Nigerian police respond to Tiwa Savage petition against Davido

The Nigerian police are looking into a suit that singer Tiwa Savage made against Davido, another singer. Savage asserted that she received threats against her life from Davido.

The petition’s veracity and progress were confirmed by SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Command’s public relations officer.

“I can attest that the petition was received by us. We’ve started our probe,” he declared.

Tiwa Savage sent a petition to Adegoke Fayoade, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police.

“I am writing to bring to your attention a distressing situation involving myself, Tiwatope Omolara Savage, popularly known as Tiwa Savage, and Mr David Adeleke popularly known as Davido.

On the 23rd of December, I made a post which included myself and Sophía Momodu on my Instagram Story- a feature on Instagram which allows you to put up a post for twenty-four hours, and Mr David Adeleke sent messages to my manager who’s also part of his management team that I shouldn’t worry and should never say a word to him and that I was taunting him, uttering very disrespectful, malicious and derogatory words to my person.

I responded to MR. DAVID ADELEKE’S message and told him not to reach out to me especially as I felt like I had been there for him and his daughter, Imade, and more importantly when he lost his son.”

The events of that day have also led to a barrage of calls and messages from our mutual connections, asking me what I did to Mr David Adeleke and that he’s upset that I chose to maintain a relationship with Imade’s mother, Sophia Momodu who he’s having issues with and also painting the exchange to look like I was the aggressor. He has also told our mutual connections to warn me to “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f”k me up”.

This is beginning to feel like some form of online and offline harassment not just to me but also members of my team.

The action of Mr David Adeleke is unethical and can be viewed as a direct threat to my rights to life, privacy and dignity of my person as guaranteed in Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), and are also in contravention of Section 2424) of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, Etc.) Act, 2015.

I therefore would like to make this complaint and state that in the event that anything untoward or harmful were to happen to me or any member of my family, I would like the members of the Nigerian Police Force to hold Mr David Adeleke responsible.”

Afrobeats Stars Collide: Tiwa Savage Files Petition Against Davido After Alleged Threats

Nigerian music superstars Tiwa Savage and Davido have made headlines for a concerning feud that has escalated into legal action. Following a public falling out, Tiwa Savage has filed a petition with the Lagos State Commissioner of Police alleging threats and harassment from Davido over her friendship with his baby mama, Sophia Momodu.

The petition paints a distressing picture, alleging that Davido’s displeasure with an Instagram Story featuring Tiwa and Momodu triggered a series of hostile communications. Tiwa claims Davido sent threatening messages via her manager, hurling disrespectful and derogatory remarks, even accusing her of “taunting” him.

“I responded to Mr. Adeleke’s message and told him not to reach out to me,” Tiwa states in the official report, highlighting her past support for Davido and his daughter. However, the situation allegedly escalated with phone calls and messages from intermediaries, conveying further threats from Davido.

According to Tiwa, Davido issued a chilling warning: “be careful in Lagos because he was going to f**k me up.” Tiwa interprets this as a blatant threat to her safety and well-being, characterizing Davido’s actions as a violation of her basic rights.

Citing sections of the Nigerian Constitution and Cybercrime Act, Tiwa’s petition seeks to hold Davido accountable for any potential harm to her or her family. This legal action casts a dark shadow over the once-cordial relationship between the Afrobeats giants, leaving fans and the industry at large in shock and anticipation of further developments.

Tiwa Savage Files Police Complaint Alleging Threats From Davido

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has filed a complaint with the Lagos State Police Command alleging threats to her life and harassment from fellow musician Davido. In a document dated January 9, 2024, Savage details an incident triggered by her Instagram post featuring Davido’s ex-partner Sophia Momodu.

Accusations of Threats and Harassment

Savage claims Davido messaged her manager after the Instagram post, accusing her of “taunting” him and using “disrespectful, malicious, and derogatory” language.

Despite her response urging Davido not to contact her due to their past support for him and his family, she states he continued threats through mutual connections.

These threats, as per Savage’s complaint, included warnings to “be careful in Lagos” and promises to “f**k me up.”

She expresses concern that these actions constitute online and offline harassment towards her and her team.

While the specific content of the alleged threats remains undisclosed, the complaint appears linked to Savage’s ongoing friendship with Momodu.

This friendship might be perceived as a source of tension due to Davido’s estranged relationship with Momodu.

The Lagos State Police Command is investigating the complaint, and no official charges have been filed against Davido.

This incident has sparked public conversation on social media, raising concerns about cyberbullying and celebrity behavior.

Tiwa Savage Turns 41 Today But Still Looks Like A Snack! (Photos)

Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress Tiwatope Savage, professionally known as Tiwa Savage, celebrates her birthday today. The singer is turning 41 today but looks way younger than she is. Tiwa is among the few celebrities who defy the DNA mechanism to ageing.

Image result for Tiwa Savage music

About Tiwa Savage

The singer was born in London in 1980. Five years later, she began her music career doing backup vocals for artists such as George Michael and Mary J. Blige.

You may remember her from the songs ‘Kele Kele Love’ and ‘Eminado’ which were among her first hit songs.

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Her album was nominated for Best Album of the Year at the 2014 Nigeria entertainment awards for Best R&B/Pop Album at The Headies 2014.

The musician has done several collabos over the years with different artists. Tiwa Savage has already won Best African Act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards, becoming the first woman to win the category.

Some of Tiwa’s songs include Koroba, Dangerous Love, All over, Attention, Girlie ‘o’, Park Well, among others.

As the singer celebrates her 41st birthday, it’s good to note her achievements and congratulate her for the good entertaining music. She totally deserves it all. Below are more of Tiwa’s photos. She doesn’t seem to age a bit.

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Tiwa Savage releases new jam dubbed ‘Attention’ and it’s really dope (Video)

Talented Nigerian songstress Tiwa Savage has released a new jam and we are really feeling it. Apparently, was forced to release it early due to leaks.

The song dubbed Attention is about a man who is not taking enough of the woman in his life. He doesn’t take her out anymore and this has led her to believe that here might  be someone else out there.

Felling frustrated, the woman says that if he can’t give her quality attention, she’ll get it from somebody else, perhaps another man.

Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

Although this is a cliche story, I felt like Tiwa Savage addressed this song to a particular person meaning that there is someone who is really scratching his head after listening to this song.

I love this song not for any other reason but because the All Over hitmaker’s voice is heavenly, you just keep listening although she is taking a swipe at you.

The other reason is that women will turn it into a national anthem. If you have been ignoring your lady you better act accordingly or else you will find her constantly playing this song or putting it on her status.

The song is built on a beat that’s made to take introspect – it is of low beats per minute and this means that you get to connect with Yemi Alade and see things from her perspective.

Listen to Attention below and tell us what you think.

Redsan: We shall expose those promoters who neglected and embarrassed Tiwa Savage

Dancehall star Redsan has promised to expose the rogue promoters who neglected Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage after her performance at the Carnivore Grounds.

The singer had to find her way to the airport after the promoters switched off their phones.

 “Checking out of the hotel and full accommodation not paid for, no car to take us to the airport and promoters want to talk trash about artists… Funny how everyone is asleep and phones are off after the show but they blow up your phone when they need you for radio and press runs before the show, ” tweeted a frustrated Tiwa Savage.

Redsan said that Kenyans should stop dragging him and his team for the Tiwa Savage mess.

“Please stop trying to drag our good names in mud, GOD has already cleaned us. What more could you do? To our media houses, I wanna say thank you; for not jumping to conclusions, for being patient and mostly for coming out in large numbers to support my album launch. Thank you for being present as we made history on Saturday,” said Redsan.


Redsan thanked Savage and his sponsors who came to support him for the album launch which marked his 5th.

“I wanna thank all my fans who came out and all my fans around the world. @TiwaSavage and I couldn’t be tighter, she came personally for my gig and did an amazing show including my bro @DemarcoDaDon so for the haters out there wishing it’s me in the middle of all this guess what? Your bullets missed once again. And for the vulture promoters who always come between artists your time is up.

“We will expose you this has become a norm in Kenya WHERE vultures wait for you to go through the expenses and the sacrifices of bringing good musicians to our country and then they show up last minute to steal the prize. Don’t wait for an artist to show up in Kenya then you show up with your dollars. You are the guys killing this industry and messing us up. I want to thank my sponsors and all my colleagues in the music industry for coming out last weekend to support me. You guys are awesome and thank you for your big hearts let ’s keep the flag flying and the spirit alive. GOD BLESS. #VULTUREPROMOTERSOUTTORUINTHEINDUSTRY #king #baddest #thebaddest #myfans.”

Was Tiwa Savage being a diva? She allegedly wanted a Bentley to drive her to the airport

Tiwa Savage has been topping headlines for the better part of Monday after she came out to complain that Kenyan promoters ditched her after performing at carnivore grounds.

In a series of tweets, she claimed that she was abandoned after the show.

“Funny how everyone is asleep and phones are off after the show but they blow up your phone when they need you for radio and press runs before the show. Checking out of the hotel and full accommodation not paid for, no car to take us to the airport and promoters want to talk trash about artists,” she ranted.

Source now claim that the Nigerian singer was being a diva and wanted a few things the promoter couldn’t meet at the time.

Promoters and PR guys have stayed mum over the issue but a leaked WhatsApp chat claims that the promoter had sorted her out, but she wanted a Bentley to take her to the airport. She also went to Kempinski instead of Sankara where she had been paid for.

Here’s the leaked chat doing rounds on social media:

Shame! Tiwa Savage reveals how Kenyan event organizers left her stranded after Redsan’s gig

Tiwa savage among other top artists were in the country this past weekend to attend Redsan’s album launch. However, turns out that everything did not run as smoothly as we thought.

Earlier this morning Nigerian song bird came out to expose the event organizers behind Redsan’s event for ignoring her just after the gig was over.

Apparently they did not pay for her hotel room and neither did they provide a car to take her to the airport. The annoyed singer revealed this through her Twitter page leaving many shocked.

Phones off, Tiwa Stranded

Tiwa Savage went on to reveal that the organizers switched off their phones now that the event was done.

According to Tiwa Savage these same organizers used to blow up her phone begging her to show up and now they disappeared leaving her with a hotel bill to Carter for. She wrote saying;

5 Nigerian artistes with big names and little to show in live performance (Photos)

They boast of several hit songs, some of them are even signed by international labels like Jay Z’s Roc Nation. But interestingly these Nigerian artistes have nothing to show in live performance.

If you’ve been paying attention to what has been trending on social media in the last two days, especially Twitter, then you must have noticed Nairobi revelers have been lamenting over the distraught performance by Nigerian singer Tekno Miles.

Tekno Miles

Miles tops the list of Nigerian singers with big names and nothing to show for in live performance. The singer left Nairobians cursing after dropping subpar performance at Ngong Racecourse on Saturday September 9th.

Kenyans were surprisingly impressed by local artistes’ performance especially The Kansol and Camp Mulla; but Tekno’s performance didn’t match his big name and the expectations of revelers.


  1. Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage

She was causing ripples across Africa with her new album ‘Red’ when she flew to Nairobi to perform at 11th edition of Barbeque Live that went down at Ngong Racecourse on November 12th 2016.

Tiwa Savage, who signed to Jay Z’s label Roc Nation, didn’t leave a lasting impression after her performance at Ngong Racecourse. Nobody even seemed to have noticed she performed, this is usually not the case when Wizkid or Diamond Platnumz perform anywhere in Kenya.

Remember how tongues were wagging after Wizkid’s concert at KICC on Saturday July 22nd and Diamond performance on the 17th edition of Koroga Festival which went down on 28th May 2017?


  1. Iyanya
Iyanya grinds a fan B-Club

He’s probably a shadow of his past, yes he was featured in Jaguar’s remix ‘One Centimeter’ which gave him clout in Kenya, but currently Iyanya can’t impress a diverse audience other than the bimbos who go berserk every time he removes his shirt on stage.

The Nigerian singer regularly jets into Nairobi to perform for small audiences, mostly pool parties at B-Club. The last gig he had in Kenya was on 4th June 2017, bet most of you were not even aware Iyanya was in town.


  1. Patoranking
Patoranking and Betty Kyallo at Kiza

On Saturday June 24th 2017, Nigerian sensation Patoranking was in Kenya for a performance at the Kiza restaurant and lounge in Nairobi.

The show was hyped on radios and billboards across the city but surprisingly there were no chitchats on social media to indicate that the Nigerian superstar had won the hearts of Nairobi revelers with his performance.

Big names like Patoranking are paid millions per show but if they have no impact with their performances then there is no need for local promotors to waste millions on them.


  1. Davido
Davido and Babu Owino at B-Club


Hehehe… His show in Nairobi on March 28th 2015 was the exact copy of Tekno Miles’ Saturday September 9th 2017 concert at Ngong Racecourse.

All roads led to Carnivore grounds on Saturday 28th March as Davido was set to drop the most electrifying performance ever.

But then disaster happened that Saturday night, Davido performed for 20 minutes and left the stage. Revelers were mad, twitter erupted as Kenyans who bought tickets started throwing tantrums.

All in all Wizkid and Yemi Alade are the only Nigerian artistes you should pay to watch them perform, for the remaining artistes I would advise you to stay at home and watch their performance on YouTube.