Samidoh honors his late mum with gorgeous Tbt photo; Karen Nyamu reacts

Samidoh may have lost his parents but their memory remains fresh in his mind because they raised him to become a man of substance and ome that values what family means.

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Well, just like you and I have faults…so does he but then again this does not define who he is. Anyway for those who dont know, Samidoh lost his father (a policeman) who was caught in tribal clashes a few years back and later on lost his mum – leaving him and his 5 siblings as orphans.

Speaking about his parents death a while back, the celebrated Mugithii singer said;

Also read;

I was born in a family of 6, we are 6 boys and I’m the third born. Mama alikuwa anaitwa Miriam Wairimu lakini alituacha. Na Mzee alikuwa anaitwa Michael Ndirangu. He was an Administration Police (AP) Officer. He worked in Nakuru and Molo na alikufa ile time ya clashes. Huwa naskia hizi vita za kikabila roho yangu inachafuka juu ziliniacha bila baba.

Remembering his mum

Despite it being years since he lost his parents – Samidoh still remembers them. To celebrate his late mum, Samidoh recently shared a Tbt photo to which he wrote;

Samidoh’s late mum, Miriam Wairimu

Wherever u are,wherever i will Go you will remain my source of inspiration!!

He went further to reveal that if not for her, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. He also mourned her for leaving them too early…but this being the will of God he now has two daughters named after her.

I am Because you were!.
#Maituwairimu Nikio ndaguciarire na ngiguciara ringi!

Karen Nyamu on the other hand left a comment below the post saying;

 She raised a kind hearted man, and that’s her legacy. Tu wairimu tukamutukia (The Wairimu’s will take after her.)