Former Househelps of Kawangware actress Truphena blames her boyfriend for her son’s death

Truphena was not able to bury her son or even see his body when he died. The former Real House of Kawangware (TRHK) actress reveals she missed her son’s burial because of what her boyfriend did.

Truphena whose real name is Aisha Noor lost her son Ubbaydah in November 2016. The kid succumbed to an infection while staying with his grandmother in Mumias, Kakamega County.

Aisha was not with her son at the time of his passing. The former TRHK actress was in Nairobi dealing with a theft case lodged against her.

Truphena arrested

Truphena says she was arrested on theft suspicion in an interview with Citizen. The actress explains that she hired a Kes 400,000 camera on behalf of her boyfriend who surprisingly lost it.

“I had hired someone else’s video camera on behalf of my boyfriend and had the agreement registered under my name. He misplaced the camera while using it. I do not know who stole it from him, or how he misplaced it. After informing the camera owner that I had misplaced the device, I was arrested and detained at Central Police Station. I was later arraigned at Milimani Law Courts for theft,” says Truphena.

The actress reveals she took her son to her mother’s place in Mumias after she was set free. She later on returned to the city to look for money to compensate the camera owner.

“My son at that time was 11 months old. Given, I was in police custody, my son could not be detained alongside me. He was taken away. I did not know where he was. How I wish I was allowed to be with him in police custody. I understand death is unavoidable, but I could have watched him die in my hands, in my presence.

“Two days later, I was released on bond and reunited with my son who was putting up at a relative’s place. I took him to my parents’ home in Mumias, and returned to the city to look for money to compensate the camera owner,” Truphena narrated.

Son passes on

Truphena’s late son

Truphena son died while she was in Nairobi struggling to raise money to repay the camera owner. The actress’ son was quickly buried according to Islamic traditions.

Unfortunately Truphena couldn’t make it to Mumias in time to attend her son’s burial. She blames her boyfriend for everything saying she went through hell because of him yet he was not with her when things went south.

“Two weeks later, my mum called and told me that my son was dead. She told me that he succumbed to an infection. By the time I traveled to Mumias, my son was already buried according to Islamic practice. I did not see him lifeless. I did not take part in his burial,” reveals Truphena.



Rare photo of Chimano warming up to TRHK’s actress, Truphena

The real housewives of Kawagware’s actress Truphena must be excited to have met and hanged out with Sauti Sol’s Chimano who is popularly known for his unique voice and fashionable taste.

Chimano is however not one who easily mingles with people. For some reason many tend to see him as an unfriendly fella…however it is nothing personal but just business for him.

Just recently he got to hang out with actress Truphena who later shared a photo hanging out with the Sauti Sol’s singer. Judging from how cozy the two look, it is no secret that Chimano is a fan of the actress. Below is the photo Truphena shared;

Is this the luxurious car Truphena from The Real House helps of Kawagware drives?

So far we are all aware that comedians and actors are paid pretty much well. If you doubt then allow me to change your mentality. Well, looking at most of them you will notice that they live some lavish lifestyle and of course some also drive some good cars.

Well, seems like Truphena who is popularly known from TRHK is among these well paid actors. I bumped into a photo of her posing in front of a white car that has left many speculating whether it is hers. She however did not caption her photo in a way that would confirm that she is the owner….but hey it wouldn’t have hurt to do so.

Though many pose in front of fancy cars, I cannot say that this was just a stunt from the actress but oh well who know, right? However if it is her car then I guess acting is a career most of us should look into since it seems to pay well. Checkout the photo below: