The secret formula: Why Otile Brown is so successful

Ever wondered why Otile Brown is constantly winning? When it’s down to the fact that she found the secret formula and I want to share it with any R&B star.

Otile Brown Re-Kindling His Love With His Ex Is A Red Flag

What most people don’t know is that when he started out he was trying to be a rapper and let’s face it his bars were weak. What is interesting is that it took the efforts of comedian cum MC and current politician Jalang’o to change his mind and his career path.

Otile Brown
Even when Otile Brown goes casual, he keeps it dapper

The Lang’ata member it was the one who told him he was better off singing as that is where his talents lay. And a star was instantly born as Otile Brown has been releasing hit after hit after hit. So what pray tell is his secret sauce?

Otile Brown’s birthday post dedicated to ex leaves fans convinced he still wants her back

Well, we can’t exactly say he’s been consistent at making music because we can go for months on end without hearing a new or Taylor song and I doubt he has enough material in his catalogue for him to ever go head-to-head against another Kenyan artist.

R&B singer Otile Brown

But what he seems to have fully become aware of is the fact that his audience is primarily, nah, scratch that exclusively women and he caters to that market perfectly! Otile Brown does so by crafting his image to be that of both a lover boy and reluctant player but also ensuring that he is dressed to the nines, works on his body and gives women fuel for their fantasies.

Otile Brown Addresses Beef With Arrow Bwoy

That is why his relationship with his ex, Nabi, was turned into a very public soap opera with the hymn coming off as the reluctant player who had met his match and was now head over heels for his lady love.

Former lovers, Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande

It didn’t seem to matter that Otile Brown eventually found himself embroiled in a scandal as he was accused of cheating while on tour in Germany. Nah, that was simply a case of his old nature rearing its ugly head one that he eventually slow as he began to win back his ex.


When you talk to your sister, or if you’re related to an Auntie wa Harrier, you’ll soon realise that he embodies everything they want in their dream guy: He is traditionally handsome, light skin, and can sing. That is why your sister is always swooning over Otile Brown. He has managed to do what the likes of Willy Paul couldn’t fully actualise and his secret sauce cuts across generations as young girls as well as older women can’t help but be drawn in by his magnetic charisma.

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Octopizzo is not wrong about Kenyans not supporting our own but…

Octopizzo has spoken out in defence of Otile Brown and other Kenyan artists who he feels are not fully appreciated by Kenyans. You see, all this started with Kenyans celebrating the news that Diamond Platnumz latest song “Waah” had set some record although I have a friend who pointed out that it had not broken Davido’s record for his jam “Fem“. But anyway, this is what got Namba Nane’s finest going.

Octopizzo bashes Kenyans for supporting Diamond Platnumz while ignoring Otile Brown, they respond swiftly

You see, what happened was that Kenyans took to social media cheering Diamond Platnumz’recent win yet just a few weeks ago, Otile Brown had scored a major win for the Kenyan entertainment scene and Kenyans were silent about the matter. This is something that got Octopizzo’s blood boiling and trust that he had a lot to say about the matter.

Octopizzo has a new jam dubbed Kanye
Octopizzo criticized Kenyans

Through his Twitter account, he said,

Octopizzo makes history, becomes first Kenyan rapper to make it to the Grammy Awards Consideration List

“MFs out here Gassing Diamond but will not support Otile Brown. The mediocrity on this platforms.”

Octopizzo Knaye singer born and raised in Kibera
Octopizzo is right about the way Kenyans celebrate foreign acts

Thing is, regardless of what you think about Octopizzo, he does have a point and I have raised it here before. You see before an artist can become a full-fledged star, he or she has to have their homegrown support network. Before Otile Brown can really conquer Africa, he has to first get the unwavering support of Kenyans. And I do not care what anyone says, Otile Brown is one of the leading lights interms of talent in Kenya. And he has been amassing a following but in truth, Kenyans are ashamed to publicly declare their support of their own and this is problematic.

“Unafanya handshake?” Fans react to Octopizzo’s congratulatory message to Khaligraph Jones

And while everyone wants to take aim at Octopizzo for being a hypocrite for saying this while he is still beefing with Khaligraph Jones, I would argue that he is one but for a different reason altogether. You see, at the height of his fame and popularity, Octopizzo would routinely refuse to collaborate and build up local acts.

Octopizzo has carried on his beef with Khaligraph Jones

He was a spotlight hog and while he did indeed collaborate with a few artists, they were usually the exception to his rule. Whenever Octopizzo was asked to support a local artist, he would refuse to but in a coy manner, never mind that he didn’t even have a project he was dropping. And Kenyans picked up on his energy. As a result, they refuse to have him be the one to champion the cause of Kenyan artists.

Octopizzo made a fool of himself by supporting MCSK

It is true, we are a garbage tier fandom and fanbase but it should not be one who routinely refused to build up with other fellow, compatriot artists telling us where we have messed up. It should be someone who is impartial about dolling out the barbs and bouquets like me. Infact, it should always be me and not Octopizzo. Atleast my criticism is positive and constructive. And only Maureen waititu would debate this last statement.


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How Willy Paul ruins his brand

Willy Paul is one of the biggest stars in Kenya. That isn’t a statement open to debate nor is it a question, he is truly a premier talent and he does deserve all the success he is currently enjoying because of the amount of effort he put into his craft.

“Tafta size yako” Jovial dismisses Willy Paul after singer confessed undying love for her

He literally clawed his way out of one of Kenya’s most dangerous slums to become one of the most successful celebrities we have -both in terms of musical success aswell as financially.

However, have you ever wondered why we do not have many companies clamouring to work with him or have him as their brand ambassador? It isn’t because Willy Paul isn’t influential and it isn’t because he doesn’t have a large audience, no, this vote of no-confidence in him is because of some of the blundering statements and idiotic situations he puts himself into either with irresponsible utterances or due to allegations levelled against him.

‘Nikikupata Nakukula Kama Ugali’-Willy Paul Thirsts Over Musician Jovial, She Responds (Screenshot)

His recent exchange with singer jovial is something that jumps to mind as an example of this precise problem. What I mean is that Willy Paul recently started hitting on her in the comment section of her social media account and she later responded to shut him down. Interestingly he responded and told her he would still have his way regardless.

Alot of people online claim they are generating some fake drama for a song they have that is coming out but even if that’s the case, then this is one of the dumbest publicity stunts in the history of publicity stunts.

‘Do I Look Like A R*pist?’ Willy Paul Cries Foul Following Allegations Made Against Him (Video)

Willy Paul is an artist who has been called out for being a creep in the past. Actually, it’s worse than that as he has been accused of being the type of man to have his way with women regardless of whether or not they consent. So why would he choose to market a song by skirting these allegations? This is a short-sighted move on his part because the next time an allegation is shot his way, he will have given his accusers more ammo to fir his way.

Now, incase you do not know anything about the marketing world in Kenya, it is controlled by women and they are largely members of the feminist cult. Things such as these aren’t taken lightly by them and this is why they refuse to touch Willy Paul. Look at his peer Otile Brown for a parallel. He used to also be radioactive to most brands (or rather brand managers). However, he systematically rehabilitated his image. The first thing he did was to only share positive vibes on his social media account. He used his ex-girlfriend for this. He sold Kenyan women on the dream of finding and saving a bad boy.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

And he didn’t even have to do so for long because he just needed to look like he was committed to his lady. That relationship died quickly. But not the benefits. As a result, he is currently considered a hot commodity by most brands.

Why does Willy Paul enjoy playing stupid games? Why would you make even a joke about something inappropriate that ties into previous allegations levelled against you? It’s madness! Doesn’t he know the saying that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes? He needs to actually start his redemption arch. While he is still making a lot of money off his art, imagine how much he is leaving on the table simply because he wants to continue being the scoundrel.

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The secret to Otile Brown success revealed

Otile Brown is a man who has transcended the entertainment industry in kenya to a point where he is now an east African star. This is a rare feat for a solo Kenyan artist, only really having been achieved by Camp Mulla back in their hey day and Sauti Sol.

Otile Brown The Only Kenyan Listed Among Top 10 African Musicians By Boomplay, Tanzanians Still Dominating

proof of this fact can be seen through the dominance he has shown to have over the billboards and his YouTube views and a lot of Kenyan artists have been left wondering how it is he has managed to achieved breathing in this rarified air and today, I am hear to answer that question.

It is actually a very simple answer but it is one that you have probably not thought of… Consistency. otile Brown is more consistent than your favourite Gengeton artist and I do not simply mean in terms of how many songs he churns out but rather how many quality songs he churns out and the devil is indeed in that detail.

Otile Brown explains why it’s hard for a Kenyan artist to make it big in the music scene

You see, man like Otile Brown is known to consistently release hit after hit and I am talking about both radio hits and club bangers. And while at it, he has mastered the art of releasing three different types of songs at a go:

  1. Love you Long Time songs
  2. Can’t Keep it up songs
  3. Slow grower songs

What this list means is simply that Otile releases songs that are first huge when they are released and they slowly peter off but are still popular on the down low so they are still streamed over many years such as his songs with Sanaipei Tande.

The second type are the crazy bangers that explode in the club and then disappear. These are particularly useful for social media challenges and an example of such a song would be like Dusuma.

And then there are the slow grower songs that take time to become popular but once they are, they have great lasting power.

Otile Brown has invested in an image consultant and we love it

Now, whether Otile Brown stumbled upon this brilliant strategy on his own or whether he got to it through the guidance of his managers and handlers, that is immaterial. What matters is that he is actually executing the strategy well. And not a day goes by when you will not hear an otile brown jam on the radio.

Otile Brown

Add to this the fact that he actually takes the time to curate his image and you have a winning strategy. In him you have a male artist who is handsome (pause), is always dressed to the nines and has great music. Even with the limited resources invested in him, he was always destined to be a star.

Now imagine what were to happen if Otile Brown’s brand met with the type of investment poured into the Tanzanian or Nigerian or even South African entertainment scenes. He actually only needs to work on getting some financing so he can introduce himself to the West African and South African market and he will truly be the ultimate success.

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Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown

Vera Sidika is not over her ex, Otile Brown who we have to all acknowledge has actually won their breakup in leaps and bounds and that is probably a huge part of the reason why the former trollop socialite cannot come to terms with her past in so far as dating him is concerned.

Vera Sidika Opens Up On Wedding Plans With Lover Brown Mauzo, Reveals When She’ll Be Having Kids

And you do have to feel for her and more so for her partner, Brown Mauzo because when Otile and Vera Sidika Shikwekwe were dating, she was the bigger star of the two. But once she exposed him to a new audience, he took off and he is arguably a bigger star than she ever was.

Vera Sidika, Otile Brown
Otile Brown and Vera Sidika when they were still dating

And in contrast, there is Brown Mauzo who has been with Vera Sidika for a very long time and he cannot replicate the type of exposure that afforded Otile Brown his chance at being a superstar. He has not grown his following by much and his music isn’t being received by a wider audience.

”I’ve Never Gotten Pregnant Because I always Prevent It”- Vera Sidika

But that has no factor on what we are discussing today and that is the fact that Vera Sidika is not over Otile Brown and we can see that in her response when people ask about him. You see, the opposite of love is not contempt but indifference.

Otile Brown,Vera Sidika
Otile Brown and Vera Sidika while they were still a couple

And her reply to a fan who asked her whether she still has feelings to “OB” which is one of his monikers and she acted like she does not know him. The intent was to convey a contemptuous “I have never heard of that person”.

Otile Brown exposes Vera Sidika for using and dumping him (Video)

Instead, what Vera Sidika has done is to make me realize she is not over her ex. Why? What happens when someone is genuinely over a failed relationship and their partner from said relationship? They can talk about them without injecting their hurt to the conversation.

Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika engaged to Brown Mauzo who still lives in Otile Brown’s shadow

Time, as they say, heals all wounds. And if time has been allowed to do its thing, then it should have resulted in her hurt and pain at how Otile Brown did her should have healed enough for her to speak on the relationships and the lessons learned.

“You are sick” Otile Brown reveals the main reason his ex Vera Sidika aborted their unborn baby

So Vera Sidika isn’t exactly over her ex. And clearly, she fell in love with OB more than she had anticipated and this shows her human side. Even trollops are women at the end of the day. Still, she should probably take time to heal and seek therapy. Otherwise, she is wasting Brown Mauzo’s time. And I cannot even imagine what this all spells out for Bwana Mauzo because he knows he is living in OB’s shadow -both in career and in love.

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Otile Brown has invested in an image consultant and we love it

Otile Brown is clearly one of if not the best dressed Kenyan celebrity. He has invested in his brand after realizing that his career depends on more than him just being talented as he would need more for him to stand out from the crowded field of artists and crooners.

Amber Ray finally comes clean about romantic relationship with Otile Brown

This introduction to the subject matter then leads to a follow-up question; what is a celeb? Well, when we are talking about music artists, it starts with the talent and craft of making music. Otile Brown has this covered as he is a very talented crooner.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown style

From there, the image becomes an important differentiated. Otile Brown started by hitting the gym and though his body won’t win him any IFBB Pro competitions, he is better off than 80% of the general male population and about 90% of the male entertainers.

2021 will be Otile Brown’s to conquer

From here, he began to invest in his wardrobe. And to help him achieve both these goals, he turned to professionals. Otile turned to a professional personal trainer to help him achieve the body type he wanted and he turned to a professional image consultant to help him.

Otile Brown
Even when Otile Brown goes casual, he keeps it dapper

And it is working wonders for him. Otile Brown can easily be said to be Kenya’s biggest male star (not in a group) and something of a sex symbol. He can compare his popularity to that of Diamond Platnumz from across the border.

Octopizzo bashes Kenyans for supporting Diamond Platnumz while ignoring Otile Brown, they respond swiftly

And he did something smart, seeing that most Kenyan artists prefer urban styling, he has tried to push himself into a more gentleman style and he has made that his niche which helps Otile Brown stamp himself further as your girlfriend’s favourite artist.

Otile Brown
Just In Love CEO, Otile Brown when he tried a new hairstyle

And it is clearly bearing results. Otile Brown has managed to grow his social media following immensely as those photos and videos feed the delusions and fantasies of Kenyan women and this has resulted in his songs being well received.

Intimate video of Hamisa Mobetto and Otile Brown raises eyebrows

What is an interesting proof of this is the fact that on any given day, when you’re out at a club, you will realize that whenever his songs start playing, it is women who go crazy for this sort of music and they usually know the song so well, they sing along word for word. Indeed, 2020 really shafted his career because Otile Brown would have been much bigger.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown keeping it simple in black

Otile Brown even tried to launch a sartorial business to get men to dress like him but his prices were ludicrously out of the reach for most Kenyan men but I would actually tell Kenyan men to emulate him and actually pay attention to their style because I cannot think of any situation in which dressing better will not be rewarding except ofcourse, when you meet robbers.

Otile Brown and Willy Paul: Planned Vs chaotic success

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2021 will be Otile Brown’s to conquer

Otile Brown had a massive 2020 but I would argue that that was simply the precursor of things to come in 2021 what with the manner in which the entertainment industry was severely hampered by the Covid19 lockdown measures that the government had put in place.

Octopizzo bashes Kenyans for supporting Diamond Platnumz while ignoring Otile Brown, they respond swiftly

You see, a lot of artists who had major bangers last year were unable to harvest from their hard work because we were all coupled up in our homes. The concerts weren’t there. The clubs weren’t there for a major part of the past year. So Otile Brown never really got to interact with his fans and build his brand on a personal level. He couldn’t get to talk to his fans to find out what more they wanted to see from him.

Otile Brown
R&B singer Otile Brown

But as we move on to 2021, Kenyans are increasingly becoming tired of the situation. Civil disobedience is growing and Kenyans who are tired of just sitting in their living rooms are becoming creative about how they party. Add to this the fact that with schools opening up, it is only a matter of time until the Covid19 restrictions stop making sense. And Otile Brown clearly has more artistry in store for us all and he will still be able to perform last years songs as if they are still fresh because most Kenyans have never seen the performances.

Nothing but love! Otile Brown flies to Ethiopia to meet lover Nabayet, a week after her return (Videos)

He is already the most listened to Kenyan artist. That will come into play as Kenyans begin to flock nightclubs and concerts once more. He will be the most sort after performer. And if he can keep churning out hits like he did, he will become the main guy to beat or collaborate with. I see him actually getting to a point where he can compete with Tanzanian artists everywhere in East Africa except in Tanzania.

Otile Brown
Just In Love CEO, Otile Brown

Think Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Think about East Africans in the diaspora. He could actually get to a point where he rivals Sauti Sol in terms of performances but for this to work, he also needs to get proper management in place. That way, he can capitalize on his rising stardom and get financial success commensurate with the popularity of his art.

Otile Brown narrates how crazy fan punched him on the face during Live perfomance

At this point, the only reason why Otile Brown wouldn’t succeed would be something entirely up to him and perhaps, laziness. He has taken off, he should focus on making this year his heifer and run roughshod on it.

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DJ Mo and 4 Kenyan celebrities who allegedly cheated on their partners with ugly women

DJ Mo is not the only man who has been alleged to have cheated on his wife/ partner with a women less attractive than her. And it seems to be the trend for Kenyan celebrities and indeed, Kenyan men. They marry their idea of a “quality woman” then they go and cheat with a much less attractive woman and I have to question whether something in our water is making men dumber.

Seductive videos of DJ Mo’s side chick emerge leaving many mesmerized by her dancing skills (Videos)

You see, Edgar Obare has come out and exposed several men of cheating on their partners and for some reason, whenever we finally find out who their affair partner is, I am often left feeling underwhelmed. So what to do? How are you supposed to deal with this sheer nonsense as a fan of some of these men? My heart is broken.

DJ Mo video calling Side chick


But this isn’t about just DJ Mo because as I said earlier, he is part of a not so exclusive club of men who smash sub-par women. So let us take a look at some of these men and let us ridicule their ignominious taste in women.

Meet the lady DJ Mo has been cheating on Size 8 with since 2016 (Photos)

#1. DJ Mo

On this one issue, I think this photo speaks volumes:

You have to wonder whether DJ Mo suffers from some sort of optical impairment. Actually, the drop in aesthetic quality actually leads one to question whether or not DJ Mo is of sound mind. It didn’t make things better that he was also reported to have been talking smack about his wife’s conjugal capacity. But it is good to see that he is big on body positivity and for him, aesthetic appeal is not a barrier. Honestly, how else do you explain the fact that they were said to have had a dalliance since 2016?

Drama after DJ Mo tries to get back wife who took off with their children (Video)

#2. Jalang’o

MC and comedian, Jalang’o

Seriously though, on this matter, Heavy J was a bit of a let down. He was caught up in a scandal that involved him simping for different women and sleeping with a majority of them but the thing that caught my eyes was the fact that none of the women he was reported to have had some horizontal delight with were all unattractive. Especially when compared to his attractive wife. One has to wonder whether Jalas was just tired of being with an attractive woman so his curiosity led him to wonder what it was like bedding unattractive women.

Why Kenyans defended Alex Mwakideu but persecuted Jalang’o

#3. Mwakideu

Alex Mwakideu
Jalang’o, Irene Barungi (the alleged side chic) and Alex Mwakideu

Jalang’o’s partner in crime was caught up in a scandal shortly after the former’s. What that meant was that we got to find out about the fact that Mwakideu was allegedly sleeping with a former producer of his whom he had a long-standing affair with. And we were shocked to discover that she doesn’t hold a candle to his legal wife.

Why everyone is blaming Jalang’o for societal truths

#4. Brown Mauzo

Brown Mauzo
Brown Mauzo’s wife

This idjot left his wife who is a young, nubile, petite PYT for Vera Sidika who has more mileage than a cross-continental truck plying the American continent. We have seen her with Otile Brown, we have seen her with Yommy Jones, a Nigerian yahoo boy who alleged that Vera Sidika was a trollop who galivants the globe looking for Johns. And now, we can see Vera Shikwekwe Sidika chilling and getting engaged to Vera Sidika, abandoning his nubile wife.

#5. Otile Brown

Otile Brown
Otile Brown with lover, Nabayet

This guy was caught up in a scandal last year when he went out to perform in Germany where a lady came out claiming he was cheating on the woman he is always pining about and crying for, Nabii. It was hilarious to watch him attempt to distance himself from the saga especially given the mountain of evidence in form of screenshots that showed he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.


One has to wonder whether the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder isn’t just some sort of rationalizing the fact that some men go for low hanging fruit. But in my opinion, these women are very unattractive. And in the words of someone I used to admire greatly, everyone has a right to an opinion, mine.


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Otile Brown and Willy Paul: Planned Vs chaotic success

Otile Brown and Willy Paul are now fully-fledged A-list celebrities but they arrived at this position, this highly sought after place through different methods. You see, there are largely four ways guys find their way into becoming A-listers. The first is through accident. An artist becomes an A-lister after their song goes viral. From that position, they are able to leverage that instantenous fame and keep churning out jingles that go viral. Think Lil Pump on this one.

Otile Browns reveals why fellow artists are to blame for the corrupt MCSK

The second is through sheer force of talent. The artist has no real career plan and they are simply putting out music. They keep releasing songs that at first are sleepers but eventually, that artist begins to rise up song charts. These are the artists who always seem like they are shocked or surprised by their fame. Think of the Weeknd. Willy Paul fits this mould.

Otile Brown
Just In Love CEO, Otile Brown

The third is when an artist is an industry plant. What that basically means is that they appear out of nowhere and even before they can grow their organic fanbase, media houses and corporations rally behind and really push them. These are artists like Chance The Rapper or Lizzo who seem to have come up from nowhere and are the darling of companies or identity politicians pushing agendas. When they have public performances, they do not seem to have as strong a fanbase as their corporate backers make it appear. Locally, Victoria Kimani and Kagwe Mungai.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul looking snazzy

Otile Brown played himself with his recent social media outburst

Then there are artists who are not just a talented force but they have their own strategy and handlers who help push their brand. These are guys like Diamond Platnumz who carefully curate their brand and image. They carefully select artists to feature in their music and they can clearly be seen to have an ultimate goal for their careers and clearly defined parameters of success. Sauti Sol and Otile Brown come to mind aswell as Khaligraph Jones.

Otile Brown
RnB artist Otile Brown bron Jacob Obunga

Today we are going to be focusing on the main differences between Otile Brown and Willy Paul. You see, both are talented. Willy Paul more so because he had to leverage his talent to overcome gospel industry mafioso who had tried to shut down his career like they had done so many others. Otile Brown too, has had a long journey to superstardom. He started off without a plan and languished at the very bottom of the music industry totem pole until he finally had an epiphany that he has to be more proactive in how he manages his career.

Why Otile Brown is hitting back at his trolls with possible lawsuit

Right now, very few Kenyan artists can be said to be truly A-listers. Kenyans who can perform in not just Nairobi and Mombasa but Tanzania aswell or Rwanda and attract a crowd. Off the top of my mind there are the Nyashinksis, your Sauti Sols, your Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul and Otile Brown. There paths to stardom were ultimately different but they are now the superstars.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Otile Brown can be seen to have decided to become a lot more careful when you look at how he addresses his controversies. He doesn’t just allow them to run unchecked. He usually tries everything possible to shut them down, even going as far as to attempt to scare their purveyors with legal consequences. He takes care of his image and has began hitting the gym to ensure his body is the type women (his core audience) will swoon for. He is even meticulous in how he dresses. Even his mannerisms are carefully curated. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why someone from some back-water village in Mombasa is attempting to be debonair? Or you only associate that term with pizzas?

It just got ugly! Willy Paul and Shakilla go to battle in a nasty war of words

Willy Paul on the other hand has adopted a sprezzatura attitude. It is a carefully managed devil-may-care approach to life. He is actually a very snazzy dresser and you can tell he is mindful about his image. He usually bumbles through his insults though, whenever he is angry. His controversies are usually clearly just a case of him allowing his virility to drive him into unnecessary issues. He thinks with his small head and not his coconut. He is loud and abbrassive, he is unrefined, essentially, he is a bad boy and it works wonders for him because at the end of the day, all that is secondary to his talent.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul born Wilson Abubakar Radido

That is why I would argue that one, Otile Brown, is curated success while Willy Paul is chaotic success.

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Otile Brown played himself with his recent social media outburst

Otile Brown is fuming! He’s big mad! The crooner is beside himself with anger because his name was recently mentioned in connection to a woman who claims he had slid into her DMs and was propositioning her for sex.

Why Otile Brown is hitting back at his trolls with possible lawsuit

While for the rest of us this was just a hilarious interlude to an otherwise drab and dreary week, for Otile Brown this was a slight he could not live down. He wasn’t about to let this insult slide and be somebody’s puta.

otile brown
RnB artist, Otile Brown

And so Otile Brown drafted and posted a message warning the lady in question of legal action he intended to institute against her. And he was fuming enough to post a statement in proper English…

Otile Brown discloses 8 reasons why he only has eyes for Nabbi

But that was simply put, a dumb decision. Bwana Brown played himself with that post. Absolutely no one cared about the post that had been shared but with Otile Brown’s overreaction, now we are paying attention.

otile brown
Jacob Obunga popularly Otile Brown

You see, sometimes in life, the smart play is to ignore a slight and keep it moving like Donkey Kong. Instead the crooner is having a conniption and it has painted him in a horrible light. Perhaps he felt he had to take such drastic measures because he is in a supposedly monogamous long-distance relationship with Nabayet.

“Lightskin nigga you’re not scary,” Otile Brown’s ex side chick brutally claps back day after threatening her with lawsuit

Whatever the case may be, the thing about this entire affair is that it would serve him better to poke fun at the allegations. Besides that, there is nothing wrong with shooting your shot. You don’t owe anyone anything outside of courtesy and at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with approaching and hitting on a lady you want.

otile brown
Kenyan singer, Otile Brown

Perhaps even Otile could have put out a song about constantly being linked to women yet it is they who want him. But no, instead, he allowed his emotions to run wild and even in the lady’s rebuttal, she took aim at this fact and mocked him for being a sensitive light skin ninja.

And now that is the go-to insult for anyone who wants to rile up Otile Brown and get his goat. All you have to do is mock him for having a light complexion and play up the stereotype about light-skinned men being sensitive.


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Otile Brown’s punyeto confession: Never accept long distance relationships

Otile Brown has released a new album, bought a new luxury BMW sedan and by all accounts, he is riding high but for one major issue: he is forced to masturbate by his relationship circumstances.

Otile Brown admits to self-pleasuring himself, Nabayet sweetly responds

Yup, you read that right. Otile Brown recently revealed that in an effort to remain faithful to his Australia based lass, Nabayet, he has taken to masturbating.

otile brown

While this might seem like a good idea, it is actually a huge problem that could eventually cause the demise of their relationship even if she does return and the pair get married. Having said that, I am sure you are wondering how this decision by title Brown and Nabayet to keep their relationship alive through fidelity is going to spell doom for that very relationship and I am here to tell you.

Otile Brown shares important tip that helped build his long distance relationship

For starters, this solution could very likely see Otile form an addiction to masturbation. Actually, this is the only danger. It is what happens should he develop a masturbation addiction that would ruin Otile Brown’s relationship.

otile brown

You see, were Otile Brown to develop an addiction to his relief method, he would quickly become desensitized to the pleasures of being with a woman. This would quickly cause problems for Nabayet who would be unable to satisfy her man.

Why Otile Brown is enough proof that gentlemen still exist!

Another issue that would come about is the fact that the act of wanking robs men of their drive to succeed. The truth of this is seen in the fact that men push themselves to excel in order to gain access to sex. When this need is muted, men lose their drive to excel.

otile brown

Otile Brown could develop a dependency on pornography to fuel his masturbation. This causes problems for relationships because it robs men of realistic expectations of sex.

How Vera Sidika sacrificed Otile Brown´s relationship with Nabayet (Video)

Also, at the end of the day, one has to ask themself whether they are willing to put an almost obscene amount of trust in the only muscle in the body that enjoys being exercised. Wouldn’t you rather call it a day and see whether you two can get back together with each other once you’re on the same landmass, continent or even country?

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Otile Brown found the ‘Juice’ he has been look for in this new track (Video)

Kenya’s RnB star Otile Brown has released another exciting track dubbed ‘Juice’. A love song the depicts the perfect girl for Otile Brown.

In the song he Otile is totally smitten by this girl that has captured his heart that he says she is the ‘juice’ he has been looking for.

When we talk about proper love songs Otile Brown does not miss in the list of creatives of such music. After all he is the only Kenyan RnB star that believes in consistency. Good or bad traction does not deter his determination to make make good music for his fans.


The Vicky Pon dis track has easy lyrics thus the ease in delivery by the ‘Chaguo langu ‘ hit maker. He starts of by telling us how this girl is his new addiction.

Gamu raibu wa sigara,Wacha mtihani ata ukitaka siwezi

Girl you gaa me crazy for your love,Nafsi na moyo lakuozana till late

I will let you drive me crazy, Girl you gaa me crazy for your love baby….his lyrics read in part.

If for anything Otile’s choice of vixens is always good.

Another thing that stands out in the video is the dance by a whole girls dance group.Their choreography is just good for  the song’s tempo.

The up beat tune just gives you a reason to dance.

On the other hand the visuals for this jam are well done, though I don’t understand the need to shoot in that location.

For a love song I believe it need good color to create a beautiful mood just like the people in it. That is the only flip side for me.

The video was shot and directed by Deska Torres and they did a good job.

For now we keep jamming to this amazing jam as we anticipate for the next love song.

For rating I will go for 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Otile Brown tries out new music style in “Wine”

Otile Brown is back with a new tune dubbed Wine. The new song comes one week after the release of Aiyana a collaboration with Kenya’s finest, Sanaipei Tande.

To start with, in Wine, Otile Brown has slightly ditched his usual style of singing. I must say that in this one he has done a better job trying something new.

First, Wine is a dance video and for sure it looks like it. From the video, it tells it all. There is only one vixen doing her thing as Otile Brown sings in the background.

Otile Brown tries out new music style in Wine

Wine is a dance jam

Also, from the lyrics, it is easy to understand what this song is all about.

“I like the way you wine ah I like the way you move ah Put your drunken move ah Girl you blow my mind,  blow my mind,” says Otile Brown in the lyrics.

There is a way and a tone in which Otile Brown delivers the stanza. First, you notice he has adopted bass to create uniqueness. I must admit that this one has worked.

Wine is all about a woman shaking her body and doing all the gymnastics involved in dancing. Also, Otile Brown repeats the chorus so much to emphasise on the title of the song.

“Nyanyua kisha dondosha Nyanyua kisha dondosha Nyanyua kisha dondosha Mtoto umenikosha,” read the chorus.

Otile Brown tries out new music style in Wine

She wine girl fine is the actual chorus that shows how the girl is really twerking. This is a special one for all the dance lovers.

Although he has not put in a lot of energy like in her previous works, Otile is at the top still.  Wine has gathered a good number of views in less than a day.

Otile Brown still stands in controlling the Kenyan music scene. In conclusion, Wine gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Sanaipei Tande and Otile Brown should do more music together

Kenyan actress, songstress and former radio personality Sanaipei Tande is a whole force to reckon. That I can shout if not just write about.

She is a lady that possesses multiple talents like I just started off. Sanaipei is one that can act on Tv and you will definitely love her.

Remember her role on Citizen Tv’s Aziza sometime back? Yes, she stood out with her proficiency with the Swahili television drama.

Further, thanks to her growing up in the coastal region Sanaipei boasts of grace, class, beauty, talent. Her music career started off back in the days of Ogopa deejays and guess what she is still here in the gengetone era.

Talk of playing it cool.

She first came into the limelight when she and two of her bandmates won the East Africa Coca Cola Pop Stars in 2004.

When the group disbanded, she found success as a solo artist and has been flying high ever since.

Musical prowess

Sanaipei Tande started out in the church where she said her big brother and mum were the push for her singing career.

She has had several songs like Amina, Najuta, Ankula Huu, Ghetti Kali that she featured Jua Kali, controversial Mfalme wa Mapenzi among others.

Consequently, she was loved by Kenyans and has been a darling to many despite her on and off in music. We want more music, please.

Sanaipei Otile Juice

Lately, she has been seen with Otile Brown in two songs like Chaguo la Moyo and now Ayiana. For this song, the duo delivered a sensational jam that many Kenyans fell in love with.

Otile and Sanaipei

Then in between came Otile’s love scandal with Vera that saw Sanaipei distance herself from him. She hates drama like a plague.

However, months in we see them again in a new jam dubbed Ayiana, another love song that elicits all sorts of emotions.

With this kind of music between the duo, I have every reason to believe that constant collaborations will propel each further musically.

For one Otile has succeeded in keeping his audience with his RnB jams. He is the kind of guy that makes you believe in love once more but then Sanaipei adds the juice to the music.

Otile Brown features in Uganda’s The Ben new jam “Can’t get enough” and its a big tune(Video)

What a better way to usher in the festive season. The Ben and Otile Brown have ushered in this season with an impeccable collabo: Can’t Get Enough.

The two have done such an amazing producing quite the hit needed by their fans. The Ben is a celebrated Ugandan artist with a notable track record.

Their thrilled fans have taken to social media expressing their satisfaction with the job well done. The song that has both Swahili and English languages has attracted even the Tanzanian audience and the reception has been great in East Africa so far.


The Ben, who has always been known as an R n B artist has given his fans a sweet surprise. This song is just proof that he can do a variety of genres as well.

The notably handsome(I had to notice that) artist who started his music career back in 2007 has steadily risen and is now expanding his brand internationally. His other notable songs include Vazi, Naremeye, Ndaje, and Fine Girl.


Set majorly in a club, just blends with the mood in the song.


The video is quite captivating, and the vixens have done justice to the song. I never knew Otile Brown could dance till I watched him in this video. He has quite some potential.


Done in both Swahili and English, I just can’t seem to get enough of these beautiful voices. The tonal variation at different points in the song is more than captivating.

Sasa baby, you got me going crazy

You that I can’t get enough of your love, can’t get enough

At this point the song sounds like “Turn me on” from the lyrics to the tune it takes.

Baby you know I can’t get enough of your love

The way you whine you blow my mind

The song is about a lovestruck man who just can’t seem to get enough of everything the lover has to offer.

Well-articulated and expressed feelings, this club banger is quite a danceable tune as well.

Rating 9/10

Lady claiming to be pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby threatens to commit suicide!

Otile Brown is indeed a fine young man with a good career at hand. However, just like most celebrities the fella keeps on failing at most his relationship and from his recent posts; the singer says his exes are the problem.

Anyway away from that, it appears that Otile Brown has a baby on the way; but he is yet to find whether the lady claiming to be pregnant for him is telling the truth.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he says that this particular lady has created several fake accounts to announce her pregnancy on social media.

Soon-to-be baby mama drama

The lady also went ahead to send Otile Brown’s girlfriend messages about her the singer impregnating her something that ruined Otile’s relationship with Nabbi.

However, Otile now says that the lady says she will commit suicide since he has been avoiding her. In a detailed post Otile Brown went on to narrate saying;

So there is this chick with a fake account going around telling people and my girl that she’s pregnant with my child and I’m avoiding her and now she wants to commit suicide ????. Why don’t you come out in public. If the pregnancy is mine I will take responsibility for it. Simple????????‍♂️

Otile Brown

Otile Brown the lover boy on ‘Nabayet’

Otile Brown is back with a new jam Nabayet. The talented Kenyan musician does not disappoint. He has that lyrical prowess that will keep look out for his songs always. In this new jam seems it is all about the lover.

In addition, Otile has not had it easy in his dating life. Also, he is known for writing great love songs. This dude is very smart, how he was able to come up with a song talking to ex-lover is prof of his love for the girl. This needed courage.

READ ALSO:“FORGIVE HIM PLEASE!” Fans literally cry out to Nabayet after her humbling reply to Otile’s apology

Firstly, title Nabayet is the name of his Ethiopian lover. This has helped kill the monotony that comes with most of his love songs. Otile is describing himself in this jam.

Otile Brown the lover boy on 'Nabayet'

Nabayet is all about love

Sinking deeper into the lyrics, you’ll realise that they are well crafted. Come on we all know how Otile does it. The first stanza goes like;

Nimejaliwa moyo wa upendo, Nikipenda napendaga vibaya Ila scandal zimefanya sija settle , Madem wananihukumu vibaya Nishabadili ata Mienendo wanadai nimefulia ile mbaya Mana sifanyi kiki tena na scandal sina hamu nazo kisa wewe mama. In this stanza he talks of how when he loves and what hinders him from settling.

To add on, we all recall his back and forth with Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika. For sure he deserves better. In the next stanza; Baby mi sio mtu wa mchezo mchezo (Nabayet ,Nabayet , Nabayet) Sema niku Oe ata leo (Nabayet ,Nabayet , Nabayet).

Here he says that he is not a playboy and if Nabeyet says she wants to get married be it today, he will do it. What kind of love do women want out here?

Otile Brown the lover boy on 'Nabayet'

Aseme anahisi joto nimpepee ila anachukulia poa tu Nioshe viombo nimkande ila juhudi zangu bure tu Namtendekeza kama mtoto ata chakula kwa mkono ashiki Kama Mashine nampa tango mana hanaga bwawa la maji. If the promises in this song is something to go by, then Otile is smitten.

Audio was produced by Ihaji. It is just dope. The words and the beats are in sync. Also, we are not going to forget the director Deska Torres. It is a great team.

In conclusion, lets forget about Nabayet and focus on the talent. This is a great jam. Last but least, Otile Brown gets a rating of 7/10 in Nabayet.

Video Below.

Otile Brown finally releases video that he’s in bed with socialite Amber Ray 

Socialite Amber Ray and singer Otile Brown were recently trending topics after they surprised fans with a sensual video while in bed.

Everyone knew it’s a video coming soon but the two didn’t share when it will drop.

Otile has now dropped the video dubbed Siku Yetu. And yes, Amber Ray is the video vixen.  The song has been produced by Teddy B while the video was done by Platnumz Videos.


Otile, as expected, sings about falling in love and there’s a lot of romantic scenes in the video that shows him enjoy date nights with Amber Ray.

It has several steamy scenes also that fans should absolutely not miss.

Watch the video below:

Otile ditched by Jovial just weeks after buying her brand new Mazda Demio

It seems Otile Brown can’t just stop losing women.

Just weeks after Otile announced he has signed budding singer Jovial and even bought her a brand new car, A Mazda Demio work Ksh 700,000, Jovial has left his label.

According to sources, the singer ditched Otile because he’s too controlling and she felt he wasn’t taking her in the right direction.

“That’s true I have left the label after a misunderstanding with Otile over some issues I felt weren’t right. But we are still cool with each other,” Jovial told Nairobi News.


The two worked on “Zichune” which performed really well on Youtube gathering almost 800K views. After being her the car, Otile took to social media to share how talented the singer is.

“Mtoto mkali na anaimba ajabu.. i bless you with this small moti to help carry you around.. they ain’t ready for you .. And by the way @jovialmusic_ is kenyan, born and raised in Mombasa .. let’s support her #zichune ft @jovialmusic_ link on YouTube #justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutlove,” said Otile Brown.

Collaborations are all some musicians need to survive

Recently collaborations have become the order of the day. Left, right, center you’ll find artists attempting this. Could it be the only way to save sinking legends. Everyday we are waking up to new collaborations some of which we didn’t think would work.

Looking at the Kenyan music industry, tremendous growth has occurred. We have seen the rise of new artists. The new age artists are quickly taking on the music platform from the long time legends.

Kenyans taking collabos far

These new musicians seem to have understood what their audience want and have also embraced collabos. I feel like this is the only thing left for most musicians.

Reasons why collaborations are keeping some artists relevant

You all know of big names who even after releasing hit after hit are slowly going down. Well, this could be one of the reason they need to do collabos. Look at how the new musicians are doing it. Ethic and Ochungulo family are making it up there especially with their remixes.


Have you all noticed that King Kaka is also using this trick?King Kaka is known to be doing better but I’d say that is not the case nowadays.  Recently he has featured in two collabos which seem to be doing better than his single releases. The one with the Kansoul and also Butita and Dj Shiti seem to have sold him.

Below is a link to a collabo between King Kaka and  Kansoul.

Look at it this way, would watch yourself fall or merge with a new person in the industry to survive? I would go for the latter. We all need to remain relevant especially in this industry. Also artists like Otile Brown and Arrow boy are also doing good. Recent collabos are something that I feel is all about being relevant.

The music industry is changing and some of this artists need something to lean on. Someone like Otile now needs to go internationally and even try and get Mbosso for a collabo. This will enlarge the market for his work. Let this people also avoid local collaboration.

Anyway if this is what is left, then I would wish that Nameless does something with a super artist..

Some fans believe Otile Brown is posting imaginary shows while on ‘tour’ abroad

Singer Otile Brown is currently abroad visiting a few places here and there and fans believe that he’s using this opportunity to dupe his followers that he has a huge following there.

An observer took to social media to dig the popular singer following a post claiming that one of his shows in Austria was lit.

According to the fan, Otile is posting imaginary shows that never happened.

“How come we don’t see you posting these shows since you really got us hyped. We only see you appreciating fans while you are seated,” the fan commented. 


The comment posted on Instagram started getting a lot of attention as more and more fans joined in to share that they never saw a show from the singer.

Otile was eventually forced to respond saying that only his die-hard fans saw his shows.

“I post all my shows on my storyline. You should know if you are truly a real fan,” he said in response. 

Well, we all know African artists perform to just countable people on these abroad trips so Otile should just leave it at that.

Otile Brown: I’m a humble and very respectful guy but people keep showing me attitude

Singer Otile Brown recently took to social media to say that he’s a very humble guy but some people have been led to believe he’s arrogant and stubborn.

The singer shared that sometimes people are always after putting him down to massage their egos and though he’s a really humble guy, that pisses him off.

I have been in several situations where some people will approach me with a lot of attitude trying to boost their ego coz they’ve had or been told that I’m stubborn and full of myself later on they realize that I’m a very calm and humble dude and I eventually 
make them look stupid. People will lie on you when they can’t take advantage or can’t have you do things their way. I’m a humble and very respectful guy, i just don’t play when it comes to business/my brand,” he said. 

What you give

Otile concluded his short rant by saying that people should understand that what they give to the universe is what they get back.

“Be good.. The energy you put out is the type of energy you attract. Don’t judge from what you’ve heard but what you’ve experienced.” he said. 


Otile Brown takes a swipe at Vera Sidika after she claimed he’s behind news her parlor is dead 

It seems singer Otile Brown and Vera Sidika are back at it again.

While Vera was away, rumors started flying that her new palour Vera Sidika Palour was dead and that she has even fired all her employees.

Otile had first hinted that the new business was struggling, badly, and that Sidika shouldn’t be living so flamboyant but focusing on it.

Now that Sidika is back, she has addressed the rumors that her business is dead saying that she was told one of her ex was spreading the rumors. We believe she was talking about Otile Brown.

Still opened

“I was told that some ex was spreading these rumors. They wish. NEVER closed at all. Only on Christmas Day. People like it when they see you fall. So even when you ain’t falling they’ll force others to believe you have,” said Vera in response to a comment by a fan.

It seems Otile got wind of this and fired a long post saying that some people( probably Vera) are praying for his downfall and talking ill about him in different chat groups.

He said that he has never prayed for anyone’s downfall and he’ll never do so in the future.

“Tofauti yangu na wewe ni kua unaniombea mabaya na kunisema vibaya kila kutwa kwenye group yenu ya WhatsApp wakati mimi mtulivu sana .. unapowashawishi watu kua mimi nimbaya kitabia ata kimaisha wakati sivyo ,watu wanakuchamba wewe kua vipi uka wai kua kwenye mapenzi na mtu kama mimi,” he said. 

Read the full post below:

Otile Brown releases new song dubbed ‘Samantha’ (video)

Singer Otile Brown has released his new song dubbed “Samantha” weeks after parting ways with Vera Sidika.

The song comes after several assumptions that the singer has already moved on and gotten himself another hot bae after his ugly spat with the socialite.

The song was produced by Teddy B and the video shot by popular Tanzanian video director Hanscana.

Warm reception

The song comes just a day after Otile released an audio dubbed “Niende”. According to Otile, he decided to release the two songs back to back because one was delayed.

“Hii ndio zawadi yenu nlio wapangia ila last week nilichelewa kui releases nikaona ni release #Niende ili nisiwa disapoint kisha hii #Samantha ni release mwanzo wa wiki hii amabapo ndo leo .. Nisiwe mnafiki huu mwaka umekua wa mafanikio kwangu na yote kwaajili ya Mungu na support yenu , natumai mwaka ujao utakua ata zaidi mana nimepanga kujiongeza sana .Asanteni and God bless y’all.” he said. 

Unlike several other Otile songs that he released while with and after break up with Vera Sidika, this one has gotten a good reception from fans and is already number one on trending list.

Watch the video below:

“You can’t take me down’ Vera Sidika sends final message to Otile after shaming him recently

Vera Sidika has been talking a lot about Otile Brown lately.

The socialite exposed the mellow singer for allegedly being a one minute man and sucking( OK, maybe not the right word) in bed.

All this time, Otile has remained silent publicly. Apparently, Vera has come out to claim that Otile has been tarnishing her name away from the public eye and is trying everything to make sure her saloon collapses.

“No regrets only lessons. Plus; Mr. O.B if u think tarnishing my salon name will make u prosper, it won’t. My ex tried it with Veetox and months later I launched my salon and God made sure he sees the success before karma caught up with him and ended up in jail in UAE. I’m a wonderful lady with a clean heart. That’s always taken advantage of. But God always got me and karma,” wrote Vera.

Not personal

She went on to wish Otile all the best and say that she did not expose the him to bring him down but rather to teach others a lesson.

“Lastly I speak about this to teach others. Not ati ruin him, take him down blah blah. I can’t take him down. I’m not God! He’s still gonna do him and succeed. So am I. coz his density isn’t tied to me. My destiny isn’t tied to him either. I wish him well. For everyone thinking oh it’s a stunt. Nah it isn’t 1st break up wasn’t either. It’s over for good and never shall you see the 2 anywhere together. I promised Jalang’o 1m if we ever get back and I truly mean it. I’m done for good I swear,” said Vera.


Otile after Vera claimed he’s poor in bed: No media interviews for me now or in near future 

Just days after Vera Sidika shocked Kenyans after openly confessing that Otile Brown is poor in bed, the singer has spoken for the first time.

Sidika on Monday went on a rant claiming that Otile has a small cassava and is poor in bed, lasting only 10 seconds. She accused him of not satisfying her a thing that left her with masturbation as the only options.

New strategy

Speaking with Edaily, Otile confessed that he’s not ready to do interviews in the near future because he has a new strategy that will better his brand.

“I do not need to be all over. I can’t promise to grant you an interview today or in the near future. As an artiste, I should be very strategic on how I go about media tours and general interviews. I should grant such sessions when I have something to say or introduce into the market. Currently, I have taken a break from such interviews as I strategise on my brand,” said Otile Brown.

When Otile was aked whether he felt the heat after being exposed by the socialite-cum-singer, Otile Brown hanged up.