Nameless pens sweet message to his African Queen on her birthday

Kenyan singer-songwriter, Wahu clocked another year and hubby-cum-life partner, Nameless showered her with love and blessings on her Big Day.

The Kenyan pop artist took us down memory lane on his Instagram, reminiscing moments shared, with photos of the pair.

He started off:

Mama-yao ????????????. My life-partner????????????????. Team-Mate????♥️, Twa-Mate, ????????????????. May you continue discovering your inner brilliance and wisdom.

Wahu Kagwi with first daughter, Tumiso

Never mincing his words, Mr Mathenge hoped that the new year would mould his wife´s life into one that impacts and inspires masses.

As you enter a new year of growth and self discovery, may you continue understanding your gifts and passions and use them to impact and inspire as you live in purpose., ????????????????.

Finishing off:

Happy birthday babe☺️. Wazitooo, help me wish this African beauty queen a HAPPY BITHDAY filled with love and laughter., ???? #QuarantineBirthday????????????????‍♂️ #MamaTumiKeo #SaladpoolchairLady

Singer, Wahu Kagwi

From her end, the veteran female singer admitted that the far she had come was sure evidence that God´s mercy and favor was upon her.

Happy birthday to me! ???????????? When I look over my shoulder, I see evidence of His hand of mercy and favor. And so I know that even as I enter a new year, He will continue to be with me.

For life, health, family and friends, she remains grateful.

Thank you Father for love, life, health, the gift of family and friends..
Thank you my online family for always showing me love

Wahu Kagwi

On a light note, she asked that Mpesa transactions flow in, declaring she is finally 21 years of age.

Now that we are encouraging cashless transactions, I’m welcoming mpesa deposits! ???????????? I’m now officially 21 ????????
I’ve been 18 for too long ????????


The beauty and mother of two was shown love as fans and followers showered her with blessings and sweet words on her D-day.

willisraburu Happy birthday to you @wahukagwi shine on ????????????


bienaimesol ????????????????????????????


officialjanetmbugua Happy birthday! ????
kush_tracey Happy birthday ????????????????
suzannaowiyo Happiest birthday beautiful ????????????
anyikowoko Happy birthday Wahu you are amazing and loved ❤️❤️
blakaende Happy birthday classmate! Mpesa loading
kenzomatata Happy birthday mama nyakio ????
djmokenya Happy birthday ????????????????
evedsouza Happy birthday ???????? ???? ????
gavnahthadeejay Happy new year to you!! Wishing you God’s favour in the year ahead ???????? Happy birthday to your Twa-mate????
woman_living_whole Happy birthday mami … to many more
mercymasikamuguro You are a blessing. Happy birthday dear????????????????????I like and love you❤❤ Hallelujah to the King of Kings for giving us some ch genius of a minister. Happy birthday ????????????????????
massawejapanni We love you…Haaaaaaaapy Birthday ????
sheemahmaingi Happy birthday????

Wahu: Shame on the police for acting like guys are using rape to avoid exams 

Singer Wahu is not happy with what happened at Moi Girls where a girl was raped. She’s way more angrier with police however, who she says have been treating the issue lightly and using it as a scapegoat.

On Instagram, the singer attacked the police claiming that they are not putting in the required seriousness.

“I am appalled by the comments made by Michael Muchiri of kilimani Police station as per this article in the Daily Nation. The dismissive tone in which he addresses the issue of the minor’s RAPE , with the insinuation of this somehow being linked to evading exams is such an insult to women!!!” she said.

Big issue

After the girl was raped on Saturday, the school was closed as police started the investigation. Wahu claims that the police are thinking the students are just taking them for ride.

“How can rape and sexual assault be accorded the seriousness it deserves from the police, If this is the attitude of such a high ranking officer?? As a woman, a mother of girls and a citizen of this great nation of Kenya I say that this statement is insensitive, unfortunate, degrading and a BIG BIG SHAME!”

38 has never looked this hot! Nameless celebrates his wife as she turns a year older

Wahu is drawing closer to the big 4-0. On 22nd March she celebrated her 38th birthday and judging from how she looks we can all agree that she is aging like fine wine!

Fellow celebrities joined in to celebrate the lady’s birthday including Diamond Platnumz manager who celebrated her through his gram.

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Her husband on the Nameless was also not left behind as he sent out a loving message to the love of his life, wife and mother of his children. The two have now been married for over 10 years and continue to prove that real love still exists!

Nameless celebrates his wife

Having come from so far, Nameless feels truly blessed to have a super woman in his life. Though we are not sure what he did to celebrate his wife’s 38th birthday, he shared the message below saying;