Ujaluo gharama kweli! Kes 230 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner admits he has already squandered all the money he won

If you want to prove Kes 230 million is not a lot of money then ask Gordon Ogada. The SportPesa mega jackpot winner claims he doesn’t have a dime.

Four months after he won the biggest jackpot in the history of Kenya, Gordon Ogada is even embarrassed to explain where the millions went.

“After this kind of spending, I honestly feel embarrassed because sometimes I don’t even have a dime. I am no longer able to help my friends and relatives financially. They think I have loads of cash, when, in real sense, I don’t have money floating around,” Ogada said during an interview with the Nairobian.

Where did the money go?

Unlike Kes 221 Sportpesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai who invested his money in businesses, Ogada opted to invest his money in things that make Luo people happy.

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SportPesa Mega Jackpot winners Gordon Ogada and Samuel Abisai
SportPesa Mega Jackpot winners Gordon Ogada and Samuel Abisai

“I bought a house here in the city and a few cars, besides other investments here and there. All these cost millions. I’m literally drained of course. I might have made a few mistakes here and there. But largely, I did fine. I think I would be more responsible,” Gordon Ogada told the Nairobi.

Anyway, you can’t blame Gordon Ogada because being Luo is expensive. He has the typical Luo genes of flamboyance and extravagance.

The SportPesa mega jackpot winner dished out money to cheering crowds in Kibera when he was announced jackpot winner. The father of two threw out notes through the window of his stretch Chrysler limousine much to the excitement of the crowd. Who saw Abisai dishing out even a single coin?






Samuel Abisai’s brother surfaces to dispel death rumors

Kes 221 million SportPesa jackpot winner Samuel Abisai has been dragged into the limelight following news about the tragedy that struck his family.

A certain Regina Clare announced that death had struck Abisai’s family. She claimed the millionaire’s brother Mshusho had suddenly passed on.

“R.I.P can’t believe you gone, You were still young,” Regina Clare posted on Facebook.

Samuel Abisai’s brother Mshusho

Why kill me?

Abisai’s brother Msusho was quick to dispel news circulating on social media about his death. Msusho, who resides in China, shared his latest photo to prove he is very much alive.

“Am so much alive,why kill me when its not yet my time?????? Social media is becoming crazy….#lovelyweekfam,” wrote Msusho on Facebook.




Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai sponsors a needy child (Photos)

SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai has finally decided to use part of the million shillings he won to sponsor a needy child.

Abisai has been mum ever since he was accused of neglecting his biological father who still sells ropes at a market in Kakamega county.

The multimillionaire has since revealed he’s sponsoring a young boy called Nanyu. He announced this to encourage other people to also sponsor needy children.

“I sponsored Nanyu. I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child too! You can make a difference in the life of a boy or girl in poverty through child sponsorship,” wrote Abisai.

The SportPesa mega jackpot flew to Netherlands for both business and pleasure. He was seen in a meeting with people who had the look of top company executives in some pictures he shared on social media.

Abisai was seen having fun with a Dutch family in other photos. He also went on a cruise.

Samuel Abisai’s father continues to sell ropes in Kakamega as his multimillionaire son lives large (Photos)

Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai is once again wagging on people’s tongues after photo of his father going about his rope business in Kakamega market hit the internet.

66-year-old Abisai Mabunda is still living the same lifestyle even after his son won 221 million SportPesa jackpot. The senior Abisai has been selling ropes for 46 years in Kakamega town, it’s proceeds from his business that educated Samuel to university level.

Abisai Mabunda at work in Kakamega

“My son had travelled to China with his friends for some business engagements. He called me two days ago to inform me that he is back but we didn’t talk much. He has been away for long but I hope to meet him and discuss with him the big plans he has for me and the family. There are things he promised the community back home and I hope he will address that too,” Abisai Mabunda was quoted by Nairobi news.

Samuel Abisai having a nice time in China

Abisai has however rubbished claims that he had forgotten about his family. The millionaire explained his side of the story on a post on his Facebook page on Thursday 24th August 2017;

Samuel Abisai with his father

“At first it was poor tailor winning jackpot when am not even one. Then I was in France when I was in (a) neighbouring country for charity work. Then (buying a) KSh 33 million Benz yet I got a Premio. I travel the world for work. I had a life before the jackpot. Thanks dad for telling them what they wanted to listen to. We as a family will invest when we got the right thing to invest to, not because we want to make crowds happy. We don’t buy mandazi on the road because they look yummy. We buy they them because we need them. We won’t invest because of windfall money, we will invest with purpose. We will take our time as family. even if it is a year,” said Abisai.


Mega jackpot winner Samuel travels to Malaysia to be with his longtime girlfriend (Photos)

Samuel Abisai is making good use of the Kes 221 million he won, the multimillionaire has travelled to Malaysia to be with his girlfriend of six years.

Abisai is traversing the world having fun, he visited China before he landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be with his longtime girlfriend.

Abisai shared two photos which he posed with his bae Lidah Ruth, one was taken in 2011 and the other one was a most recent photo taken at a train station in Malaysia.

“2011 vs 2017….watu hutoka mbali Lidah Ruth,” Abisai captioned the photo.

Samuel Abisai with Lidah Ruth in 2011
Samuel Abisai with Lidah Ruth in 2017

It was the old conversations between Lidah and Abisai on other posts on Facebook that revealed the two were actually lovers.

Lidah Ruth resides in Kuala Lumpur, background check on her photos further revealed she went to university in Malaysia.

Kes 221 million winner Samuel Abisai walks into Anniversary Towers and clears HELB loan in lump sum payment (Photos)

Samuel Abisai is now free of debts, the Kes 221 SportPesa mega jackpot winner walked into HELP headquarters at Anniversary Towers and paid the full amount he owed the lender.

Abisai is an alumnus of the University of Nairobi, his study there was financed by loan from Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

Until a few days ago, Abisai owed HELP a whopping Kes 256,000. The SportPesa mega jackpot winner has however cleared his debt.

The multimillionaire walked into Anniversary Towers dressed in casual shirt and trouser and carrying a black backpack to clear his debt in lump sum.

HELB official hands Samuel Abisai HELB clearance certificate

It’s not clear whether Abisai carried the 256k in cash in the backpack or he just handed HELB officials a cheque of the amount he owed them.


Kes 220 million jackpot winner Samuel Abisai seeks greener pastures in Tanzania

Samuel Abisai will only get richer, it seems the multimillionaire has put to good use the investment advice he got from financial experts.

Abisai has decided to invest part of the Kes 220 million/$2 million he won on SportPesa mega jackpot in his business – designer clothing. He has a clothing line called Abisaki Designer.

Abisai was an ordinary designer who worked in Umoja before he won the jackpot. The millions he won have helped him expand his business.

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Abisai has crossed over to Tanzania in search of greener pastures, he has opened a new fashion studio in Dar es Salaam at Makubusho bus terminal and shopping complex.

“Sasa tupo bongo…Tz… #abisakidedesigner sasa tuko. MAKUBUSHO BUS TERMINAL & SHOPPING COMPLEX BLOCK B, FLOOR YA KWANZA UPANDE WA KULIA UKIWA UNAPANDA NGAZI. WhatsApp +255758980670.Kiswahili….hmmmmmm” Samuel Abisai announced.


Wild frenzy as Kes 221 million mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai is seen having nice time with a pretty white lady (Photos)

Has Samuel Abisai finally found his rib? The multimillionaire sparked excitement on social media when he was seen having a nice time with a pretty white woman.

Samuel Abisai confirmed he was still single a few days after he won the Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot. The millionaire tried hitting on a lady while he was still broke only to be given blue ticks for days.

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Abisai caused mouths to wag when he shared a photo of himself standing with a white woman at some place that looked like a national park in Africa or something close to that.

Abisai with the white lady thought to be his sweetheart

Netizens were quick to ask Abisai whether the chick was his sweetheart or just a random stranger he bumped into and decided to pose together.

But it turned out that the white lady wasn’t a stranger, Abisai is seen with the same lady in another photo which was taken somewhere overseas.

Notice the same lady Abisai posed with in the first photo is standing farthest to the right/first on the right.




From France to Zanzibar; Kes221 mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai causes a stir with a brand new Jeep Wrangler (Photos)

Fresh from his vacation in France, Samuel Abisai flew to Zanzibar to have some more fun. He also caused tongues to wag when he showed off a Jeep Wrangler.

Samuel Abisai has started using the millions he won on SportPesa Mega Jackpot, the new multimillionaire flew to France a week ago just to have fun.

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“If you have a choice ,don’t be average ….stop blaming start balling!” Abisai wrote on Facebook.

The multimillionaire is enjoying a good time in Zanzibar Island. He visited several tourist attraction sites including the Old Fort of Zanzibar famous for slave trade in 19th century.

Abisai on a ferry in Zanzibar
Abisai at the the Old Fort of Zanzibar

Abisai also caused a stir when he flaunted a new Jeep Wrangler thought to be his latest acquisition. He didn’t say anything but most people concluded that he had bought the SUV – I mean he has a lot of guap to throw around.

The Jeep Wrangler that Abisai showed off on social media




Living the Good life; SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai spends his weekend in Paris

Samuel Abisai did not just leave many shocked but a bit jealous after emerging the winner of the SportPesa Mega Jackpot this month. He managed to become the winner of Ksh 221 million. the largest amount ever seen in the gaming history.

With that amount of money in his pocket, Huddah the socialite came out to claim that she was now looking for him but seems like Samuel Abisai passed off the offer as he opted to jet off to France on Friday.

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The millionaire was accompanied by Kriss Darlin and Joe Mfalme – and another fella who might be his brother judging from their striking resemblance. This was the first time the designer/tailor jetted off the country just to go pass time in the city of love.

He is however said to have joined the DJ’s on this trip to support Kenyan sevens team in the ongoing HSBC Sevens World Series Paris Sevens tournament.

Checkout the photos below:

Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling
Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling
Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling and Joe Mfalme
Samuel Abisai with Kris Darling and Joe Mfalme

“Relax, my friend. Once you realize it’s not that much cash, you won’t go crazy” Ciku Muiruri advice to 221 million jackpot winner causes chaos

While most Kenyans think Samuel Abisai won so much money to guarantee him a smooth life until he dies, Ciku Muiruri says that 221 million is not a lot of money and that the mega jackpot winner could end up being poor again.

Former Classic FM radio queen Ciku Muiruri has caused chaos with the message she sent to Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner – Samuel Abisai.

There are those who believe Ciku was driven by jealousy when she advised Abisai while others believed she acted out of good will.

The former radio presenter said Abisai wouldn’t go crazy if he realized that Kes 221 million wasn’t a lot of money; she highlighted a scenario that could see the mega jackpot winner get broke as fast as he got rich.

Samuel Abisai with with SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri in his Mayback

Below is the lengthy post Ciru Muiruri wrote on Facebook:

So a young man won Sh 221 million betting on football. I won’t lecture young people on the perils of gambling – In many cases it’s a disease just as serious as alcoholism but that’s a story for another day. This guy won this money on his second try (hardly a serial gambler), just one lucky bugger. But the thing is Sh 221 million sounds like a lot of money but it really isn’t. Have you ever gotten a new job and gotten double your previous salary? You find that after a few months you are still waiting for the end of month in much the same way as you did with the previous salary. Why? Simply because of demand and supply. The more supply you have of cash, the greater your demand for things and possessions that you never bothered with before.

Let me break down this money for you. 30 per cent of 221 million goes to KRA. Our friend who has never paid taxes in his life (he was under the tax threshold) all of a sudden, is introduced to Caesar who takes his portion and leaves him with Sh 154, 700,000.

Then, he says he want to build a soccer academy. This is not for profit but to give back to the society in his hometown of Kakamega. That’s nice and noble but what does he know about running an academy? People sometimes make the mistake of thinking their passion for something is sufficient to maintain a viable operation. But has he really considered the cost implications? You don’t merely buy land, put up a few goal posts and you’re done. You need cones, footballs, bibs, hurdles, stepladders, uniforms, goal nets, whistles, changing rooms). In addition to the start up funds, you have facility operations costs (Who will maintain the grounds, pay land rates etc). Then you have facility management costs (Administrator, accounts, you need to hire professionals to train these boys – football coaches and assistants, a sports physiotherapist). You will have facility marketing costs to spread the word (The last thing one wants is to walk into a sports facility that’s eerily quite except for the buzz of lights and the sound of one or two athletes). All this will cost money. A lot of it. The worst part is that it is recurrent expenditure with no money coming in seeing as it’s a philanthropic exercise. Before we even cost this – Let’s look at some of the other stuff he will be doing.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri hands Samuel Abisai Kes 221 million cheque

He will move out of Komarock. Probably buy a house. Where? Lavington? A nice town house will set him back Sh 45 million. Perhaps he may go to Buru Buru. You can buy a house there for 8 million but remember what I told you earlier? Double the salary, double the spending. He will want the leafy suburbs. So 45 million gone, we are down to Sh 109,000,000.

Then you have to furnish this beautiful townhouse. Off to Odds and Ends/Furniture Palace or anywhere you’ve seen billboards all your life and you’re excited you can finally walk in there and buy the store. Drop 3 million on the modest side. Now you need a car. Pick up a Range Rover for 22 million. Why bother with second hand? The comprehensive insurance on this annually will set him back Sh 1m.

Visit Little Red and buy yourself some tailored suits, shoes and silk ties. Another Sh 1m.

Then your relatives and friends check in for their pound of flesh. Buy mom and dad a house and a farm. Another 20 million gone. Give siblings and extended family 10 million or so. They’ll keep coming back by the way.

Where are we now? Down to 47 million. And we haven’t done costs for the academy yet. We haven’t taken into account the booze, the travel (probably to watch soccer matches live in Europe) and mad spending one will do when hit by a windfall. Food for thought – People win this kind of money in US dollars all the time in lotteries and still manage to blow it all. In USD equals what this guy won multiplied by 100. And they blow it in just a few years.

Samuel Abisai with his father and mother during his homecoming party at Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega

My point? Relax, my friend. Once you realize it’s not that much cash, you won’t go crazy. If you want to build a sports facility, make it a business and give scholarships to talented, under privileged kids. But most people who attend should pay for the facilities, it’s just not practical to have it all free.

Don’t buy a house in Lavington. If you want to live there, rent a place. Instead use that 45 million to build flats in Komarock and collect rent. Hell, you can buy the building you were living in.

Ask family and friends for viable business plans that you can invest in. If you give them fishing rods, they won’t keep coming to you for fish. And if they come up with good proposals, your investments in these ventures will also make you cash.

Finally, buy the Range Rover. Buy the clothes. Watch a Champions League and World Cup final live. Why not? Screw it, you won 200 million. You need something to show for it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Good luck.





Huddah Monroe makes a move on Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai

If Samuel Abisai is not careful he will be smitten with fake coquettish glances from Huddah Monroe – the socialite has her eyes fixed on him.

Samuel Abisai became the most handsome man in Kenya after he won Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot last week.

Samuel Abisai

Even snobbish chicks who blue ticked Abisai when he was still broke have suddenly developed a strong linking for him over night.

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Well, Huddah Monroe has also taken notice of Samuel Abisai’s presence. The petite socialite has asked Kenyans to inform Abisai that she is very much available.

Huddah took to social media to joke about how she heard that Abisai was desperately looking for her, she asked her fans to link him with her.

”Nimeskia huyo chali wa Roysambu who won 221M was looking for me juzi…Ati Amenitafuta Sana..sasa Apewe Number fashtaaa!!!” Wrote Huddah.

Pretty girl who snubbed Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner in 2011 openly expresses regret (Photos)

Carol Morara blue ticked SportPesa mega jackpot winner in 2011 when the then broke Samuel Abisai tried to holla at her on her inbox.

Carol Morara

Most ladies nowadays don’t have patience, they just want a man who has already made it. Michelle Obama was patient when she gave a broke Barack Obama a chance to date her, and he took her to White House.

A broke Barack Obama and Michelle Obama when they visited Kenya


Michelle Obama and Barack Obama at White House during Obama’s presidency

If Carol Morara had given Samuel Abisai a chance, perhaps she would be the one escorting him to Carnivore to receive his Kes 221 million cheque from SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri.

The Abisai dude is now a dollar millionaire, he won so much money that he can do crazy things and still he won’t get broke again.

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SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri hands Samuel Abisai Kes 221 million cheque

Samuel Abisai slid into Carol’s DMs in 2011 but the lady gave him blue ticks for centuries. But when she learnt that Abisai had won Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot, she regretted ever giving him a cold shoulder.

Carol took to Facebook to share screenshot of the one-way communication Abisai had with her way back in 2011.

“A moment of silence to the guys we snob,” she captioned the screenshot.

Ladies, give broke men a chance, you never know what the future holds!

“He can comfortably blow away 230k a month for the next 100 years” 5 things SportPesa mega jackpot winner can do without ever getting broke

Samuel Abisai won Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot after he correctly predicted the outcome of all 17 games in last weekend’s mega jackpot – the biggest win in Kenya’s gaming industry.

The 28-year-old who has been living in a two bedroom apartment in Roysambu with his brother now has a chance to turn around his life, I mean Abisai is a dollar millionaire.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri with Samuel Abisai – Kes 221 million mega jackpot winner

Asked what he planned to do with his millions, Abasai said he will help other people including supporting his local team in Kakamega.

“My life has not been easy but thankfully I got help from an NGO called Compassion International. I will use this win to improve the welfare of my parents and my entire family,” Abisai said.

The mega jackpot winner also plans to go on his maiden vacation and unwind before coming back with a plan for wise investment options.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri hands Samuel Abisai Kes 221 million cheque

But with Kes 221,301,602 in his bank account, Abisai can do ‘crazy’ things without ever worrying about being broke again for the rest of his life.

Below are the 5 things Abisai can do with 221 million shillings:

  1. Buy a Kes 40 million 2017 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Sedan

This is the car that makes people talk whenever it is seen; SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri and Chris Kirubi own Maybach S600.

Samuel Abisai can comfortable buy a Mercedes-Maybach S600 and still spare millions to waste in other things.

  1. Spend 7 nights in the most expensive hotel in Dubai

Perched on the 25th floor, the Royal Suite on Burj Al Arab in Dubai is the most expensive hotel room in the desert city. A night in the Royal Suite costs $24,000 or Kes 2.4 million.

Samuel Abisai can afford to sleep in the Royal Suite on Burj Al Arab for 7 nights, it will only cost him 17 million shillings for the entire duration of stay.

  1. Hire a private jet for a trip across the world

It costs Kes 659,943 to hire a Gulfstream G450 private jet for an hour, Kes 15 million for 24 hours and Kes 110 million for 7 days.

Samuel Abisai can afford to fly across the world in a private jet instead of queuing at airports to board commercial jets like other broke people.

  1. Rent a super yacht

Samuel Abisai can sail around the Greek Islands with 32 people (friends and family) in a rented super yacht for $300,000 or Kes 30 million for a week… And still have millions to spare.

  1. Blow Kes 230,000 a month for 100 years

Samuel Abisai can also decide to waste Kes 230,000 a month for the rest of his life and still he won’t beg to survive.


SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri personally drives to Roysambu to meet Samuel Abisai – Kes 221 million mega jackpot winner (Photos)

Several people have won SportPesa mega jackpot before, but not all received a visit from SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri to their houses.

Mr. Karauri personally called Samuel Abisai to break the good news to him, the 28-year- old won the HIGEST amount in SportPesa mega jackpot history.

Samuel Abisai correctly predicted the outcome of all 17 games in last weekend’s mega jackpot to walk away with a coveted Kes 221,301,602.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri (far left) with Samuel Abisai (in a black t-shirt) in Roysambu

After breaking the good news to Abisai via the phone, Mr. Karauri got in his Mercedes Mayback and drove to Roysambu to meet Kenya’s newest multimillionaire.

Ronald Karauri’s Maybach

Karauri’s Mayback joined a convoy of other posh vehicles that escorted Samuel Abisai from Roysambu to Carnivore grounds where he was presented with his cheque.

SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri and Kes 221 million mega jackpot winner Samuel Abisai

Abisai travelled in a stretch Range Rover limousine together with his family; the limo’s interior is specially designed to offer extreme luxury.

Stretch Range Rover limousine that ferried Samuel Abisai to Carnivore

At Carnivore, Abisai met 24-year-old Ahmed Ali who correctly predicted 16/17 games to win a whopping Kes 41,152,246 SportPesa mega jackpot bonus.

Ahmed Ali who won Kes 41,152,246 SportPesa mega jackpot bonus

Ronald Karauri yesterday May 2nd presented two cheques of Kes 221 million and Kes 41 million shillings to Samuel Abisai and Ahmed Ali.

Ronald Karauri hands Ahmed Ali a Kes 41 million cheque
Ronald Karauri hands Samuel Abisai Kes 221 million cheque
(L-R) Samuel Abisai Kes 221 million SportPesa mega jackpot winner, SportPesa CEO Ronald Karauri and Ahmed Ali Kes 41million SportPesa mega jackpot bonus winner