Tanasha Donna should have taken the time to heal from Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna never really took the required time to heal from the end of her relationship with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz. And that is something that she will come to regret later with her subsequent relationships.

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You see, when Tanasha Donna decided to leave Diamond, she says she did so by simply walking out of his house, his life and back to Kenya she went.

tanasha donna

And as soon as she landed back home, she immediately launched into subtle jibes at her former beau, the father of her son, claiming he was not so pleasant a partner.

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And while this may very well be true, word has it that she has since moved on and is involved with yet another man all the while as she continues to give interviews about her ex.
And while he might be a simp willing to let his new lady love opine about what she had with her former lover, this is guaranteed to end with heartbreak.

tanasha donna

You see, people who have moved on from relationships do not bother to get sucked into taking shots at their exes. Tanasha Donna is supposedly focusing on her future by looking straight at her rearview mirror.

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That means that she will soon be blaming her new man for mistakes she assumes he makes that Diamond made. As a result, her new beau will constantly have to pay the price for another man’s mistakes.

tanasha donna
Tanasha Donna’s rumored boyfriend

To add to that shit sandwich, her new beau will have to live with the niggling fear that she will one day run away and leave him for Diamond of he comes calling and vows to change his way.

The best thing would have been for Tanasha Donna to steer clear of any serious relationships for at least six months. This way, she could come to terms with not just what happened but also the role she played in making the relationship turn out the way it did. But at the end of the day, solipsism seems to be the order of the day for Tanasha donna.


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