Barnaba Classic goes all sensual in new track “One in Million”

After of what seems like a video production break,Barnaba classic has earlier dropped a new song “One in a million.” The sensational tune which he wrote himself has only been out for a few hours. Further the High stable sonds boss is out to pick up his space like before.

One in Million is a love song describing your typical kind of love and romance.


The lyrics are in Swahili save for a few words in English. Barnaba’s vocal prowess is displayed from beginning to end as he speaks a language we all understand, the language of love. I mean he is a Swahili poetic guru!
Pasi na wewe mimi sio mzima
Nakupenda mpaka Kiama
Habari zisambazwe, pasi na wewe sijalala
Usingizi waniruka, Aaai Nakupenda.

The song takes a poetic turn as he navigates lyrics professing his love. For a moment we even forget we are listening to a song. This man is an artist. One who deeply understands his art.

The song is sweet and has a serenading effect. An ideal tune for lovers. Especially in this period of quarantine this can be a reason to rekindle love among couples.

Takes his time to put across the lyrics. The instruments in the background are kept on the low to allow fans enjoy listening to the song as he declares his love and what he feels for this lady. Nothing gets to the heart like words said in love.


The video is simple, shot in Kigamboni Tanzania set in a well-lit colourful room and in the outdoors. He only features one vixen.

Furthermore, it has very little going on and is very descent and good enough to be watched by all audiences.
The song that has been well received by his fans already has thousands of tunes.

The fans don’t shy away from telling of their contentment with the tune.

Barnaba has also done a lot of songs including: Washa, Lover boy, Sichomoi, Tuachane mdogo mdogo, Mapenzi jeneza, Tunafanana, Nyang’a Nyang’a, Bado muda and zodoa. He also has Chausiku and Siri feauturing Venessa Mdee as well as ngoma featuring Aslay,

One in a million is an amazing jam, just like Barnaba himself. We still look forward to having this amazing work with some of the artists outside Tanzania. In the meantime keep safe, Sanitize!

Rating 9/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

Vanessa Mdee has proved that love is a beautiful thing with Rotimi. Although it is in good faith, there is a problem. The beauty queen has had the best opportunity in her music career to go international.

Imagine you are the one dating power star, Rotimi? Would you have taken advantage of the large following he has? First, Vanessa Mdee is a brand on her own, a brand that she has the best opportunity to grow.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

In my honest opinion, it is high time that Mdee opened her eyes and stop being fooled by love. I mean she is all over Instagram parading Rotimi.

Rotimi is is a brand and a big icon in the US. He is a name that will greatly push Vanessa Mdee’s music abroad. Who in this time an era keeps their fruits in one basket.

Honestly, I feel that Vanessa Mdee is losing as an artiste. Look at her fellow artistes like Tanasha who have taken advantage of their lovers’ popularity.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

It is a world that one will not feed on love but on your hustle. Every now and then, Vanessa Mdee has forgotten of her music career. Imagine being on a flight weekly with your celebrity lover?

Vanessa Mdee should by now have done a collaboration with Rotimi. Look at the market she will be attracting abroad? Sometimes I wonder if she ever thinks of going beyond the love word with Rotimi.

Vanessa Mdee has failed by focusing more on love instead of using Rotimi to sell her music

I know m, majority of you will say am jealous, but it is time Vanessa came back to her senses. She has on a couple of times accompanied her star lover to perform abroad but not at one time has she performed alongside him.

In addition, I have not seen any dumb Tanzania artiste. Vanessa Mdee will be the first one and she needs to act fast. You’ll agree with me that she is committing music suicide. When is the last time she even released a single since dating Rotimi?

I hope she will read this and act accordingly. Your thoughts also count. She needs to stop going to live radios to parade her lover and start marketing her music.

Abdukiba is back with a new tune ‘Shery Coco’

Shery Coco is out and it all is fire. Abdukiba has featured G nako and together they have delivered a great hit. To start with, this kind of collabo is something that will steer Alikiba’s work ahead especially the unforgettable tour.

To add on, this jam has a strong message as it is depicted in the lyrics. It is such a hit that you will even go back to look at this dude’s earlier works.

In addition to the great work, it is also good to understand the message of the song. First, this is a love song to the lovely girl who is being described.

What lies in the Shery Coco lyrics?

Actually, the lyrics in Sherry Coco are so clear that there is no struggling. Abdukiba and G nako really deed a good job.

My shery coco madanga tuchape viboko. Message bobo zima tuwakomoe Komo, My shery coco nipe nijilie vinono, Tuwape viapo unizalie watoto. You realise that he is talking about his lover who he is expecting to be the mother of his children. Shery Coco has been used to describe sweetheart or if you like, lover.

In the third stanza of Abdukiba’s Shery Coco, he thinks that they look alike with the girl and she is driving him crazy.

Kweli wewe wa pekee.  Acha mimi nijigambe. Nimelowa tepetepe.  Akili mbili kasoro Umenipunguza wenge. Mpaka tunafanana.

In addition to the great love message, Abdukiba did a good thing in the delivery of the video. The Shery Coco video is so much in sync and the graphics are just awesome.

The duo has treated this hit in the right manner. The audio is also great such that it is not competing with the beats. Congratulations to Abdukiba and Gnako for treating Shery Coco well.

It is clear that Alikiba has mentored Abdukiba so well and he is getting to be perfect like him. In conclusion, Abdukiba gets a rating of 7/10 in Shery Coco.

Video below.

Shetta raps himself as the ideal man in new Jam “Bonge la toto”

Shetta is one of Tanzania’s biggest rappers .The Bongo flava artist whose style has been likened to that of Kenya’s OG  Khaligraph Jones clearly stands out in the  East African Music arena. This time he brings a new jam dubbed “Bonge la toto”.

In the song Shetta has  depicted himself as  the ideal man to have for a boyfriend in this century.

Using the classic wooing technique to get the attention and love of the ‘Bonge la toto’

The lyrics

Enjoy kuwa na mimi, mwili wako niufunike na madini.

The lyrics suggest he is that guy, who rolls with the bigwigs like the mayor among other top dignitaries. One who will take you across the world on flights and cruise ships besides touring places like the famous Serengeti.


Mimi ni billionare, nifilsi hadi nirudi kenye Millionaire. A loaded guy who has billions and doesn’t shy away from spending it on his ‘Bonge la toto.’

‘Ikibidi ita na wenzako maana huwezi maliza peke yako’

Regardless of the number of friends you tag along, his money never runs out. Who doesn’t want this kind of a man?  Why wouldn’t friends envy you for dating such a man anyway? He’s just too good to be true.


The song however hasn’t had a clear outline when it comes to the reception by the fans. Its not clear whether it’s a well-received or not.

The audio is rather flat and less appealing to fans who depend on the video as an accompaniment of judging music. The flavour added by a music video is still missing and its easy for the intent of the song to go unnoticed.


The song was done under his label Shetta Entertainment. As we wait on the video we appreciate his sound  in this song. Another thing is we need more music from this lad i trust he can take back his glory.

In the mean time we give the song a rating of 5/10.Listen and tell us what you think.

Rich Mavoko is back with a new single dubbed Babilon

Rich Mavako is back with a new single dubbed Babilon. The Tanzanian singer is back after a few months of his last release. Babilon sounds like Rich Mavoko is talking to Harmonize after him leaving Wasafi. You people know that Rich Mavoko was also at one time signed under Wasafi Record Label?

Like they say, a song tells a lot and this Babilon tells it all. Although Rich Mavoko is a bongo artist I think he has also learnt to use poetic language in his work. He has delivered Babilon so well and the lyrics are super good.

Also it is not always that people will tell you how things are. But whoever he is talking to here needs to listen to this.

Rich Mavoko is back with a new single dubbed Babilon

What is Babilon all about?

To start with, I know that when you hear a song you first try to understand what the title means. In this case we all know that Babilon was in the Bible and this were people who thought they were clever than God. Here he talks of system ya Babilon, which I might say is all about people who think they are strong.

Lets dig deeper into the lyrics; Mwanangu we ukitoka usirudi Fanya tu tupate dishi tuishi gudi Watakupa maseke kusudi Ili tu wakutoe kwenye mudi. This kind of advice seems to be talking to someone. Rich Mavoko here tells of how whenever one decides to leave to go on and focus on what feeds him. Also, he further says that they will try to ruin your moods which in this case is very true.

Rich Mavoko is back with a new single dubbed Babilon

Usije fosi battle mi ni business man Utacheza mdaku ka utashindwa shine(Yeah yeah yeah) Wanaishi Babilon system Jifanye huna nguvu ugawe wazi; In this stanza he talks to whoever he is referring to not to force himself because this is a business. All he needs to do is hold back and pretend he has no strength and with time he will leap.

Babilon is a great song and in this case Rich Mavoko gets a rating of 7/10.