Lady claiming to be pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby threatens to commit suicide!

Otile Brown is indeed a fine young man with a good career at hand. However, just like most celebrities the fella keeps on failing at most his relationship and from his recent posts; the singer says his exes are the problem.

Anyway away from that, it appears that Otile Brown has a baby on the way; but he is yet to find whether the lady claiming to be pregnant for him is telling the truth.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he says that this particular lady has created several fake accounts to announce her pregnancy on social media.

Soon-to-be baby mama drama

The lady also went ahead to send Otile Brown’s girlfriend messages about her the singer impregnating her something that ruined Otile’s relationship with Nabbi.

However, Otile now says that the lady says she will commit suicide since he has been avoiding her. In a detailed post Otile Brown went on to narrate saying;

So there is this chick with a fake account going around telling people and my girl that she’s pregnant with my child and I’m avoiding her and now she wants to commit suicide ????. Why don’t you come out in public. If the pregnancy is mine I will take responsibility for it. Simple????????‍♂️

Otile Brown