Njugush: We were so broke we used a fridge given as gift during our wedding as cupboard because we had no food 

Comedian Njugush has revisited his tough journey to stardom after he left Real Househelps of Kawangware show.

Speaking in an interview, Njugush said they had to endure a lot as he pushed to make a name in the industry.

“I had just left the Real Househelps of Kawangware show. I had no idea what to do. We got broke. We had been given a fridge during our wedding and we were using as a cupboard because we had no food to put in it. We were jobless, and we came up with this idea to record some funny videos and post them on our social media platforms.” he said.

Lost hope

He added that there was a bit of hope when someone offered to pay them for their funny videos but everything later came crashing down after the deal was canceled before even picking off.

“Someone offered to pay us for a series of videos. I could not believe that I could actually get paid to do that. So I sold my 32-inch TV for sh15,000, hired a camera, borrowed a laptop, learned editing online and shot the videos, only for the person to say that the client was no longer interested. I was crushed.

“We realised that if one person was willing to pay, even if the money was not paid, we could make some money out of it from other people.”

“While our days of struggling are a distant memory, I have this niggling fear of failure. That is what drives me. The thought of someone in future coming and asking, ‘what happened? You used to be so successful!”

Ni mapenzi bado! Njugush opens about what he hates most about his wife 

No matter how much in love you are, there are few things, little things, from your lover that piss you off. No one is perfect and no relationship is also perfect.

Comedian Njugush has come out to share some of the annoying things his wife does that piss him off.

The comedian works with his wife Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye to shoot his comedy clips and usually travels with her around the country for gigs.

In a radio interview, the comedian opened up about how Ndinda can be annoying especially in the morning.

“Mimi kitu huwa inaniudhi ni akiamka asubuhi. Mimi nikiamka huwa naamka niki tip toe. Yeye akiamka hawezi amka polepole na saa hizo hana kitu ya maana anaenda kufanya,” narrated Njugush.

He added, “She then turns on all the lights including those of the balcony, which she doesn’t even need.”


The comedian also went on to confess that the pressure to showcase his family on social media and travel with them has been weigh him down.

“I have has to travel with the family even where i’m not supposed to because of my son. I’m always not settled when I am not spending time with him. Fans kept asking to see my wife. I can now testify that as a public figure, you can’t entirely hide your family.” he said. 

Nyashisnki, Njugush honoured by YouTube for amassing followers 

Rapper Nyashinksi and comedian Njugush were among those honored by YouTube during it’s awards which were held yesterday.

The two creatives, together with Real House helps of Kawangware, Africha Movies, and KTN News, were presented with the Silver Play Button by Google.


The Silver Play Button Award is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Other awards include the Gold and Diamond Creator Award presented for 1 million subscribers and 10 million subscribers respectively.

“Because of you, today YouTube presented me with this silver plaque for reaching 100,000 subscribers. Thank you all for subscribing to my channel, this one is for you ? also, big congrats to the other recipients on attaining this milestone in content creation.” said Nyashinski on social media.

Njugush missed the event because he’s currently on vacation with his family in Dubai.

The awards seek to celebrate creativity and talent across the continent including those with the most subscribers. It’s in its second year now.


“It was the longest two minutes of my life”- Njugush explains meeting crazy fan

Comedian Njugush has narrated how he met one fan who was unlike any other. According to the comedian, the crazy fan  was too excited when she saw him and even jumped on him which made them fall because she too big.

“Alinihug tukaanguka tao. Mama alikuwa mkubwa. Nilifikiria tu alikuwa ananihug so alikuja kama anakimbia. Whooo! I thought it was just a hug akaruka! Hee! Tuligonja chini. Pale Reinsurance Plaza. Ilikuwa awkward, lakini tufanye nini na tumeanguka? Kuamka hapo it was the longest two minutes of my life,” the comedian said in an interview with Pulse Live.


The comedian went on to add that he feels always blessed when fans give him such reception and shows that he’s working really hard and doing a nice job.

“It’s a blessing having those people because there are people in the industry na hawasumbuliwi na wanataka kusumbuliwa. It’s a blessing siichukuliangi vibaya. All you need to know is that the moment you get in front of the camera you sign off your private life,” he said.

Njugush surprises wife with new phone worth 85K before her birthday 

There was a time when Njugush and her wife could barely afford a meal. The two have come from being just collage lovers to top entertainers.

Njugush took to social media to thank God for the blessing after he managed to surprise his wife with a brand new Samsung S9 plus that’s valued at almost 85,000 bob.

On Instagram Njugush and the wife also posted a lovely message for each other after the gift.

“I was so broke that on her birthdays I used to kill my family members bana ‘babe nimepigiwa simu kuna uncle wa cousin ya aunt ya cucu wa beste ya mwalimu wangu wa nursery amepass…….. Exams’ lol nisiitishwe treat aki. But she understood, the heart really wanted to treat her lakini mfuko ilikua petition. She told me because we gonna be together for long hizo birthday nitalipia tu loool and she was categorical that she’d want one of those birthdays iwe Dubai.” he said.


His wife also loved the gift and said that as much as he has been patient with Njugush, he used to push him in the past to get more jobs and roles.

“The one thing that I have learnt so far is that God’s timing is always the best. Manze zile pressure nilipea huyu mzee tukiwa colle them days waaah…sai nikama ana nipiga kiboko. But the always kept on saying ‘Najua time itafika tu, tufanye hizo vitu zote. Mungu wangu hajai niangusha na sio wa mafuta taa hawezi isha’ Then nafuta machozi na natulia,” he said. 

Njugush lands lucrative deal thanks to Terryanne Chebet

Comedian Njugush has penned a lucrative deal with Fanaka Digital TV, an online TV station headed by former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet.

On social media, the comedian shared that he has landed the show on the station that will see him host a business show dubbed Biashara Mtaani.

“It’s a deal!!!!!!!!!! Excited about this one.
@fanakadigital tunakam kucheki biashara mtaani !!!!!!!!! @terryannechebet boss yangu mbona naona nikama unanicopy?,”, 
he posted.


The comedian, who started out as an actor on Househelp of Kawangware, has risen into a social media influencer who uses his Instagram to talk to fans through his jokes.

CEO of Fanaka TV Terryann Chebet was also glad they managed to sign the top comedian.

“Looks lookie!!!! So exciting to announce that our new small business show, Biashara Mtaani coming soon on Fanaka TV with @blessednjugush follow @fanakadigital for more!,” she captioned.


Comedian Njugush attacked by Kenyans after posting ‘rape joke’, forced to apologize 

It’s rare to see fans clashing with comedian Njugush on his Instagram page but last weekend, the comedian was forced to make a public a apology after a joke backfired.

The witty comedian who lives off social media jokes, annoyed a section of his fans after posting a clip that many believed promotes rape. And you know how social media responds to such clips.


Fans attacked the comedian forcing him to delete the viral clip and make an apology for the video. The clip, which he shot with his wife as usual, has the comedian jokingly complaining to his wife that they need to go home together after he spent so much money on her after an outing.

@__njeri__ Njugush’ video post wasn’t necessary. Those are the ones you record & delete maze. The fact that he had said “if you not okay with it,pole” could have just made him think twice

@alewazza254 Njugush’s video was actually ill-informed, meaning he doesn’t quite get how sensitive the issue of consent is…my problem is with the double standards from a section of KOT calling him out, you see the kind of shit they post/rt/do and think to yourself “huyu hawezi nishow any”

@kerry_komar At one point we all do mistakes!! It’s very much acceptable. Njugush has done a lot of things positively, he as been continuously cracking our ribs everyday. We thank you Don’t hate him but lets correct him in a right way Hope @BlessedNjugush will collect himself.

Here’s the clip:

He is fake! Comedian Njugush exposes the person impersonating him

Funny man Njugush has come out to distance himself from a Facebook page that has been copying  every single posts he shares on his official page.

According to the comedian, the account is fake and he has nothing to do with it. He did this to warn fans from getting conned by the fake account getting a lot of attention from fans.

Judging from the posts he shared, the imposter has been sharing similar posts to that shared by the legit Njugush. The account is also advertising jobs which may turn out to be false.

DJ Pierra loses her Instagram account to a hacker

This is however not the first time a celebrity is coming out to warn fans against conmen on social media.

A few days ago DJ Pierra’s Instagram account was hacked by a Tanzanian man who had been advising businesses on the lady’s page.