Lady claiming to be pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby threatens to commit suicide!

Otile Brown is indeed a fine young man with a good career at hand. However, just like most celebrities the fella keeps on failing at most his relationship and from his recent posts; the singer says his exes are the problem.

Anyway away from that, it appears that Otile Brown has a baby on the way; but he is yet to find whether the lady claiming to be pregnant for him is telling the truth.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he says that this particular lady has created several fake accounts to announce her pregnancy on social media.

Soon-to-be baby mama drama

The lady also went ahead to send Otile Brown’s girlfriend messages about her the singer impregnating her something that ruined Otile’s relationship with Nabbi.

However, Otile now says that the lady says she will commit suicide since he has been avoiding her. In a detailed post Otile Brown went on to narrate saying;

So there is this chick with a fake account going around telling people and my girl that she’s pregnant with my child and I’m avoiding her and now she wants to commit suicide ????. Why don’t you come out in public. If the pregnancy is mine I will take responsibility for it. Simple????????‍♂️

Otile Brown

Otile Brown sends sweet message to ex-lover: I knew you were gonna be my headache

Singer Otile Brown is back on the trending list yet again after sending a message to his ex-lover Nabayet.

The singer took to social media to wish her a happy birthday and declare his love for her just days after Nabayet dumped her for allegedly cheating.

In his message, Otile vowed that he’ll always be apart of her no matter the breakup.

“I remember when we first met in Australia after months of talking on phone for hours every day without getting bored, you pulled up on me in a black biker short, a big ass 2pac black tshirt (which is mine nowadays????) and yeezy sneakers..With no makeup on, no nothing ???? you weren’t trying hard to impress and that is when I knew you were gonna be my headache, coz that’s my type of cool,’ he said. 


Otile, who was in the news recently for wishing Vera Sidika a happy birthday, went on to open his heart saying how much he cared for her.

“You never ask for anything from me -you’re the type that like to give and never takes and sometimes it’s annoying. Listen ???? – relationships aren’t easy and the more serious it gets sometimes, the more terrifying it becomes coz we’re young and stupidly cursed but I’m ready to risk it all for your fine ass.” he added. 



Otile Brown and Ethiopian girlfriend call it quits!

Otile Brown and his Ethiopian girlfriend seem to have parted ways following their recent posts shared on Instagram.

The lady, Nabii went on to share a photo of a bucket with black roses and from the emoji used to caption the picture it was evident that she had called it quits.

Nabii used Zari’s method of the black rose that confirmed she had walked away front Diamond Platnumz for good following the cheating allegations.

Otile Brown bashes ex

Otile Brown on the other hand couldn’t help but expose his ex for being nagging and always one to complain despite him changing his ways so that they could be together.

Well, not quite sure what led to the two breaking up but Otile Brown wrote saying;

Changed you ways for them and they still nag and complain. What you do????????‍♂️?????????‍♂️


Baby on board? Otile Brown’s new girlfriend flaunts growing baby bump!

Otile Brown yesterday afternoon left many talking after sharing a new photo of his girlfriend who appeared to be rocking a growing baby bump!

This however did not come as a surprise since Otile Brown has always been open about his love for kids; and after Vera Sidika refused to give him one then he moved on to the next.

Although he later pulled down the post, we managed to get a screenshot of the photo which he captioned saying;

Ggaaah! Cinema Kando….Alhamdulillah!

Otile’s post

pregnant celebrity wives!

If indeed Nabbi aka Nabayet is pregnant, then she will be joking the likes of Tanasha Donna who is currently waiting to welcome her first child with Diamond Platnumz.