Bahati’s baby mama flaunts her revenge body after shedding off 17kgs!

Yvette Obura is a darling and just because her relationship with Bahati did not work out as planned due to his selfish reasons; the mother of one managed to bounce back and is currently eating life with a big spoon.

After welcoming her daughter 3 years ago, Yvette Obura gained too much weight which she has since been trying to flash off her system. But just like any new mum, she will tell you how hard it is – but when focused sometimes it can be a walk in the park.

Anyway one year after embarking on her weight loss journey, Yvette has managed to cut off 17kgs through her intermittent fasting weight loss program. Just a while ago the mother of one went on to parade revenge body; showing how small she has since become.

Through her IG page Yvette wrote;

Before meets after

“If it wasn’t for quarantine I’d be celebrating 21kgs apart but here I am celebrating 17kgs apart (added 4kgs)in the past 3 months. But well,it’s been a journey I’m proud of. ???????? 1 year 3 months of intermittent Fasting and 1year waist training

Weight issues

Although losing weight had not been in her plans before; Yvette once revealed that she embarked on this journey after discovering that she was overweight.

Apparently sometime back, she realized that she couldn’t breathe well while walking. This not only left her worried for health; but a wake up call she used to turn her life around.

Yvette Obura shades off excess weight

“I kept postponing diets/workouts/waist training till January 3rd 2019 when I was walking in town with my best friend and I was slowly losing breathing (sp). That night I had a meeting with myself and told myself enough is enough, logged in to Pinterest reviewed all the diets and landed on one (13 days metabolism diet). DISCLAIMER: Am no doctor so I don’t know how recommendable the diet is. So after the diet, I lost 7.3 Kgs (5 inches around my midsection) I took a break for 3 days then did 5 days cardiologist diet, lost 1.2 Kgs, all this time I am on consistent waist training. I drink at least 4 litres of water daily to curb hunger, I do home workouts and this February I am doing 21 days no wheat, no sugar, no fried food and no carbs after 3 pm challenge,

“I have been aging backwards” Bahati’s baby mama parades her gorgeous petite body

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura has definitely been hitting the gym judging from her latest photo shared on Instagram.

Just like most ladies, after welcoming her baby Mueni, Yvette struggled with baby fat that didn’t seem to shed off as fast as she wanted.

Bahati’s baby mama

In one of her old posts, Yvette revealed that things were not as rosy for her since she also got postpartum depression that left her in a compromising position – especially with the newborn and her father who had not spoken to her throughout her pregnancy.

Weight loss journey

However after things started working out in her favor, the mother of one decided to concentrate on herself.

Yvette Obura says she felt that she had to really commit to an intense fitness and nutrition plan to reach her pre-baby weight. It wasn’t easy, as her diet was extremely strict but the hard work helped her reach her weight loss goals.

Below is a before and after photo showing how far she has come.

Yvette Obura

Body goals! Bahati’s baby mama shows off new figure after shedding off baby fat

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is on a mission to get her body back in shape. The lady who is widely known thanks to the baby girl she had with Bahati recently came out to encourage her fans on the importance of weight loss.

Yvette Obura

Just like most new mum’s Yvette struggled with baby fat after welcoming her first child. Well, shedding off baby fat has always been a challenge to most mum’s and this could be the reason it took the young mum 3 years to get where she is today.

8Kgs down

Through her instagram page Yvette revealed that in the month of January she managed to shed off 8kgs. This is however the beginning as she plans to cut down more weight. She wrote saying;

Bahati’s baby mama

“If this doesn’t motivate someone out there then I don’t know what will… Am not yet there though but yoooo am super proud of myself .7inches down around my tummy. 8kgs down. 2 sizes down exactly a month to my 26th birthday I can’t wait to drop more kgs this month,”