Baby number 3 is still under discussion- Nameless and Wahu

After celebrating 13 years of marriage, which is like 33 years of normal marriage, celebrities Nameless and Wahu might be thinking of adding another child. May be a boy.

In a recent interview, the two revealed that they are discussing whether they’ll add another kid since they all already have Tumiso and Nyakio.

“Siwezi mind a boy now that I have two girls, but we are still under discussions,” he said.

“Sometimes, pictures are taken and fans wanaona vitu zao and start suspecting she may be pregnant. Those pictures you see could be that she ‘ate’ a lot that day so her stomach was big. I am with her everyday but I have not realised, but I don’t mind another kid.”


He went on to say that he’s not sure whether his wife Wahu is pregnant.

“I don’t really know but I will talk to her and ask to confirm by myself. Being in the public, you know that you are the target for scandals. So we are careful with everything we do, especially because we have a family to protect. So we try balance and put family matters away from the media.”he said. 

Wahu: Our night time routine usually ends in prayer

Singer Wahu is now a born again christian and is dedicated to spread God’s love and message. The mother of two who is married to fellow singer Nameless recently opened up sharing that she has always been prayerful.

She also asked parents to always dedicate time and pray for their children.

“Our night time routine usually ends in prayer. Sometimes by all of us, sometimes by just me. It is a wonderful thing to commit our children to the Lord and to continuously intercede for them.
I remember my mum’s morning prayers, where she placed each of her 5 kids before the Lord.

“Interestingly enough, she still keeps the same routine. Whenever mum comes over to spend, it is not uncommon to hear her praying for us at 5am. And I love it. I am my mother’s daughter. And I will continue to intercede for my children in prayer for as long as I live.” said Wahu on social media.


Note to all my fellow parents: let us Pray. Pray. Pray. For our babies. Commit them before the Lord. Stand in the gap for them. Pray for wisdom as we raise them. This is not a “good-to-do” it is our responsibility. ????.”


38 has never looked this hot! Nameless celebrates his wife as she turns a year older

Wahu is drawing closer to the big 4-0. On 22nd March she celebrated her 38th birthday and judging from how she looks we can all agree that she is aging like fine wine!

Fellow celebrities joined in to celebrate the lady’s birthday including Diamond Platnumz manager who celebrated her through his gram.

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Her husband on the Nameless was also not left behind as he sent out a loving message to the love of his life, wife and mother of his children. The two have now been married for over 10 years and continue to prove that real love still exists!

Nameless celebrates his wife

Having come from so far, Nameless feels truly blessed to have a super woman in his life. Though we are not sure what he did to celebrate his wife’s 38th birthday, he shared the message below saying;