What all men must learn from Nameless as revealed by Wahu

Nameless and Wahu, like every married couple, are learning each other anew with the forced close-quarter self-quarantine imposed by the government as the try to flatten the curve of the spread of the Covid19 pandemic.

How Nameless has managed to remain relevant for over a decade

Proof of the fact is that even Jada Pinkett Smith said she is learning new things about her husband Will Smith and the case is the same for Wahu who in an interview with K24, revealed that she has learned something new about Nameless that has given her a profound respect for her man.
And this is what every Kenyan man needs to learn from Nameless.

nameless and wahu
Celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless

During the K24 interview, Wahu said the following:

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“What the stay-at-home period has taught me about Nameless, is that he is very driven about emotional intelligence and becoming a better human being.
I really appreciate that aspect of him.”

For the sake of this piece, we will focus on the fact that he is focused on self-improvement and being stoic. You see, in their relationship, Nameless is her rock and also the fact that he is focused on a mission, his self-improvement, makes him very attractive.

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In a marriage, most men forego themselves. They drop their mission and focus more on their partner. Or they sacrifice their ambition and decide to try to be more “appealing” to their partners.
Nameless is aware, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, about the concept of enlightened selfishness. Simply put, you can only take care of people after taking care of yourself. You can only help people after helping yourself.

Nameless and Wahu baecation

So what this means is that Nameless is focused on making himself the best possible man he can be and this is an attractive quality to his wife who knows her man will be better tomorrow than he was today.

As for the stoicism, nothing is as attractive as a man who can weather the storm calmly. Why? he becomes a calming effect on his wife. He is the rock the boat of their marriage is moored on as the ocean that is her emotions ebbs and tides due to some new emergency.
More than that, it is masculine.


No woman wants a man who is as emotionally volatile as she is. Especially not as we live through an unprecedented time. So there you have it, the two things Kenyan men need to learn from Nameless.


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