Former Tahidi High actress reveals how her dad infected her mum with HIV/AIDS

A former Tahidi High actress has come out to share how her late
her late dad was abusive throughout her childhood.

Speaking in an interview with Grace Mslame on NTV,
Makena Njeri left Kenyans almost in tears after opening up how she was mistreated by her dad who also infected her mother with HIV.

“My dad used to cheat on my mother and it was no longer a secret. I used to bump into him in town while he was in the company of other women,” she said.

Break down

Before finding out her mum was ill, she watched her suffer a serious nervous breakdown. Years later, it all made sense when the BBC journalist discovered her mother was actually HIV positive.

“My mum was constantly taking medication and she told me it helped with her nerves. As I was cleaning her room, I found the medicine and took the leaflet so I could read it and find out what it was doing to my mum. At that moment my whole life came to a standstill,” she said.

Makena, who lost her mum in 2013, said she never was not aware about her status till she passed on.

Video: Tahidi High actor Teacher Mweposi spotted totally drunk in the streets

Tahidi High is one of the most watched TV programs not only on Citizen TV but in Kenya as a whole. The TV series has been running for years now and most of the actors are familiar faces to many.


A video of Teacher Mweposi, one of the actors in the program, has been doing rounds on social media showing him totally drunk. According to a social media user, the actor has been spotted around Embasava stage in CBD totally drunk.

Watch the video below:


Shish: Overcoming Tahidi’s image was hard and it almost ruined my career

Actress Shirleen Wangari has come out to narrate how getting a role at Tahidi High was a gift and still a curse later on. According to the actress who went by the name Shish in the program, she fought hard to re-brand herself after ditching the show.

“It was hard because I played the role of Shish for so long, people began to believe that was the only role I could play, that I could only play the bad girl role and nothing else.” she said in an interview with Nairobi. 

“It reached a point that i stopped going for some auditions, but thankfully i was able to get a role in international films that were being shot in Kenya at the time because they were not familiar with my role as shish. It took a lot of work but finally, people in the industry began to see that i was a versatile actor.”

Her first role

Wangari also narrated how she, together with Melody Mercy, Jolene and Sarah Hassan landed their first acting roles in the program.

“I got the role straight out of Mary Hill Girls High School. I loved the experience, I not only got a platform where I could grow as an actress, but it also gave me a great platform to build my brand. I also got to make lots of friends and networks in the industry.”

Trouble in paradise for former Tahidi High actress and her man? Checkout what she has been posting

Jacqueline Mwangi popularly known as Jolene from Tahidi High has left many talking after a couple of posts she has been sharing on her social media pages for the past few days.

Well, rumor has it that her relationship might be facing some issues judging from the ‘relationship quotes’ seen on her Facebook account now that she deactivated her instagram account. From what we can see from the quotes, the former actress talks about being cheated on and how a man should work on himself….

Not sure whether her quotes should be used as hints as to what is happening in her love life, but from a woman’s perspective I know that most ladies prefer reaching out using such quotes when they are facing issues in their relationships.

Anyway, we cannot confirm what is really going on with Jolene and her baby daddy Kev Nyogz but her quotes have left many assuming that all is not well between her and her man. We will however try to find out more details on what could be going on between them.