‘Wabebe’ now brings on board 10/10’s host Willis Raburu on board

 Wabebe is the new jam by Willis Raburu, Lofe and Boondocks Gang. Willis is a news anchor and entertainment host at Citizen TV. He is know more for his ratchet show 10/10.  Also he is fond of using the word Wabebe on the 10/10 show to hype the crowd. It is something that the show which is majorly for the the youth has adopted.

The show focuses more on upcoming artists. Lofe and the Boondocks Gang have been to the show with the wild Willis Raburu. It is so funny how a simple word like Wabebe is now a song. Is it this easy to come up with a song?

Relevance of the song ‘Wabebe’

To start with this song is very ratchet just like the show it is trying to promote. One is left wondering what Wabebe a Swahili word means in this context. Looking at the video it is about a very ratchet dance. Girls grinding their asses on young boys fronts.

'Wabebe' Willis Raburu X Lofe X Boondocks Gang

First there is this part where a dude is squatting and a lady is passing by and he looks her down there. Come on is this what we call music? This is very wrong, we need sane music. The fact that the song already has twerks that scene is inappropriate.

Also some lines delivered in Kikuyu where the guy says Kai ndi na ngoma, comora njora; If he has demons and goes ahead to say remove the sword. What is referred to as a sword is something that you wouldn’t want to imagine.

Wabebe has been produced by Akish Prod and dance video done by Lofe moneymall . In addition to the talent shown, it is always good to promote them but they need to give something worth ones efforts.

In conclusion Wabebe simply means carry them. I know you’ll term that meaning as a direct translation. Last but bot least the jam gets a rating of 5/10.

Below is a link to the video.