The toxic traits of each other are revealed by the WaJesus family

At the premiere of Jackie Matubia’s web series ‘Toxic,’ the WaJesus family candidly shared insights into some of the challenges they’ve faced in their marriage.

Milly expressed her need for personal space, highlighting Kabi’s occasional failure to provide her with sufficient “me time” as a source of toxicity in their relationship.

“It’s too toxic. Kabi doesn’t give me enough me time. I feel like that is too toxic. Sometimes I just want to be alone. I need me time because I’m also a person,” Milly shared.

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In response, Kabi defended himself by pointing out how Milly’s desire for solitude sometimes led her to isolate herself within their home, excluding him and their children from her space. He described this behavior as toxic and emphasized the importance of balance and mutual consideration in their interactions as a couple.

“It’s more about in the house. You know what she means when she says me time, she just wants to be alone. Even in the bedroom, she locks herself in and wants to stay as she wishes. When she acts like she doesn’t want me around and wants me to provide for her, that’s toxic. Your desire for me time is toxic. Like she wants to be alone in the house, even at the expense of the children,” Kabi explained.

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These revelations about each other’s toxic traits come shortly after Milly stirred up conversation during an interview with Oga Obinna, where she claimed that Kabi used to have a rich “mumama” who supported his lifestyle. The playful banter between the couple and the interviewer during the interview added a lighthearted touch to the discussion.

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