Tanasha Donna, cut the BS, Diamond Platnumz made you as big as you are

Tanasha Donna recently gave an interview in which she declared that Diamond Platnumz didn’t make her. If anything, she is a woman with vision and the will to shape and chase after her destiny.

Yeah, I need Ms. Oketch to cut the bullshit and get serious for a hot minute. For those of you who do not know the trajectory of Diamond Platnumz baby mama, she was an erotic exotic dancer at B-Club. Nothing wrong with that to be honest. She then managed to move over to radio. It was while she was at radio that her name began to ring to more than just the crowd of West African and Congolese men who would request the establishment over at Galana Plaza.

“Diamond did not make me famous,” Tanasha Donna fiercely claps back (Video)

While she was at NRG radio, she did indeed build a platform for herself that gave her quite some clout. Tanasha donna legitimately had a gang of followers. She is hot and was on traditional media, what more could you ask for? She would have to have been a complete failure to not be able to convert her beauty and get social media fans.

Tanasha Donna
Kenyan singer, Tanasha Donna

But her name didn’t ring beyond Nairobi and Mombasa. She was unknown in Kakamega, Kisumu, Eldoret and Samburu. And that is even before we head south of the border. She was an unknown entity in Tanzania and Uganda. And then she started bumping uglies with Diamond Platnumz!

Tanasha Donna’s revelation that she is getting married soon is troubling

The day Diamond Platnumz met Tanasha Donna, her stars had aligned. She was finally set to take off from being a celebutant in Nairobi to becoming a fully fledged East African star. To her credit, after three months of bumping uglies with Diamond, she got pregnant (it felt like three months anyway) and her stardom was cemented.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

Also, she decided to jump into the studio with Diamond and most of his WCB crew and she got an EP out of it. but tell the truth Tanasha, when do people speak about tanasha Donna without bringing up Diamond Platnumz? He is literally the highlight of your superstardom. When you go to interviews, a huge chunk of what people anticipate you to answer is questions about Mondi, not even you floundering music career.

Even the only hit song you have under your belt is the song that features your baby daddy. And that isn’t a knock on who you are, it is a simple statement of fact. Afterall, you are squandering the goodwill East Africans had towards you, clamouring for music or any type of content from Tanasha Donna. the pace at which you have been at work in the studios post Diamond is just pathetic. I would have advised you to churnb out so much music, you can literally tour on your own and headline the show. But so far we only have two songs post Diamond Platnumz. And how many months ago was the break-up?

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