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The real lessons to learn from DNG and his wedding/ divorce

November 14, 2020 at 01:17
The real lessons to learn from DNG and his wedding/ divorce

DNG learned a lesson that he is yet to internalize; no man is a hero to his wife. But that lesson came at such a high cost, he had already sunk money into a wedding ceremony that was top-billed only for the marriage to last less than half a year.

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And he has come from that situation heavily scarred, bruised but finally I can say wiser. I have been sitting down during these dreary, dank November days discussing a lot of things with my friends and DNG’s marriage was one of the things that came up once his video interview came to our attention and the man has actually matured. He has said a lot of things that we could learn from and that is what we are going to be doing today.


DNG talks marriage and dating

You see, DNG had one of the most acrimonious separations (and divorces?) we ever witnessed. He tried to keep things calm and off tabloids but once the cat was out of the bag, it was pretty easy to draw up a vivid picture of how things went so sour. And now where we are at is at the point where he has finally healed, finally found acceptance of the fact he is now a divorcee because he has done a lot of introspection so he knows where he lies with regards to the problems the relationship had.

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DNG pointed out some major red flags that young men should look out for when they are dating and looking to make the relationship serious. He is now filled with gems and while I know a lot of you outchea will point out that he is constantly trying to drop into the direct messages of girls but at the end of the day, he has done nothing wrong and we live in the digital age when meeting a person online for a romantic dalliance or just a quick dalliance isn’t really a major issue.


Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG

Back to the matter at hand, some of the major gems I want to highlight include the fact that long-distance relationships do not work. DNG found out the hard way that monogamy and long-distance make for seriously strange bedfellows. Long-distance allows for both parties to get up to some mischief and while some cooky pastor will tell you that absence makes the heart fonder, we must instead be more pragmatic and remember that out of sight is out of mind. No relationship can survive long distance with both parties being unfaithful.

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Add to that the fact that it is very important, nay, paramount that when you as a man decide to get serious with a woman, you have to have certain conversations around your ideologies and your future plans too. You see, you and your bae were not raised under the same roof so you have different world views, different attitudes to different situations and you also grew up in different realities. DNG learnt this the hard way and he is paying that karma forward. It is important to make sure you guys either have the same attitudes and outlooks or if you do not, you can compromise. If not, then you will have some serious headaches later in life.


DNG with ex wife

Understand that any serious relationship you choose to engage in will have an impact on your monies. So you have to ensure that you have a conversation with your significant other to first understand their attitudes towards money and that they have a plan of how they intend to preserve and grow the money they both bring together. This was one of the most important conversations DNG realized all too late that he needs to have engaged in with his ex-wife.

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And of also heavy importance is the fact that you as a man should never be desperate to get with a woman to the point of ignoring your logic, common sense and even your gut instincts. DNG admitted that he had done so because he was in love. At some point he had called off their engagement but because he was ïn-love” he became a simp for her. Look at how well that played out for him.


DNG at his wedding with Yvette Nungari

Whatever the case may be with your personal situation, gay or straight these are some serious things you have to think about before becoming serious with your significant other.

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