Pastor Kanyari revisits the horrific demise of his sister Starlet Wahu

Pastor Victor Kanyari, the founder of Salvation Healing Ministry, has once again shared insights into the tragic death of his sister at the beginning of the year.

Starlet Wahu, a sister to Kanyari and a well-known socialite, was discovered dead in a short-stay apartment in Nairobi in January 2024. Police are investigating the incident, with John Matara being treated as the main suspect.

In an interview, Kanyari expressed his family’s determination to seek justice for their deceased relative.

“We are very optimistic that we will finally get justice despite the significant loss. We know we will not see our sister again, but we do not want another family to suffer in the same way as us,” he asserted.

The loss of Wahu has deeply affected their mother, according to Kanyari.

“Our mum was affected the most. This was her lastborn child. How we are helping her cope is by making sure that there are people around her all the time. We, as her children, visit her every day and spend time with her,” he added.

Recalling the tragic events, Kanyari mentioned that his sister attempted to reach out to him around 2 am on that fateful morning, desperately seeking help. Unfortunately, he did not answer the call, unaware of the impending danger she was facing.

The heartbreaking details of Wahu’s murder revealed that she had sent a significant sum of money, approximately Sh500,000, to Matara, her alleged killer.

John Matara, accused of Wahu’s murder, remains in custody until March 18, when his application for bail and bond terms will be heard.

Justice Kanyi Kimondo of the High Court in Nairobi set the date after Matara’s lawyer, Samuel Ayora, requested time to prepare, stating that the state had served its application to oppose bail and bond for his client late.

Matara, charged with killing Wahu at a short-stay rental apartment in South B, Nairobi, on January 4, denied the charge before Kimondo.

The Judge remanded him at the Nairobi Area Remand and Allocation Prison in the Industrial Area pending a bail application hearing.

Opposing the release application, Sergeant Alex Chokera of DCI Makadara cited concerns for witness safety, particularly the owner of the apartments where Matara and Wahu met.

“I am therefore apprehensive that the accused is likely to use the said telephone number to threaten, intimidate, and/or coerce the said prosecution witness not to give evidence in the matter,” stated Chokera in the affidavit.

Navigating Loss: Pastor Kanyari Addresses Burial of Sister

Following the tragic death of his sister, Starlet Wahu, Pastor Victor Kanyari has found himself facing questions from Kenyans regarding the timing of her burial. Some have expressed confusion about the swiftness of the ceremony, held just three days after her passing.

Addressing these concerns during a church service, Pastor Kanyari emphasized his love for his late sister. He explained that in his experience, prolonged periods at the morgue can intensify the pain for grieving families. He encouraged his congregation to handle difficult situations swiftly, “deal with the problem quickly and leave the naysayers to talk.”

Acknowledging cultural differences, he contrasted Kikuyu customs with those of some other communities, where longer mourning periods and extended wakes are observed. He advised against such practices, advocating for quicker burials to avoid unnecessary drama and selfish motives that can surface during prolonged mourning periods.

Pastor Kanyari further clarified that although Starlet was his sister, it didn’t necessitate a “royal” burial. He reiterated the immense pain of her loss, regardless of the timing of the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Starlet’s murder continues. John Matara, the prime suspect, remains in police custody while authorities finalize their investigation. He was apprehended seeking medical treatment for a knife wound, allegedly sustained during a fight with Starlet. Initial reports indicate he may be a serial scammer with a history of crimes against other victims.

Hunt for Serial Killer Deepens: Matara’s Home Yields Grime After Grisly Murder

Detectives probing the shocking murder of Ms. Starlet Wahu have unearthed unsettling clues after raiding the residence of their prime suspect, John Matara. The grim discovery adds another layer of darkness to the already chilling case.

Searching for Answers:

On Wednesday, DCI homicide detectives descended upon Matara’s modest one-bedroom house in Kahawa West, Nairobi, seeking evidence to strengthen their case against him. The raid follows Matara’s capture of public attention after Wahu’s brutal demise.

Disturbing Finds:

Among the recovered items were HIV testing kits and condoms, casting a dark shadow over Matara’s interactions with his victims. While an unnamed DCI officer confirmed finding “other items used in assaulting victims,” specifics remain undisclosed.

A Suspect Unraveled:

Investigators described Matara’s bare-bones living situation, consisting of a table, computer, and chair. This computer, they believe, served as his gateway to potential victims through dating apps and social media.

Known for his solitary lifestyle and frequent relocations, Matara seemed adept at eluding authorities. However, his current residence, occupied for six months, revealed signs of financial struggle, with reports of delayed rent payments.

Deepening the Darkness:

The investigation, already intense since Wahu’s body was found in Matara’s booked South B apartment, has taken a horrifying turn. Three additional women have come forward, alleging past assaults and theft at Matara’s hands.

Justice Sought:

Following a court order granting a 21-day extension for Matara’s detention, the hunt for answers intensifies. With mounting evidence and more victims surfacing, the pursuit of justice in this unsettling case becomes ever more crucial.

Chipukeezy reveals he slid into Starlet Wahu’s DMs

Chipukeezy’s recent podcast interview revealed a surprising connection with the late Starlet Wahu, sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari. He recalled connecting with Starlet on social media, eventually leading to an interview with her brother. He expressed gratitude for her help, though acknowledged the tragic turn of events.

“The saddest part is that I knew that lady. She introduced me to Kanyari. I remember one time Kanyari trended because of listening to secular music while coming from Machakos as the lady recorded him. I slid in her DM. I am not sure if it was Kanyari I was looking for or her, but I slid in that DM.”

Kanyari, during a church service, painted a heartbreaking picture of his sister’s final moments. He described Starlet’s trust in a man she met online, believing his promises of love and wealth. This deception led her to a dinner, a club, and ultimately, a deadly night in a hotel room.

“When I saw it, one thing that I said was that it does not matter what she did; nobody deserves to die like that. Our society is taking the wrong direction when it comes to that lifestyle.”

The assailant, revealed to be a serial killer, demanded money from Starlet, escalating the situation into a violent confrontation. Unable to reach her brother and faced with escalating threats, Starlet resisted, resulting in a fatal stabbing. Kanyari recounted her struggle, withdrawing money but ultimately falling victim to the attacker’s brutality.

This tragedy highlights the dangers of trusting strangers online and the importance of exercising caution. Starlet’s story, shared both by Chipukeezy and Kanyari, serves as a reminder to be aware of potential threats and prioritize personal safety.

Read the chilling message John Matara sent to AirBNB owner after he allegedly killed Starlet Wahu

Unsettling remarks from John Matara, the alleged killer of socialite Starlet Wahu, to the owner of the Airbnb where the sad incident occurred have surfaced thanks to a leaked screenshot of a WhatsApp exchange.

A CCTV camera saw the 34-year-old Matara and Starlet Wahu entering a residence at Papino Apartment early on January 4 after they booked into an Airbnb in South B. But what seemed like a typical evening turned tragic at the end.

Authorities opened an investigation into what happened inside when Matara was seen leaving the residence alone on camera once more.

Eventually, they located him at Mbagathi Hospital, where he was being treated. Matara is charged with stabbing Starlet Wahu in the head and thigh, causing her to bleed to death at the residence, according to the police report.

Her corpse was found in a pool of blood on the floor.

NTV obtained a leaked WhatsApp conversation between Matara and the Airbnb owner, which shows Matara’s frantic request for help. He admits in the messages to getting into a furious fight with his fiancée, shutting her inside the house, and then departing quickly. Matara gives the owner instructions to get the house keys from a guard on duty.

“Sh*t happened. I left the house in panic and I locked my girlfriend inside. She is not in good condition. It is quite disturbing. The key is with the watchman. I could not see the caretaker.

I am far away now. It was a heated argument, and I did some sh*t. She is in the bedroom.

The earlier you get there, the better. The later you get there, the worse. You won’t hear from me for some hours. I need recuperation. I am so sorry about it. Please say no word for now. You have no idea how much we have fought all night. But no property is damaged. Thanks for everything.”

The recipient was shocked and perplexed when Matara refused to respond to the Airbnb owner’s requests for clarity. Pastor Victor Kanyari, Starlet’s brother, claims that while trying to save herself at the door, Starlet passed away from her wounds.

DCI Steps Up Investigation In Starlet Wahu’s Murder Case, Seeks Witnesses

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is ramping up its efforts to solve the brutal murder of 26-year-old socialite Starlet Wahu Mwangi. With prime suspect John Matara in custody, the DCI is actively seeking additional information and witness testimony.

In a statement issued on Sunday, January 7th, the DCI commended those who have already come forward with accounts of their interactions with Matara and urged any further victims or witnesses to step up. The statement encourages people who may have experienced “the suspect’s animosity” to formally report their ordeals at the Regional Criminal Investigations Office in Nairobi or their nearest police station.

“We encourage more witnesses of such brutality and monstrous attacks to come out and record statements with our detectives. Meanwhile, the DCI commits to painstakingly investigate this brutal murder of such a young Kenyan,” the DCI stated.

The DCI also issued a broader call for public vigilance and awareness, cautioning against individuals who might appear friendly but harbor malicious intentions. They emphasized the importance of reporting instances of “brutality and monstrous attacks” to assist in this and future investigations.

Eddie Butita reveals he knew Starlet Wahu’s alleged murderer

Popular comedian Eddie Butita has acknowledged knowing John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of Pastor Victor Kanyari’s sister, Starlet Wahu. Butita revealed this on his X page in response to a post by a user identifying Matara.

He commented on the post mentioning that he attended the same high school as Matara, acknowledging their past connection. This confirmation adds another layer to the ongoing investigation into the shocking murder.

“Haiyaaa @iamjoseh_ unakumbuka huyu jamaa Pale Butere Boys High School?” 

He even cheekily told one Kenyan he had a case to answer in his follow-up comments to the others who had engaged him.

“Hii kwa law tunasema you are an accessory to a crime, you reluctantly watched a criminal grow even going as far as kumchunia mandazi when njaa ilikuwa karibu kumaliza yeye, without raising your hands in class.. Am afraid you have a case to answer..”

Eddie refuted this by saying, “Ata mimi nimeona kwa whatsapp group.”

Following the shocking and horrific death of 24-year-old socialite and Instagram baddie Starlet Wahu, the Kenyan entertainment industry was plunged into mourning.

The aspiring socialite, who also happens to be the younger sister of famous preacher Pastor Kanyari, was allegedly killed by a man named John Matara following a tumultuous date in the South B neighborhood of Nairobi.

The curvy Starlet was spotted with Matara, who was dressed in brown khaki pants, a sleeved blue denim shirt, and brown shoes, according to CCTV evidence that the police provided.

Wahu, 24, completed the ensemble with a short denim coat and a crimson dress that she wore with black heels.

Kanyari reveals the last moments of Starlet Wahu’s life before her brutal murder

Salvation Healing Ministry founder Prophet Victor Kanyari has spoken out about the horrific circumstances surrounding his sister Starlet Wahu’s horrific murder on Thursday, January 3. On Sunday, January 7, at a solemn church service, Pastor Kanyari revealed that his sister had made a frantic attempt to contact him at two in the morning on that fatal morning.
Regretfully, he did not pick up the phone, not realizing how close she was to peril.

Bishop Kanyari

Speaking to Elizabeth Ngigi, Kanyari revealed the devastating information, stating that Starlet had given a substantial sum of money—roughly Sh500k—to her purported assassin, John Matara.

After first connecting on social media, the two decided to go on a date and finally scheduled an in-person lunch date.

“I know you have seen on social media and on TV and we are trending with people involving our church and saying my sister was killed. My sister was stabbed. My only sister who has lived in America for all her life. She has been in the University here and she was killed on Thursday morning. She was a very pretty girl and blessed. I do not want to speak about it but I know some of you are disturbed by the sad news,”

Addressing the congregation, Pastor Kanyari defended his late sister, emphasizing that her only mistake was trusting a stranger who turned out to be a killer.

“My sister got involved with a man she met on social media, thinking he loved her. The man invited her for dinner, claiming to be wealthy.
She fell into the trap of being a socialite with a large following on Instagram. They went to a club, had drinks, and then the man suggested they get a room for the night. Unbeknownst to her, the man was a serial killer.

They booked a house together. They bought HIV tests and went to their room. Unfortunately, the man was a serial killer. My sister did not see him as a killer but as someone who loved her. I do not see any problem with my sister. She was a young girl, single and looking for love. It is normal for her age. She is not the first girl to fall under his trap.
Kanyari further said the tragic turn of events unfolded when the killer started demanding money from his sister, Starlet, inside the room.
Kanyari revealed that she tried to contact him at 2 am, and by 3 am, the assailant began threatening her, demanding Sh500k.
“In the middle of the night, she tried to call me at around 2 am, but I did not pick up my call. At 3 am, he started threatening her and asked her for money, he asked her for Sh500k,”

As things became worse, there was a confrontation and Starlet’s attacker fatally stabbed her in the neck.

“My sister started withdrawing money from her bank but it seems she started being resistant and they fought inside there.”

The killer locked Starlet inside the room, making it difficult for her to seek help or medical attention.

She succumbed to her injuries, attempting to save herself at the door.

“He asked her to call her family to ask for money. The man later disappeared with the key and locked her inside there. She died at the door trying to save herself…’”

Only 20 close family members and friends attended the hurried funeral that Kanyari’s family chose on Saturday, January 6.

Pastor Kanyari clarified that in order to keep the situation private and prevent public attention, they turned down outside assistance as well as any support that was extended.

“We did not want any help and even those who sent money, I reversed. I did not want people to support me in burying my sister. I have seen on news that my sister’s killer has done that to other girls. It is a sad story and it is even very sad to see people bullying my family on social media. She died and we had nothing else to do so I requested my family that we hurriedly buried her since I did not also want media people to be all over me,”

Kanyari emphasized that people ought to quit berating him while expressing worry for his sister’s welfare.

“My sister was not a born again so I do not see any problem with her using alcohol or even going for a date. I am the one who is saved and not her.”

On the evening of Wednesday, January 3, 2023, Starlet was brutally murdered inside an Airbnb flat in South B, Nairobi County. After a postmortem on Friday, January 5, it was discovered that she had died from significant bleeding.

Another complaint alleging that Matara had imprisoned her inside an Airbnb and was torturing her while demanding money has already been sent to authorities looking into the issue.