Never seen before adorable photos of Bahati’s baby mama as a baby

Yvette Obura recently left many talking after her candid interview with Diana Bahati, something many never saw coming especially since these two ladies have both been with singer Bahati.

However, Yvette’s involvement with Bahati happened at a time when they were both young – and as a result of their young love – they had a baby girl.

Diana Marua finally explains why she was insecure about Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura

For a minute we’ve all been assuming that baby Mueni took after her late grandma (Bahati’s late mum) which would explain why she named after her – but unfortunately this is not the case. Well, this is after coming across a photo of Yvette as a baby – and boy is she her look alike.

Meet Yvette Obura as a child

As mentioned earlier, Yvette Obura who was once Bahati’s lover and is now the mother of his child has proven that her genes are way stronger than we thought.

This is because her lasted post proves that her daughter, Yvanna Mueni Bahati is her mini replica. Showing off the uncanny resemblance between her own daughter, Yvette shared a tbt post which she captioned;

Bahati’s baby mama exposes Bahati yet again: I was so pale with almost 30kgs down because I wasn’t eating

Before and After: Yvette Obura

Isn’t it funny how most of us wanted to adult,and now that we are adults we want a change of mind?? Adulting comes with alot of responsibilities,challenges,some bullying etc.But again Everyday above the ground is a bleeding.

Tbt: Yvette with baby, Yvanna

Looking at the comments, fans also couldn’t help but mention how much she looks like baby Mueni.

Why Bahati’s wife and baby mama don’t get along!

Diana Marua who is the legal wife to Bahati has finally come out to reveal why she no longer shares photos of baby Mueni on her page.

Bahati with his wife and baby mama

Speaking to her husband on one of her YouTube Vblog question and answer session; Diana for the first time opened up explaining why Mueni remains off her social media pages.

Well, turns out that Yvette Obura who is Bahati’s baby mama once attacked Diana Marua for getting involved in her daughter’s life; this is after Diana Marua convinced Bahati to come out clean about his child just a few months after they had started dating. Diana opened up saying;

Yvette Obura

Yes, unajua kuna social media na kuna real life, so social media kuna watu wamecreate their own life, like it’s another world that we live in. I have four kids in real life, that’s Morgan, Heaven, Majesty and Mueni that’s in real life. On social media I have three kids and the kids are Morgan, Heaven and Majesty. Do you know why? When we started dating you told me about Mueni and we had plans to get kids too, I wanted my kids to be out there coz my life is open

Bad blood between Bahati and Yvette?

Explaining how the beef started, Bahati wife went on to reveal to say;

Diana Marua

If you remember I’m the one who even opened her (Mueni’s) Instagram and we took some photos, then you requested me to post a photo of her; and I did it clean heartedly coz you requested me na hakukua na issue. I remember after posting Mueni’s photo I was attacked, and I was like I wasn’t expecting this. Mama Mueni attacked me, her sister also attacked me. So that’s why Mueni is not my daughter on social media. Mueni is my daughter but that’s how I will put it.

Not quite sure whether they will soon sit down to iron out their issues; but

Bahati’s baby mama reveals whether or not the singer gives enough support for his daughter, Mueni

Yvette Obura who is widely known on social media as Bahati baby mama this past weekend had a few things to set straight about her relationship with the singer and their daughter.

As many now know, the two had their baby girl Mueni 3 years ago but decided to keep it a secret until about Bahati decided to come out clean about it.

Anyway due to the pressures of social media we can agree that keeping his daughter on the low came in handy especially by protecting her from online bullies.

Bahati and Mueni’s relationship

Bahati’s relationship with his first born however remains solid despite having split with Yvette and moved on with Diana Marua who is now his wife.

Bahati with Baby Mueni

Yvette went on to reveal that Bahati gives enough support for his daughter and she is grateful for that. 


About her relationship with the singer, Yvette made it clear that she was not romantically in love with her ex in a question and answer session on her Instagram page.

“He refused to talk to me for 3 years” Bahati’s baby mama reveals Dad’s reaction to her Pregnancy

Yvette Obura who is the mother to Bahati’s eldest daughter, Mueni has shocked after revealing her dad refused to talk to her until her daughter turned 2 years.

Yvette Obura with her brothers

Having been raised in a strict family, Yvette had to deal with her dad’s cold reaction after he found out she was pregnant.

The lady revealed this in a new long post where she not only revealed a few details about her family; but also went ahead to celebrate her dad and brothers on Father’s Day.

Dad goes mute

According Yvette, her dad is a superhero who ensured that his family lacked nothing. He ensured that his 10 kids and wife were well taken care of despite the hardships.

Mr Obura

However, the day he learnt that his youngest daughter (Yvette) was pregnant is the same day he chose to silent treat her. She revealed this through her Instagram where she narrated her story saying.

Yvette’s Instagram post

Body goals! Bahati’s baby mama shows off new figure after shedding off baby fat

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is on a mission to get her body back in shape. The lady who is widely known thanks to the baby girl she had with Bahati recently came out to encourage her fans on the importance of weight loss.

Yvette Obura

Just like most new mum’s Yvette struggled with baby fat after welcoming her first child. Well, shedding off baby fat has always been a challenge to most mum’s and this could be the reason it took the young mum 3 years to get where she is today.

8Kgs down

Through her instagram page Yvette revealed that in the month of January she managed to shed off 8kgs. This is however the beginning as she plans to cut down more weight. She wrote saying;

Bahati’s baby mama

“If this doesn’t motivate someone out there then I don’t know what will… Am not yet there though but yoooo am super proud of myself .7inches down around my tummy. 8kgs down. 2 sizes down exactly a month to my 26th birthday I can’t wait to drop more kgs this month,”


New photos of Bahati’s baby mama looking hotter than ever!

Before settling down with Diana Marua, singer Bahati had his first child with his ex girlfriend, Yvette Obura aka Kisha. However unlike Diana Marua, the fella never introduced his lady to his fans and all we knew is that he was single.

However, last year the gospel singer left many talking after revealing that he has a 2 year old daughter. This was one of the biggest surprises seeing in 2017 especially since Bahati had been portraying the good boy act!

Having introduced his baby girl, Mueni his fans wanted to now see the baby mama. Thanks to Yvette’s friends we got her handle enabling us to share her photos.

Yvette looking hotter and happier!

Though word has it that her relationship with Bahati came to an end after she got pregnant; the mother of one appears to have moved on!

Seems that life is treating her just fine and if anything; she is happy for her baby daddy who married the love of his life last year.

Her relationship status are still on the low down but judging from her beauty, she probably has a new man in her life.


Bahati’s baby mama flaunts her curvaceous figure in new photos making rounds on social media, who knew she was this blessed? (Photos)

Kisha Yvette Obura has become a celebrity over night now that everyone knows that she is the mother of Bahati’s 2 year old daughter.

From what we know is that Bahati never introduced her despite the two dating for over 4 years, just when the young singer was becoming popular in the gospel Industry. What we knew is that Bahati was just an innocent young man trying to build his career and truth be told, we all thought he was focused unlike his peers not knowing that the singer had skeletons in his closet.

Well, I guess we were all wrong and yes, he is not as different as the others. Bahati had a daughter with Yvette and from what we hear is that he went behind the young lady’s back and introduced their daughter without the mums consent to avoid having issues when it comes to him paying child support.

Away from that, Yvette’s photos are currently making rounds on social media and boy is the lady blessed. She has curves like those of Vera Sidika and fans are now comparing her to Bahati’s new girlfriend, Diana Marua. Checkout her photos below:

Bahati’s girlfriend attacked by his baby mama’s friend after sharing a photo of the little girl

The lady who has been identified as Bahati’s baby mama, Kisha Yvette Obura has not said anything since the young singer shared a photo of their daughter who was born 2 years ago. However, Yvette Obura’s friend has gone ahead to throw shade to Diana Marua after uploading a photo hanging out with baby girl Mueni Bahati.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette 

While going through the comments posted under the photo shared by Diana, I couldn’t help but see people congratulating her for being a good example to other women dating men with children outside. Others were a bit cold as they asked her to get her own child but what caught my attention is one lady by the name of Mueni__ who claims to be best friends with Bahati’s baby mama and the godmother of baby Mueni.

The lady went on to call out Diana Marua for posting a photo of the little girl without the mothers consent. She wrote saying,

However we are not quite sure why things are beginning to look ugly but hopefully the ladies will find a solution to this, right?

A photo of Bahati’s baby mama emerges online, meet the lovely lady

As you all digest about Bahati’s baby…I would like to introduce the woman said to have given birth to Mueni Bahati. Her name kisha Yvette Obura and yes she also happens to look like her daughter thus confirming that the rumors might be true.

Her photo was first shared by a popular Instagram new outlet which is believed to share reliable stories. The lady however cannot be found on social media as she seems to have deleted all her handles.

We are not sure whether she was dating the young singer at the time she got pregnant or the two were just having fun. This is because for the past few years Bahati has not introduced any woman until he met and hooked up with Diana Marua. Anyway checkout her photo below.