Top 5 Worst Clout Chasers In Kenya

By now, most of us are used to celebrity lies and bluffs about their lifestyles and what they do whenever they’re about to release their projects- It’s called clout chasing! And most of these stunts are employed by quite a number of celebrities in Kenya.

  1. Eric Omondi

The most common culprit of clout chasing is Eric. In fact, the jester believes that chasing clout should be embraced as part of entertainment. Eric has had numerous clout chasing tactics; some of which have caught us off guard. From flaunting Miss P’s photoshopped baby bump, to his Wife Material show; Eric has invested heftily on clout stunts. And this makes him top the list of Kenyan celebrities who are good at chasing clout.

       2.The Bahatis

As a family, The Bahatis have been on the limelight for several years. And their reality show even roped in a huge fan base for them. But both Diana and Bahati have become popular in clout chasing. Diana’s recent revelation about having numerous men previously to sponsor her lavish lifestyle made her trend for days. This was actually her goal. And she achieved it with ease.

The Bahatis Looking so Sweet in Expensive Matching Outfits - LitKenya

        3.Size 8

The transition of Size 8 from being a secular musician to a gospel artist and now a pastor was just hilarious. The fact that she’s not doing better after her transition has pushed her to chasing clout. A good example is when she’s using fake miracles to push her brand.

       4.KRG The Don

KRG is an epitome of money not being able to buy talent. We’re not sure whether we should refer to him as a singer; since he’s more of a businessman than a singer. Either way, he falls into the list of clout chasers. He’s always up and down flaunting his wealth. And most of the times, he’s always trying to remain relevant.


Ringtone Apoko is a conspicuous clout chaser. And whichever move he does is just so predictable. Whenever he’s about to release a song, all he does is some mere kiki stunts. Remember when he threatened to expose Guardian Angel? It turned out to be a big lie.

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