‘You play too much’ Heavily Pregnant Karen Nyamu told after jumping out of a Lorry (Photos)

Karen Nyamu must be around 6 to 7 months pregnant but this lady cannot keep calm. I mean, if she’s not running around with the campaign boys; she’s somewhere trying to mobilize the public to like her – you know, 2022 is an election year.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

Well, this past weekend Nyamu and her team visited Embakasi south constituency where they donated 203 goats to the public. Sharing photos from her political event, Nyamu wrote;

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Wakili wa form niko na form ya Christmas!! This Christmas #TeamNyamu and i are giving 203 mbuzis mitaani zote Kanairo. Kama usha enda ocha tutakupigia story haha! Kesho tunaanza Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mukuru kwa Reuben n pipeline in Embakasi south constituency; and Kayole and Soweto in Embakasi central n East constituencies. Happy holidays watu wangu nawapenda ajab!!

Karen Nyamu risking pregnancy?

Well despite many pointing out she had written her name on the goats (oh lawd) most overlooked the fact; that she also pulled a dangerous stunt that could have cost her baby number 3.

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This is judging from the two photos shared on her IG where she is seen jumping off from the lorry they were off loading the goats from. Not quite sure how it went down, but with a baby bump as big hers; I’m thinking Karen Nyamu likes to adrenaline rush that comes with playing risky.

But again, they say you can take the person out of the ghetto; but you can not take the ghetto out of the person, right?

Anyway check out the two photos below.

Pregnant Karen Nyamu about to jump off a lorry
Touch down!