bring the BET Award for Best International Act: Africa home.

Watch his latest release dubbed Leave Me Alone below.

Fik Fameica, fast-rising Ugandan rapper who is ready to take on Khaligraph Jones

Ugandan rapper Walukagga Shafik, alias Fik Fameica, might be newcomer but he has been making major strides. By the look of things, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name.

Fik Fameica

He describes himself as a “rapper” on his Wikipedia page. I, however, feel that he is more of a dancehall singer. But then again, maybe Ugandan hip hop is different from what we all know. That’s a story for another day.

Fik Fameica appeared on the music scene in 2018, most Kenyans first heard of his name when he released a collabo with Rayvanny dubbed Mwaga in November 2018.

We came to realize that he has other dope songs including Tonsukuma which has been stuck at 14,000 views on YouTube despite being an exceptional song. I wonder why.

Late last year 23-year-old Fik Fameica was nominated alongside Khaligraph Jones in the Best Male African Artist (Non Nigerian) at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA). The other nominees were Liberia’s F.A, and Ghana’s Sarkodie.

Although Sarkodie took home the award, many could not forget the little-known Ugandan artist who had challenged continental bigwigs.

You should definitely watch out for Fik Fameica. He is indeed Africa’s next biggest star.

Listen to his new single Tobiloberamu below.