Akothee: I held two men by their balls and now they are women in trousers 

It’s official, Akothee has managed to floor two bloggers who a lot people would do anything to avoid appearing in the same sentence with.

Ever since Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai turned their cannons to the controversial singer, she hasn’t stopped insulting them on social media to a point the two have retreated and now gone silent.

Akothee recently made a celebratory message on her social media platforms for “winning” the war.

“The only GOAT who scares broke Ass men and turn them into gossipers ???? rich , famous and talented , argue with me at your own risk ????AKOTHEE CHUMBI CHUO held 2 men by their balls , now they are women in trousers, GIRLS WIN ??? LOTTO LINK ON MY BIO 
IF this is how COCAINE PRODUCT LOOKS LIKE , then Niongezeni dose please ??? I need more??? Any successful woman is a threat, calm down and choose a struggle , this GOAT can make you hate your life , come slow, my success isn’t the cause of your brokenness LANES LANES ????.” she posted.

Man up

She went on to ask the two bloggers to act like real men who are not focused on abusing women but helping them. 

“They are feeling baaaaaaaaaad ,baaaaaaaaad Real mean are making love to their wives , you busy guessing on the ceiling board on what other insult you can give to The GOAT?? I AM EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY TODAY AND TOMORROW, the fact still remains , YOUR TBT IS STILL YOUR CURRENT SITUATION ??” she said. 

Comeback!! Nyakundi makes a comeback with insults-laced post directed to Akothee after she gave him a good lecture online 

Blogger Nyakundi, as expected, has fired back at Akothee after her long post lecturing him.

The two have been going back and forth on social media abusing each other with unprintable words.

It all started when with Nyakundi’s post directed to Akothee in which he called him a spent cartridge.

“Wewe Victoria Kimani! Rudia Victor Wanyama. No need to waste your youth listening to sterile advise from a spent cartridge like Akothee. Ako na watoto kama 8, and you’re still child-less. Are you barren? Acha kutupwa na huyu shosh. Pata watoto wa Wanyama. Saa hii Nairobi nobody wants to date nyinyi madame wa kujifanya mko na standards. So jipange haraka before it’s too late.” wrote Nyakundi.

Akothee fired back:

“Show me your wife and children, or are you impotent? Enemy of progress, you belong inside a condom, enjoy 2 minutes of fame. I live in Sankara for more than a week, you only come there to be bought Fanta with other men. I am not a politician, and I don’t date frozen heads like you briefcase slave at my age, I own what your father is seeing on TV. If at all he knows the full meaning of KPLC, which I doubt, save your parents first before you point fingers on success, mandoyuech, YOU HAVE NO LIFE, YOU LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PUBLIC FIGURES I PITY YOUR MOM, if I was her, I would have squeezed you in between the pelvic bone, that you never see light again you are bitter than a horny cockroach, go get some sex and calm down, stop masturbating on celebrity’s walls.”


Fans begged Nyakundi to reply, and giving in to pressure, the controversial blogger sure replied. We don’t know how long this will go on because the two can really keep going and going.

Anyway, he’s what Nyakundi said:

“Watu wananipatia pressure ni-respond kwa matusi ya spent cartridge Akothee, but nilijaribu kusoma that post with the many typos nikashindwa. Typos ni mingi almost kufikia Number ya watoto wake… I did hear that she was bragging about sleeping in Sankara. Sasa, what’s so glamorous about that? Just there next to the hotel there’s a club where malaya’s are bebwad and kulwad in Sankara by Wazungu’s. Kuwa mboch mwenye umeisha grip pale kwa mzigo juu ya kudinywa sana, is not a privilege. And then ati utasema ati I belong in a condom. Kwanza wewe unajua condom ni nini? Ushawai tumia condom na vile uko na watoto kama soh mbili? You over-rated mboches need to chill.  Sasa juu umelipa Maina Kageni to overplay your shitty songs, unafikiri hatutaishi na amani? Lea watoto na upole. Mimi I was just giving that malaya of Naija men some advice.  Hata sikuwa nimeku-address. Uli-catch ma feelings sana. Najua unataka nikumange, but I’m afraid utaniambukiza herpes,” wrote Nyakundi.

Pierra Makena responds after being accused of sleeping with more than 27 men

K24’s Beat Box host DJ Pierra Makena has fired back after blogger Cyprian Nyakundi accused her of sleeping with many men.

Nyakundi accused the DJ of sleeping with more than 27 men while also dissing other ladies on his instagram account, asking men to never take their kids. Nyakundi claimed that the women all have sponsors and no young man should take care of their kids after the sponsors ditched them.

“Kama body-count ya Kamene Goro ni 27, wadau wanasema ya Pierra Makena nikama (x 10) times ten. Ati kamemangwa sana na ma-Sponyo. Wamechangamkia burungo yake kuruka. Hamna shida. Bora msituletee hao watoi wa sponyo ati tuwalelee. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake. But I like this new wave of presenters. Not those miss goody two-shoes pretenders like akina Sheila Mwanyigha, Rubadiri, This Is Ess and Adelle Onyango. Wanajifanyanga ma-Pastor na bado tunajua wanamangwa”, wrote Nyakundi.



Makena made a calm reply, choosing not to lose her cool and fire back with insults to Nyakundi who has always attacked women. She told Nyakundi she made a lot of money from her sponsors and doesn’t need any help, especially from him.

“Aaaaaw..thanks hun for downplaying me..means a lot, I promise none of the Sponyos will take care of my babies and neither will I bring any to you to raise.. I banked alot while at it. Oh btw add one more to the list made a killing last night..waking up now,” responded Pierra Makena.