“Nitafunga hiyo Kitu yako utakuwa unaona mke wako na macho” Pastor Ng’ang’a threats journalists who write about him 

Neno Evangelism pastor James Ng’ang’a has been on the headlines for almost the whole month now because of his church and ways of preaching.

The pastor, however, has come out to warn journalists who are always writing about him saying that he’ll punish them in ways they’ll never forget.

Speaking to his church congregation on Sunday the pastor said that he’ll deal with anyone that that writes about him.

“Mniandike sana kwa hiyo gazetti, mniandike sana…Wanaume wale mtanichezea nitafunga hiyo kitu yako, utakuwa unaona mke wako na macho, ng’ombe wewe! Mnichezee mtaona, nitafunga hizo vitu zenyu, mtakuwa mkikaa mkiona kwa macho na mate!” he said. 

Adding: “Hiyo muweke itrend, nitawafunga hizo vitu zenu…nikuone hapo umeniandika.”


This threat, however, didn’t go down well with some of the church members who are now threatening to sue the controversial pastor.

The Neno men, through Otieno and Amisi Advocates, demanded that Ng’ang’a withdraws the said threats and insults issued against them within two days or they will sue him for defamation.


Mazmatics Manenos! Pastor Ng’ang’a claims people are always wowed by his handsomeness when they meet him

Controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Ministries continues to top headlines but for the wrong reasons.

The pastor recently bragged to his congregation saying that he buys cars like shoes and it’s not because he’s a pastor but rather because he has been blessed.

“I buy vehicles like shoes, I buy vehicles when I want and don’t tell it is because of the church. If that is the case you can go and open yours too. Do all pastors buy vehicles that way? Those are blessings from God,” he told his congregation. 


The pastor went on to say that a lot has been said about him online both good and bad but he doesn’t care because at the end of the day it’s all publicity. People meet him and are usually shocked by how different he is.

“They talk negative things about me and I am not bothered because it gives me publicity. Some meet me and say ooh this is the famous Ng’ang’a, he is such a handsome guy,” he said. 

Ezekiel Mutua urges Kenyans to ignore pastor Ng’ang’a and his wife: It’s an isolated moment of temporary insanity

Kenya Films Classifications Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua is asking Kenyans to ignore Neno evangelism church leader pastor Ng’ang’a after his recent rant.

According to Mutua, the pastor doesn’t represent the true clergy men therefor should not be given any attention.

“There are genuine men of God in Kenya who walk in integrity and preach the truth, but the media will not focus on them. They will have a field day with Pastor Ng’ang’a’s clip. That moment of insanity does not define the church. I know many good pastors who help the poor and conduct themselves with humility and dignity,” said Mutua on Facebook. 


Nganga last week became a trending topic after bashing his pastors who have not been respecting his wife. The clip shocked many Kenyans who were quick to add that that’s not how pastors should talk.

“I am a product of such genuine, spiritual, caring shepherds. They got me from the gutter and gave me hope. There are pastors and Bishops who supported me when I had no title. They saw a future in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. When I was planning my wedding in 1997, Bishop Alois Rutivi of Gospel Assembly Church mobilised the entire church to support us.

“The Bishop and the entire church gave themselves to support our wedding. I was broke like a church mouse and was a junior reporter at the NMG. My mum had been in my house in Githurai for six months critically sick after a snake bite. My fiance was clearing her masters in KU. We had nothing to make Bishop Rutivi and the church be attracted to us. Yet, we were treated with respect and love and the Bishop preached life and blessings to our marriage.

He added:

“He never demanded anything from us even when our fortunes changed. There are many such wonderful men of God. We must celebrate them and refuse the narrative that Pastor Ng’ang’a’s expletives define our church leaders. That said, the clip is unfortunate. It’s an isolated moment of temporary insanity and should be treated as such!”

Pastor Nganga shocks Kenyans yet again with “stupid you’re useless” rant to fellow pastors disrespecting his young wife(video) 

Controversial pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a recently lost his cool and unleashed a bunch of  expletives on his bishops in front of his sunned congregation.

Nganga, who has been taking a lot of heat from the media and the government, unleashed a rant on his fellow pastors who he said have been disrespecting his wife Mercedes.


He wanted them to know NeNo is his church and he should be the leader therefore they need to respect his young wife.

“If you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my Ministry it doesn’t matter who you are. This time I will show you my power. If you don’t respect her, leave my Church and go start your own wajinga hawa,” he says.

He continues to tell them that they found him there when they came with their wives who had matuta.

“You have become rich in my Church; stupid, arrogant, useless people, taka taka, rubbish. There is nothing you can tell me.They want to bring Neno down because I’m the founder. I want full respect, when I cough you answer, just the same way you did when you came here with torn clothes, and you’re rich because of me.”

Watch the full video below:

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s prayers in the wilderness cut shot. Arrested for allegedly defrauding businessman Sh3.5 million

Controversial city pastor James Ng’ang’a spent yesterday night
at Central Police Station, Nairobi after being arrested by police for fraud.

The pastor was arrested for allegedly defrauding a businessman of Sh3.5 million. He was later released on Friday morning on a police bond and is set to be arraigned in court on Friday.

He was released on Sh200,000 cash bail.

The arrest comes almost a week after the pastor retreated to the wilderness in Kajiado for a month-long prayer session aimed at praying for Kenya.


In the video, the pastor is seen bathing with soil and walking around while praying. He took a camera man to document everything which will probably be shown on his church’s TV station.

Also, in March, he was charged with threatening to kill journalist Linus Kaikai. Kaikai, who is the Strategy and Innovation Director at Royal Media Services (RMS) had gone after rogue pastors and demanded that religious organisations be regulated.

Tanzanians not happy with pastor Ng’ang’a’s video exorcising demons from Rose Muhando 

Tanzanian have come out to bash Neno Evangelism pastor James Ng’ang’a for exorcising demons from Rose Muhando.

Several artists have called out the pastor for the video which has gone viral showing him praying for the disturbed singer in his church in Nairobi.

Singer Emanuel Mbasha rebuked the ordeal saying because of Muhando’s status, he should have been done at least behind closed doors. Mbasha claimed that the prayer seemed to have made more harm that healing.

“With all due respect, I would like to say prayer is important to everyone but conducting prayers in such a manner will make the public lose value in prayer and tarnish the reputation of the individual seeking divine intervention,” he said on social media. 


The Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO) is not happy also with the video and have now ordered the singer to return to the country with immediate effect.

They believe the whole thing was acted and Muhando was trying to make a certain statement about her former manager Nathan.

“We, as an agency, believe Rose Muhando is not demon-possessed, but there is something she is up to. As an agency mandated to look into the welfare of musicians in Tanzania, we have decided to seriously look into her claims,” said Stella Joel. 

Pastor Ng’ang’a: I own the rights to video doing rounds on social media. I did not cast demons out of Rose Muhando

Controversial pastor from Neno Evangelism James Ng’ang’a has harshly denied that he casted demons out of struggling singer Rose Muhando contrary to what a clip doing round on social media has portrayed.

According to Ng’ang’a, Muhando needed spiritual heeling and that’s what he gave him.

“If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician. She was unwell. She, therefore, requested for spiritual healing from me. I only facilitated that. Rose Muhando is like a patient in hospital. Do you usually call the doctor to inquire the health details of a patient you are not related to? No, you don’t. So, kindly keep off the Rose Muhando issue,” he said. 

Nosy reporters

The Tanzanian singer had been plagued by a series of scandals and misfortunes over the past few year. Apparently Rose experienced all the misfortunes because a stubborn demon escaped from hell and managed to possess her.

The pastor also went on to question Royal media services reporters who approached him for a comment, telling them they should stop being nosy regarding the Muhando issue.

“I own the rights to the video doing the rounds on social media, showing Ms Muhando being delivered from demons. You do not own the rights to that video. So, why would you call me over that clip? Who is your supervisor? I should call him or her and ask him to drive sense into you. Why are you interested in a video that you don’t have any rights to?” said Ng’ang’a before hanging up. 




Shock on pastor Ng’ang’a as Matiangi orders DPP to cancel his acquittal

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Fred Matiang’i has ordered for fresh investigations into circumstances that led to the acquittal of controversial Neno Evangelism pastor James Ng’ang’a accident case. The order comes just days after Kenyans took online to protest the ending of the case.

Using the hashtag #JusticeforMercyNjeri, Kenyans on Twitter on Tuesday showed disappointment in the system. In a letter to the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet and copied to the Director for Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji, Matiang’i asked the police and the DPP to appeal the pastor’s acquittal.

“While seeking a report on the investigatory and trial processes that may have caused this outcome, I urge you to appeal this judgment in its entirety and pursue justice for the victims herein and the people of Kenya,” the letter read.

The pastor was accused of driving his Range Rover dangerously in 2015, leading to the death of a woman on the Limuru-Naivasha Highway, charges he denied.